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Beveled Mirror

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Beveled Mirror
Use decorative wall mirrors to best advantage by choosing frames and styles that enhance the décor of any room. Place beveled mirrors to play around with light.

You can do wonders while decorating with mirrors. Use them to work on the advantages of a room and play down its negative aspects. Place mirrors with a setting - Do not place them randomly in a room. Use beveled mirrors to create a rainbow hued light. Antique mirrors can make a classic statement in a room. Bathroom mirrors can be selected to suit the other fixtures and hardware Decorative wall mirrors come in exciting options, trendy frames, unusual shapes and all!

Beveled Mirror

A beveled mirror refracts light and provides a jeweled rainbow of light. A beveled mirror adds to its beauty. Ensure that you place it right - it can create a stunning effect. Beveled mirrors come in attractive borders and can be used to give the effect of a skylight. You can change the appearance of a room with a carefully placed beveled mirror.

Bathroom Mirror

Match your bathroom mirror to the overall style of the fixtures. The bathroom mirror over the vanity must reflect light. Hanging a light scone just above the bathroom mirror gives you adequate lighting, be it for shaving, makeup or hair styling. One option that is popularly followed is to hang a wall-to-wall bathroom mirror. Not only is this effective for makeup and shaving but also lends the bathroom a feeling of spaciousness. You can choose from round, oval, unframed or beveled mirror frames. Match the style to the overall look, be it traditional or contemporary. Fogless mirrors are ideal for bathrooms.

Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are very expensive but lend a rich and classical look to your room. The mellowed patina over the antique mirror likens it to a piece of art. Bring the spectacular craftsmanship and classic styles into your home decor. Ensure that the antique mirror is not subject to direct sunlight and high humidity.

This might ruin the silvering. Give vent to your home decorating skills and use antique mirrors to best advantage. Clean them with soft cloth to keep them dust free. The genuineness of an antique mirror can be judged from a glance at this back. You can use faux antique mirrors to give your home walls the regal look of a bygone era by at a fraction of the cost.

Beveled mirrors or mirrors with frames that resemble burnished silver with baroque designs can be picked up at home decor stores or mirror outlets. You can choose from antique wood finish or intricately carved metal frames or even alabastrite carved mirror and shelf sets.

Decorative Wall Mirror

Mirrors can enhance your living space - make it appear more spacious, better lit and aesthetically appealing. A decorative wall mirror at your entryway can make an appealing statement. By cleverly placing decorative wall mirrors on an adjacent wall to a picture or something that is interesting in your room, will reflect the image and add a sense of space.

An exquisite wall mirror near a window can bounce off light and provide a dark room with the much-needed light. Give your room additional sense of depth with a strategically placed wall mirror. Choose decorative wall mirror frames with care. Blend it with your decor, be modern and elegant or traditional and rustic. Framing a mirror with a beveled edge gives it an elegant look.

Decorative wall mirrors can be grouped to enhance a wall or a large exquisite wall mirror can be used to best advantage. You can use decorative mirrors to make a space look larger than it is or substitute for lack of windows in a room. Accessorize decorative mirrors with candles, lamps, crystal and chandeliers to play with light. Mirrors come with candle trays attached too.

An exquisite mirror can serve as a focal point in a room too. Contemporary mirrors come in exciting options - floating glass, unique shapes and unexpected designs. Mirror frames come in brass, aluminum, wood and a host of other materials. Frames come in traditional designs, reminiscent of antique styles. Classic oak leaf designs and floral styles are always popular. Mirrors come in vivid styles too, be it clear, oxidized, hidden or gated.

  • Stagger mirrors on either sides of a narrow stairway can lend it a wide appearance.

  • Place a decorative mirror at the end of a hallway to double its length.

  • Ensure that mirrors reflect pleasant images and neat areas. Place them across a picturesque window or favorite painting.

  • Choose mirrors to coordinate with other products in a room, such as vanity lights.

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