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Wrought Iron Furniture

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Wrought Iron Furniture
The elegance of wrought iron furniture with its ornate designs and shapely patterns is timeless. For patios, wrought iron furniture can be combined with gaily-colored cushions to add pizzazz to your lawn.

Gone are the days where iron was simply considered a utilitarian metal. Nowadays, it is the material of choice for many home décor items. Today, wrought iron is popularly used in intricate designs for doorways, fences and home furnishings. Wrought iron artwork has been around for over 5000 years.

From the Middle

Ages onwards, there is an evidence of it having been used for both structural and decorative purposes across the world. What was first used for weaponry and construction is now fashioned into decorative articles and wrought iron furniture. Enliven your lawn or backyard with elegant pieces of wrought iron patio furniture.

Wrought Iron Furniture

There are wide varieties of wrought iron furniture available in the market. Let us start with the window treatments that hang on wrought iron poles with decorative ends and matching hooks to hold the drapes. Sling them on your windows and add a touch of sophistication to your room. Add a medium sized mirror with a wrought iron frame for an elegant look. Wrought iron can be found everywhere today, from plant stands, lamps and candles, to beds and outdoor furniture sets.

Wrought iron revives the Victorian elegance in designs and brings in an aura of world charm to your home, from ornate designs, accented with flowers, leaves and shapely patterns. Hand a wrought iron plaque on your walls or add pizzazz to your fireplace with wrought iron accents. Hang colorful plants in wrought iron baskets and plant holders.

You can go in for a bed with a wrought iron frame - it comes in elegant styles and aesthetic designs. This could be matched with a dressing table in a similar style. Try placing wrought iron candleholders in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. You can hang wall scones made of wrought iron with a mirror behind the candle to reflect the soft glow back into the room.

To add a Gothic feel to a room, opt for ceiling lights surrounded by intricately shaped wrought iron. Decorate your kitchen stylish chic with wrought iron dining tables and accessories. The garden is yet another place where an elegant piece of wrought iron furniture can add a touch of style to your home. Adorn your garden with small patio table and chairs to resemble a French sidewalk café.

However, still there exist many misconceptions about wrought iron. It is generally believed that wrought means any metal that is hammered, twisted or bent into shape, as compared to cast, which is poured in foundry. Wrought iron is the ornamental form of mild steel. What makes this metal distinguishable from cast iron is that it is the purest form of iron made by removing other impurities.

The fact is that wrought iron is an ideal metal to work with. The metal is corrosion resistant and as durable as compared to any other metals. A few drops of kerosene or turpentine can remove any traces of rust on wrought iron patio furniture. Coat the pieces with wax or special paint.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Bring the appealing curves and elegant designs of wrought iron patio furniture into your patio for versatile outdoor décor. You can pick them up in white, forest green or black finish options. Folding wrought iron chairs and benches are often used in patios and porches. With its high glass content, wrought iron has a natural resistance to corrosion.

All ferrous materials are susceptible to rusting, but wrought iron seems to hold up better. That is why it had been a choice for interior and exterior furnishings for long time. Instead of the spotty rusting that other metals seem to acquire, iron spreads out the rusting and tends to give the whole piece a brownish color. Today's wrought iron is usually powder-coated, much in the same way that cast aluminum is. This technique is designed to make the metal more durable. Wrought iron furniture is often intricately decorated and can be dressed with simple patio cushions.

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