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Rug Carpet

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Rug Carpet
Liven up a room with a colorful rug carpet. Pick up important tips on carpet care and choosing carpet flooring.

Think rug carpets and what comes to mind is luxury, fashion and comfort. Colorful rugs and carpets add drama to a room. Blend them with the d├ęcor and you can give a room a personality. Look up vital tips on carpet care. Find out how to deal with carpet stain removal. What are the pros and cons of carpet flooring?

Rug Carpet

Rug carpets are usually in the range of 2m (6.5ft) long. Larger rugs are called carpets. Wool and silk rugs are expensive but lend a rich and luxurious ambience. Persian rugs come in exquisite curvilinear floral patterns with delicate color tones. Persian area rugs usually come in bright colors.

Indian rugs can range from silk and woolen rugs from Kashmir to elaborate prayer rugs and carpets depicting decorative motifs and grids. Tibetan area rugs come in vibrant shades and square tiger patterns. Hand- made rugs of natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk are durable and command a greater value than synthetic carpets.

You can pick up bright carpets in bold shades or muted earth tones, simple designs or busy patterns. Place them in the living room or bedroom or the drawing room. A brightly hued rug carpet can enliven a drab foyer or a sedate study. But you have to choose and buy a rug carpet from a reputed store to avoid getting palmed off a piece that is not suited for your home.

  • Choose a rug carpet of the right size. Decide whether you want carpet flooring or throw rugs for a niche area. Pick a rug of a shape that suits your room best - rectangular, square, round or oval. Choose a decorative rug and decorate your room around it.

  • Understand the KPSI (knots per square inch) concept. A carpet with higher kpsi is of a better quality.

  • You need not match your carpet to your upholstery but it can be part of a similar palette. Take into account the color of the walls, window treatment and other furnishings before finalizing the carpet color. Don't match carpet color exactly with wall paint or upholstery; the room will appear too rigid. Instead choose a darker or lighter shade to create variation and definition.

  • When choosing cut pile carpets, look to see how tightly the fibers are twisted. A well-twisted yarn will stand up better to crushing and matting. A densely woven carpet will wear well and last you for many years. Carpets with more twist in the yarn give better spring and can hide footprints.

  • While the rich look of wool cannot be denied, it needs considerable maintenance. Nylon carpets are a more durable alternative for heavy traffic areas. Acrylic carpets are easy to maintain and come in a wide range of colors.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring can add warmth and solid tones to a room. A floor rug in bold earthy shades can help create a cozy balance with depth and warmth. You can choose carpet flooring in many colors, patterns and styles. This type of flooring absorbs sound and adds warmth in a cold room. Carpet flooring offers a non-slip surface. Carpet flooring can hide many a sub-floor irregularity.

A carpet with a dark border adds depth and weight to a room. An off-white shag rug brings warmth. Nylon carpets are durable and stain resistant. Carpet flooring of this type works well for high traffic areas. Polyester carpets do not offer the same durability as nylon but are good value buys. The natural and luxurious feel of woolen carpets can last for a lifetime, if well taken care of.

The color of the carpet and its pattern and texture can lend a room a totally different look. The beige carpet is the all-time favorite. Light colored carpets give the room a spacious look whereas darker colors provide a cozy feeling. If you are choosing a rug or carpet for a high traffic area such as a landing or stairs, go in for a carpet with stain resistant technology.

Carpet Stain

Tackling carpet stains can be the bugbear of any household. Regular carpet care can help extend its life. Ideally spills on carpets must be cleaned immediately. Blot the carpet stain at once with clean absorbent paper napkins. Do not rub or scrub the stain. Scrubbing can damage the fiber and set the stain into the carpet. A solution of warm water and detergent can be used to wash away a stain.

Let the solution stay for about 5 minutes and then rinse it. Vacuum it dry to restore the pile and texture. Do not ignore a red-wine stain. Blot it at once and used a kitchen cleaner to wash away the stain. Blot again till the stain is removed. Alcohol is used to remove grease stains. Look for stain protection and stain resistance factors when selecting a carpet.

You can scrape away cigarette burns but take care not to ruin the fibers. Dry cleaning of stains on carpets involves using absorbent materials that resemble sawdust. Spread it on the carpet stain and let it dry. Vacuum it after it dries. You can use liquid shampoos that foam well and work them into the carpet stain with a rotary brush. Rinse out the solution thoroughly. Professional carpet cleaners use steam cleaning to flush out dirt and deep clean the rug carpet.

Carpet Care Tip

Always vacuum in the direction of the pile. Beat handmade rug carpets to shake off the dust. Yet another carpet care tip is not to allow it to get too wet. Dry it as quickly as possible to avoid shrinkage. Regular carpet care can extend the life of your rug carpet - vacuum every few days in high traffic areas and also whenever you embark on a deep cleaning session. The most important carpet care tip is to never ignore stains and spills. Have your carpet cleaned professionally once every 12 - 18 months.

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