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Apartment Decor

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Apartment Decor
Your apartment speaks volumes about you to your visitors. Generate positive energy in your apartment with a soothing décor and style.

Your apartment décor must appeal to both the body and the mind. It must rejuvenate the tired soul and the body. Your apartment speaks volumes about you to your visitors. Apartment décor includes choosing the right colors, patterns, styles and much more. Generate positive energy in your apartment with a soothing décor and style.

Apartment décor

  • Induce your preferences, style in your apartment trough vibrant accessories, cushions, floor rugs, vases, throw rugs, photo frames, candles and any other item of your taste.

  • Choose simple furniture and keep your apartment clutter free.

  • Exploit the windows in your apartment rooms and allow natural light to stream in. Do not block natural light from entering the rooms. Keep all the rooms open and bright.

  • Try using modular furniture; this is easy to move around within the apartment thus making room when required.

  • Define areas in the rooms by using a screen or a room divider.

  • Clear glass top coffee tables, side tables and lamp tables do not block visual movement and thus project a sense of roominess.

  • Corner shelves are the best way to display your collectibles, curios and objects de art.

Apartment décor ideas

Transform your apartment into your dream home by following these simple but resourceful apartment décor ideas.

  • The color of the ceiling should be a shade lighter than the wall; this will give the ceiling an elevated look.

  • Choose ceiling color a shade lighter than the wall and the furniture; this will make the room appear brighter.

  • Avoid hanging lights on the ceilings as this will lend an appearance of low ceiling to the room.

  • Large pieces of furniture should be set on the longest wall side of the room.

  • Furniture in a room has to be arranged in such a manner that people do not trip over it while walking across the room.

  • Rooms appear larger when painted with soft colors.

  • Mirrors and objects that reflect light make the room look larger and brighter.

  • Uniformly fit luminescent lights in a room helps in minimizing shadows.

  • Keep your apartment clean and in order.

Apartment décor tips

Changing and altering things entirely in an apartment can be a tedious process. A few modifications to your existing apartment can help enhance its overall effect.

  • The rooms in your apartment will get a complete new look if you replace white bulbs with color bulbs.

  • Keep fresh plants in your room.

  • If the carpets in your apartment have worn off, try using area rugs.

  • Do not put all the small furniture in the same room, place one big one and make that the focal point of the room.

  • If you can't replace the rods in your windows, use a spring tension rod within the frame and valance a Velcro to the molding.

  • Keep shifting and changing the furniture in your apartment as your apartment gets a new lease of life every time the furniture is changed.
  • Put plants in the bathroom, they grow well in the moist conditions of the bathroom.

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