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Kitchen Curtain

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Kitchen Curtain
Kitchen curtains can transform your entire kitchen ambience. You can choose to make it cozy and reminiscent of a country cottage or sleek and modern.

Don't stop with designing and equipping kitchens with certain basic amenities that help in preparing and cooking food. Take a step forward; it's time to acknowledge the multi-functional aspects of a kitchen. Explore ways and means to improve kitchen decor. Improvise kitchen decor, dress kitchen windows with kitchen curtains. Attractive kitchen curtains add charm and enhance kitchen ambience.

Selecting kitchen curtains of your choice can be an ideal way to express your special personality and style. The transformation curtains bring to the kitchen is astounding. Merely selecting a favorite color and draping the windows is not enough.

You can make well-informed decisions while selecting kitchen curtains. Use this article as a guide in selecting the right fabric, color and style. Find out what are the key points to be considered while selecting kitchen curtains.

Kitchen curtains

Purpose - Are you looking for light filtration or for privacy?

Function - Will it remain stationary or open and close often?

Theme - Does your kitchen decor have a contemporary look or an aesthetic appeal?

Shape - Compare window size and the right curtain shape.

Budget - Do you want kitchen curtains that are classy, yet affordable and easy to care?

Curtain type - Choose from a variety of kitchen curtain styles, from Cafe and no-sew to tab and lined curtains.

Select Kitchen Curtains
Transform your kitchen into a cozy hub for the entire family. Select the right kitchen curtain style in terms of fabric, color and shape.

Fabric: A variety of fabrics including synthetic or nylon curtains, ranging from very heavy to lightweight are available for use as kitchen curtains. Heavy fabric like brocade is not suitable as air and light are obstructed. A kitchen window requires lightweight fabric. With due importance to safety, cotton is the most suitable kitchen curtain fabric. As kitchen curtain requires frequent laundering, cotton is suitable as it is a washable fabric.

Enhance the look using applique, embroidery work, attaching shapes of fruits, vegetables etc to lend a cozy feeling. Do check light resistance of the fabric selected, particularly if kitchen windows take a lot of sunlight. Check the weight as well as very thin cotton curtains may require lining. Providing lining to kitchen curtains act as an extra layer of protection against light, heat and cold. Further, select kitchen curtains that are sold as pre-shrunk to retain its shape. Otherwise, while stitching provide for 5-6 per cent shrinkage in size.

Color: Color of curtains can impact appearance of kitchen. Light colors are not only pleasing but have an inherent impact in making the rooms appear larger. Do remember the effect of curtain colors particularly during a sunny day. Take into account the wall color and other modern kitchen fittings. You can either continue with the existing scheme or try a contrast color combination. Try a window test before selecting the most suitable kitchen curtain color.

Length: While long flowing curtains look absolutely gorgeous in your living room, they may not be suitable for your kitchen. Shorter lengths generally provide a relaxed, informal mood. Measure the size of the windows and determine the most appropriate kitchen window treatment. Make sure the kitchen curtain shape does not mess up the existing kitchen layout and its ambience. Café curtains made of soft, light and airy fabric help in screening the lower part of kitchen window and are ideal for the kitchen.

Style: Choose from among three popular styles, namely country style curtains, contemporary curtains or classic curtains. Country style kitchen curtains are most preferred on account of the wide variety in fabrics, designs and texture. Custom-designed or tailor-made, country style kitchen curtains enjoy versatile appeal. Gingham check curtains with an eyelet tier and swag sets lend the appearance of a country cottage or inn. You can opt for Victorian, French or Vintage country styles. Take a different approach altogether to decorate kitchen windows, if you have a modern kitchen design. Try sleek and soft curtains in warm and inviting colors to complement the contemporary decor.

Care of Kitchen curtains

  • Shake cotton curtains to remove dust

  • Retain instruction labels for proper care

  • Wash or dry-clean as per instruction label

  • Curtains with lace should be hand-washed

  • Use detergent to clean curtain lace

  • To secure shine of rusty curtain rings, boil them in vinegar.

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