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Shower Curtain

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Shower Curtain
Find out how you can enliven your boring bathroom with striking shower curtains. Read up on shower curtain rods and different fabric options.

Are you planning to give a much- needed facelift to your boring drab bathroom? If your budget doesn't permit you to go over the top with new bathroom fittings and expensive tiling, worry not! A few simple steps can help you refurbish your bathroom and give it a new lease of life, sans big budget installation.

Find out how a new bathroom shower curtain can add color and zing. Look up shower curtain rods that can help you optimize on your showering space. Our shower curtain fabric guide takes you through various options.

Choosing a Shower curtain

The bathroom shower curtain is a vital element, for shower lovers and bathtub enthusiasts alike. Keep splashes in check with a shower curtain. You can opt for a simple functional one or go in for a more stylish bathroom shower curtain for an elegant and luxurious look. Ideally a shower curtain must have a waterproof surface - nylon or PVC coated cotton or vinyl. The range of colors and prints available in shower curtains is wide and varied.

You can choose one that complements the overall bathroom décor and color. Bathroom shower curtains are relatively easy to install. You can hang them from shower curtain rods with rings and they are ready to use! You can select a shower curtain to match your bathroom wallpaper.

Shower curtain patterns can range from traditional country style to gingham to more contemporary and modern themes. Don't restrict yourself to staid boring prints - go for colorful striking ones to add a touch of color.

Choose from floral prints or animal or nature inspired designs for shower curtains. Bring in the nautical theme or go for western prints. A kid's bathroom shower curtain can be cheery and welcoming with cartoon prints and attractive colors. Sometimes the bathroom shower curtain is made of normal curtain fabric that is protected by an inner waterproof fabric. This can be detachable to aid washing and cleaning. Measurement is vital to a good shower curtain so that it protects well against splashes from the shower area.

Shower curtain rods

Install shower curtain rods that allow efficient movement of the shower curtains and create more open space. Metal shower curtain rods with curlicues or hand-blown glass at the end are elegant. Another popular option in shower curtain rods is to add curving shower rods. These rods give you the feeling of a larger tub or shower area. You can create more open space and the curve prevents water from escaping.

Curved shower curtain rods can be fitted for different bathroom and bathtub sizes. You do not need special curtains too. L-shaped corner shower robs or rectangular shower curtain rods can be bought in chrome, polished brass or brushed nickel. Ensure that the curtain rings glide smoothly on the shower curtain rods and do not get caught up.

Fabric shower curtain

Shower curtain fabrics are usually made of nylon, PVC or vinyl. But these fabrics cannot be washed in a machine and need to be wiped down with a soft cloth after cleaning with a non-abrasive cleaner. You can use a nylon liner with a fabric shower curtain and lend your bathroom a more glamorous look. Choice of fabrics is wide, be it cotton Gingham or 100% tightly woven cotton duck.

Fabric shower curtains come in different prints. Add a touch of the tropics to your bathroom with a fabric shower curtain that depicts the picture of a palm-fringed beach. Go in for a simple rice paper striped fabric shower curtain to keep the décor minimalist and simple. Floral prints are available aplenty - charming daisies, bold sunflowers or blushing tulips.

Shower Curtain Cleaning

Typically plastic shower curtains can be washed in the machine. Do not use hot water. Run it with laundry detergent through a gentle cycle. You can however skip the spin dry mode. For tough mold and mildew stains, you can make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to combat it and add sparkle.

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