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Window Curtain

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Window Curtain
A little creativity and careful play of fabric and color can make for attractive window curtains. Read up on the factors that are to be considered while choosing kitchen curtains.

Are you looking for ideas to dress up your windows? Read on to find out what you need to keep in mind when selecting curtain fabrics and curtain patterns. Our curtain guide takes you through various curtain styles, be it simple cotton curtains or flimsy lace curtains or even elegant silk curtains. Give your old windows a new lease of life with attractive window curtains.

Window curtain

Window curtains play a vital role in enhancing not just the appearance of your home but in softening the window architecture and keeping out draught. Reduce glare and protect your interiors from harmful UV light. Curtains soften the room and add some element of soundproofing. Curtain designs range from simple tab-top panels to elaborate drapes and patterns. Silk curtains add the touch of sophistication with their rich texture and elegant drape and fall.

If you are going in for expensive curtain fabrics, you can consider lining them. Lining protects the curtain fabric from coming in contract with dirt, sunlight and dust. It also helps keep out the din and noise, especially in a room facing the road. Window curtain lengths determine whether you want a casual or formal look for your window. Long curtains are ideal for formal rooms. Kitchen curtains are created till the sill or to the bottom of the window trim. Use curtains to effectively hide awkward windows.

Kitchen curtain

Choose a kitchen curtain style that suits the layout and décor of your kitchen. Coordinate it with the other textiles in the kitchen. You can go in for tier curtains for your kitchen windows. Alternatively try swag curtains if the style suits your fancy. Lace curtains can lend a country home touch to your kitchen window. Use jacquard lace or mesh fabric or terry towel for your kitchen curtain. Try gingham or twill fabric to add a touch of color to the kitchen window.

Lace curtain

Lace curtains at your window bring a fresh romantic look to the room - reminiscent of an old country inn. White lace curtains are an all-time favorite alternative to heavy drapes and blinds. They do not offer much by way of privacy but can lend a soft filter to the light pouring into the room. You can use lace curtains by themselves or team them up with thicker blinds. This allows you dual benefits. Use billowing lace curtains during the mild summer days and draw the heavier curtains when you need privacy. Polyester lace is not affected by the sun and lasts longer. Cotton lace curtains come with slight polyester blend to offer durability and retain shape better. Bring in old-world charm to your windows with lace curtain magic.

Curtain pattern

Brighten up an otherwise dull room with solid colors that can create a good contrast. Play up the curtain patter with trims, tassels, fringe, lace and braids. Tiebacks can be found in an interesting range - choose them carefully to complement the rest of the décor. You can draw attention to a favorite window with carefully coordinated curtains. A study has a formal masculine look whereas a drawing room needs more formal curtains.

Sheer curtains can be used in the bedrooms for a romantic effect. Color plays no small role in shaping the décor and ambience of a room. Curtain pattern and color can help you set the mood you want. Do not use big and bold prints for window curtains in small rooms. Instead opt for small patterns or self patterned curtain fabric. Complement your curtain pattern with the wall treatment, floor covering and other upholstery in the room.

Curtain fabric

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to curtain fabric - the range of fabrics is wide and varied. Choose appropriate curtain fabric based on the effect you are trying to achieve. Curtain fabrics for a formal sitting room range from brocade and damask to silk, velvet and moiré. For informal window curtains, choose from fabrics such as chintz, linen, seersucker or cotton blends. Kitchen curtains can be made with gingham or gabardine or denim or burlap or canvas. Keep them simple and sans fussy decorations. Try and buy the best curtain fabric within your budget. Allow for enough fabric for full drape and fall.

Most curtain fabrics come in wide or extra-wide widths. Check out the pattern orientation before you get busy with your sewing kit. Go in for lightweight and loosely woven curtain fabrics at windows where you want light to filter through. Sheer filmy curtains come in a range of pastel shades. Lace and sheer voile curtains are yet another window curtain option. Polyester window curtains wash well and are drip-dry. They function well even in direct sunlight. Acrylic curtain fabric has a wool-like feel to it.

Linen is a versatile fabric for curtains. Its fine weave and drape allow for rich arrangements and pleats. Linen fabric allows some amount of light filtration and yet offers a modicum of privacy. Despite its heft, our sailcloth is soft and fluid. Its casual character makes our sailcloth a good choice for short- or full-length draperies. It drapes well and holds its rich colors. Sailcloth also keeps extreme heat or cold at bay. No one can escape the allure of silk curtains. Silk fabric retains rich vibrant colors that can make a fashion statement with curtains much in the same way as it does with apparel.

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