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Master Bedroom Ideas

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Master Bedroom Ideas
To set the ambience of the master bedroom one has to consider fabrics, lighting, furniture, space and paint colors. Pick up master bedroom ideas that add comfort and complement your personality. With a few simple tips, you can give your master bedroom a makeover.

The master bedroom is the intimate heart of any hearth. These days designer master bedroom suites can be construed as havens to soothen the stressed out souls. Master bedroom should nurture peace at the end of the day. Master bedrooms should be stylish, warm and inviting. Pick up master bedroom ideas that add comfort and complement your personality. With a few simple tips, you can give your master bedroom a makeover.

Master bedroom design

The personality trait of the occupant of the master bedroom has to be taken into consideration when coming up with ideas. Concerns of budget, time and space and design theme play a major role while designing a master bedroom. To set the ambience of the master bedroom one has to consider fabrics, lighting, furniture, space and paint colors. A finished design renders a positive and lasting impression.

  • Lighting that is soothing to the eye is an essential factor. Valence lights add impression and colored lights can be used for creating effects. Delicate lights lend a romantic feel to the room.

  • Mirrors reflect light and offer the room the feeling of largeness. Wall pictures and paintings in attractive structured frames and images enhance the room's atmosphere.

  • The master bedroom should not be cramped with several pieces of untidy items. This is personal space and should not become claustrophobic.

  • Small potted plants can be placed on night tables and dressers make for a pleasant ambience.

  • A hardwood floor for the master bedroom is recommended. This can be maintained in good shape by polishing. A carpet can also make the bedroom design more decorative.

  • The point of 'relaxation' should also be borne in mind. Choose a bed that offers feeling of rest, quality and style.

  • Decorative pillows in different sizes and shapes for the bed and for chairs should be included in keeping with the feel and pattern of the room.

Master bedroom furniture

The style and color of the furniture should be set in perfect tone to the other articles in the bedroom. Traditional, wicker, contemporary, mission and Victorian style furniture are available in the market. Basically, furniture that suits the definition and overall image of the room should be chosen. Wooden furniture renders an elegant look while metal furniture is stylish and contemporary.

A double bed, side tables, wardrobe, writing table and a dressing table are the furniture generally accommodated in a master bedroom. If a larger area is available, a sofa set, a small bar could also be placed.

  • King sized bed or a queen sized bed is often preferred by most in the master bedroom. However, for a cozy couple a metal bed should be comfortable enough. Beds in various styles, shapes and materials are available.

  • An elegant dresser is yet important furniture in the master bedroom. It is commonly placed on the left side of the bed. Depending on the theme of the bedroom one can opt for Victorian or a modern style dresser. Beauty and utility go hand in hand while selecting a dresser. Always go for a dresser that is not merely attractive but has enough storage space as well.

  • Nightstand with one or two drawers and decorative mirrors complete and complement a bedroom d├ęcor.

  • Proper setting and placement of furniture can make a major difference to the overall beauty of the room.

Master bedroom ideas

A master bedroom should be designed for practicality as it is a place where much time within the home is spent. In addition, is also deserves to be beautified with care.

  • If the room has insufficient light, then place a reading lamp on a table next to the chair and make sure that the lighting is not so strong as to spoil the sensual effect.

  • Decorative throws, cushions and pillows and mirrors give the master bedroom effect of a retreat.

  • Arrange books, papers, clothes and boxes. This will make the room comfortable and attractive.

  • A pleasant master bedroom idea would be to add something in the room that reflects the love of family and friends.

  • Essentially the articles in the master bedroom should combine and be in harmony with each other. Decorative articles should be used judiciously in the room. Candles, flower vases and photo frames and even chandelier and lamps can be used as long as they do not crowd the room.

  • If the room cannot be painted in full, an easier alternative would be to paint only one wall. This will give the room an entirely new feel. Texturing the wall or adding special painting technique should add more depth to the room.

  • If abundant space is available in the master bedroom, one can think of adding a few extra items like a small desk to write and some music to listen. Small refrigerators in wooden cabinets can be placed in the room along with tea and coffee making facilities.

Master bedroom suite

Comfortable chair and elegant window treatments go to create a dream master bedroom suite. Window treatments make the suite stylish and relaxing. A beautiful inviting bed, proper storage facilities for items in the room and a chair to curl up and relax should make this space heavenly.

Most often, master bedrooms have an attached bathroom facility, a terrace and an exit to an outdoor landscape spread. Many master bedrooms suites include a sitting room that compliments the main room. To keep the room private, one can adopt double doors which act as dividers to keep the sitting room slightly separate from the master bedroom.

A routine feature of master bedroom is a master bath. If space is available, one can opt for a shower, a large bath tub with all amenities. This should ideally relax the tired body and mind after a hard day's work.

Nowadays more and more master bedrooms suites are so designed to overlook gardens and patios. Flowers that appeal to the senses are placed in and out of the master suites. Master bedroom suites could be eccentric, lavish, simple or sparse in keeping with the personal tastes of the owner.

Flooring is another crucial element of master bedroom suite. Tiles can be used in warm climes while stone floors are cool to touch. Carpets are essential and hardwood floors must be more comfortable. However, cost also plays a vital role as hardwood floors can get expensive. Whereas vinyl with wood grain is another economical alternative and this is less complicated to install as well.

Designer master bedrooms

Master bedrooms that reek of glamorous design in modern styles and shapes ranging form wood to leather galore. A master bedroom in natural green and Zen design is really cool. Carpet and lighting with clear designs render the room calm.

A dark cherry red elegant designer master bedroom suite is delicately beautiful and classic to look at. Furniture in this room is made of solid wood carefully handcrafted for long lasting usability. Leather headboard made of genuine full grain leather is stained to match the cherry finish.

A master bedroom in Washington D C designer house can be noted for relaxing hues and luxurious furnishings. The calming color palette and a harmonious combination of window and bed treatment styles, the drapery panels, simple shades, boxed bed valance and panels and upholstered headboard, tailored bed skirt and articles of visual interest stands testament to a valuable talented designer master bedroom.

Master bedroom makeover

  • One main aspect of change would be in respect of color scheme. This can be achieved by using shades of red, cream and peach.

  • Sometimes reorganizing existing furniture can make a big difference to the entire master bedroom. It would be good to move the items frequently for a new look and at no extra cost.

  • Buying bedspreads could get expensive. A duvet cover can be used to give a new look while being more budget friendly.

  • Adding a couple of throw pillows to the bed could give a facelift. Covering the existing pillows with new shams would also help.

  • Old drapes could be replaced by new ones and this can add a dramatic flair to the bedroom especially if the windows are prominent.

  • An old mirror could be hung in the bedroom by a large piece of ribbon on the wall. This simple maneuver costs nothing. Even old photos create an artistic display. Removing the old faded rug could help create an illusion of more floor space.

  • The lighting can be revamped by a new lamp or overhead light. A sheer piece of fabric can be used as lampshade. This is a simple and inexpensive alternative instead of buying a new one.

  • And in case of major alterations, such as knocking down a wall to capture more space, it is better to take professional advice. The structure may be load bearing and it cannot be removed so easily.

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