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Platform Beds

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Platform Beds
For a contemporary bedroom décor, consider a sleek platform bed. Read up this informative guide on platform bed ideas, advantages and drawbacks before buying one.

Platform beds are being widely preferred for their stylish and contemporary look. A platform bed consists of a frame with four legs which is fitted with close set slats or a sturdy platform for the mattress to rest. Pared down to its minimal form, a platform bed is just a surface with appropriate size and height. Though platform beds are intrinsically minimal in design, one can opt for bold styling and other interesting details to make a strong style statement. These beds are available in various sizes but the standard height of the bed is usually kept at 18 to 22 inches. Since the mattress has a firm support underneath, platform beds do not require a spring box to support the mattress.

Platform beds are typically built out of wood though other materials like metal and leather are also used. A platform bed with its lower frame sits quite close to the ground making for a neat and compact look. The basic platform beds come with simple lines and minimal design that can blend in both traditional as well as contemporary settings.

Platform beds eliminate the need for foot boards and head boards. Platform beds work very well for constrained spaces. The space beneath the bed lends an open look around the bed and creates an illusion of larger floor space. You can add utility value to the platform beds by building storage cabinets and drawers. The lofted platform beds provide ample storage space and helps in clearing off the clutter in the bedroom. These storage spaces are great for kids and young adults as they can hold toys, books, linen and other odds and ends.

Benefits of platform beds

With the sturdy surface beneath the mattress, platform beds offer better support when compared to spring box and mattress. This design is certainly comfortable and promises good rest for your back. Since platform beds come with stronger frames and wooden slats, they can withstand heavy weight and are far more durable. Platform beds are not likely to crack or squeak like traditional beds.

Platform beds are cost effective. You save substantially by forgoing the spring box and elaborate head boards and foot boards. Moreover platform beds do not call for a separate mattress. You can use the same mattress that you have been using for spring box model. But do take care to match the size of the mattress with the bed. Platform beds are available in different sizes such as twin, full, queen, king and California king and they can even be custom-made to suit your preferences.

Unlike spring boxes, platform beds are not the favorite places for bed bugs and dust mites. This goes a long way in keeping allergies and bug bites at bay. If you have chosen the bed without drawers, cleaning under the bed becomes an easy task. The space between the slats of a platform bed is good for the mattress as it can breathe through the gaps. With proper ventilation, the mattress does not develop mold and stays longer.

Drawbacks of platform beds

Platform beds are, no doubt, highly functional and comfortable yet there is a flip side to this model. Platform beds lack portability. Moving the platform beds from room to room is a daunting task as they do not disassemble as easily as spring box beds.

These beds are not appropriate for elderly people as getting in out of the bed poses difficulty due to its low lying frame. If you are planning to purchase a mattress for your platform bed, you may find limited choice as most of the mattresses are sold with spring boxes as a set. Moreover you may have to forgo the optimum warranty period without the spring box.

Platform bed buying tips

The life of the platform bed depends upon the quality of the material used in making the bed. Cheaper versions like compressed or particle board wood are not durable and may fall apart within one or two years of purchase. Go for beds made out of hard woods like oak or maple or rubber wood or tropical hard wood. Alloy metals are also used to create platform beds.

Opt for a bed that is joined together using mortise and tenons rather than nails and screws. Beds assembled with mortise and tenons are long lasting and support weight well.

Platform beds come in various sizes. The size of the bed should complement the size of the mattress. So it is always wise to determine the mattress size, before selecting the platform bed. The gap between the slats should not be more than 2-4 inches to prevent the mattress from sagging. If the foundation of the bed is made of a solid wooden plank, make sure it has air holes for the mattress to breathe.

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