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Laundry Room Decor

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Laundry Room Decor
Don't ignore your laundry room décor. Take simple tips to install laundry room cabinets for optimum storage. Plan your laundry room design to streamline your washing area.

Laundry rooms were located in the basement in olden days; this was an ideal place for the dryer to vent out too. Don't let your laundry room become a drab place. Most families in the modern days are comfortable having a more pleasant and cheerful laundry room décor. There are families who don't want to locate their laundry room in the basement and locate their laundry room in the houses main level itself.

A survey indicates that most people have relocated their laundry to the main level of their house. A survey shows that a person spends close to six hours per week in the laundry room and thus most of the Americans love to see their laundry room more in order and decorated in a pleasing manner. Check out how you can enliven your laundry room décor.

Laundry room design

The vital element to laundry room is to make best use of available space. Listed below are a few ideas for optimum laundry room design.

  • Families whose laundry room is not in the basement should locate them close to the master bedroom so that all the dirty clothes can be collected with ease.

  • Plan your laundry room with the same amount of concern as you are planning the rest of the rooms in your house.

  • Replacing the wall colors of the laundry room with bright and attractive wallpaper, faux finish or room borders makes the place more comfortable.

  • Hang attractive wall hangings or pictures that will improve laundry room décor.

  • Laminated counters in the laundry room can be replaced with granite counters or any other hard material.

  • High-end cabinets or cabinets made to order can accommodate more number of clothes and thus avoid a mess of clothes strewn around.

  • Trash bins, hampers and storage accessories come handy to stack all required and discarded things of the laundry room. These storage things should match and complement each other.

  • Ensure that there is a window in the laundry room and there is enough light flooding into the room. Hang colorful curtains or blinds to make the window look good. Incorporate bright lighting in the laundry room so that even at night you can locate the stains.

  • Closets can be designed in a way that they can conceal the appliances when they are not in use. Wall cabinets can be mounted to hold detergents, softeners, bleach etc..

  • More room means more place to fold, and iron the clothes, thus provide enough place for the same.

  • Vinyl or tile flooring can be used to match the wall color.

  • To reduce the noise in the adjoining rooms insulate the laundry room so that the noise generated will reduce.

  • Make your stay more pleasant in the laundry room by fixing a music system or a television on the wall and treat yourself to some good music or program while you spend your time here. Learn to relax in the laundry room as this will be the best place for you to do so.

  • Buy some great appliances that have all the modern features and that makes washing and drying easy.

Laundry room cabinets

Getting laundry washed and organized is time-consuming. If you have limited laundry room space, consider installing laundry room cabinets that go beyond storing the clothes. Your laundry products must also be located within easy reach. Streamline your laundry room decor and your time spent there with the right choice of laundry room cabinets. If you are short on space, consider installing laundry room cabinets over the laundry appliances. Else you can take up one wall for floor to ceiling shelves or cabinets. You can even make it a sewing area. When planning your laundry room cabinets, you can hide exposed pipes or other unsightly things that you might not want visible.

  • Install clothes rods to hang your drying.

  • Have deep cabinets to stock the clothes that need to be laundered.

  • Open shelves are a good option as laundry room cabinets. Of course, cabinet doors that slide shut help put things out of sight and avoid a messy look.

  • A folding countertop for folding clothes. This can serve as an ironing board too.

Laundry room décor

A few simple and easy-to-implement tips can work wonders on your laundry room décor. Pick up the right storage and usage appliances for safer and easier handling.

  • Laundry bag to hold all the clothes to be washed.

  • Folding laundry rack is the best solution to hang freshly laundered clothes in households where clothes hanging provisions are minimal.

  • Laundry sorter helps in sorting out clothes that can be washed together and separately.

  • Tabletop ironing board is an easy way to iron clothes and can be stored away once the job is done.

  • Lightweight hampers are easy solutions to carry around soiled clothes for laundering.

  • Micro fiber mat helps in absorbing all the excess water that drips from the washed clothes while transferring to a dryer.

  • Laundry organizing cart helps in holding all the items required for laundry and can be kept away at places of convenience.

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