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Driftwood Home Accents

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Driftwood Home Accents
With unique driftwood pieces, the decor possibilities are many! Learn more about caring for driftwood and fun ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Driftwood is natural beauty from the beach. It is a piece of wood that is washed ashore and lends itself to be handcrafted and transformed into unique and wonderful pieces of art. As each wood piece is naturally soothed by the ocean, it adds to the organic beauty of your home décor.

Versatile driftwood

Although sea glass often steals the limelight, this shoreline sister doesn't lag far behind. While potted driftwood is a perfect accent under the archway lending a dramatic effect, a child's name could just be painted on it and placed outside the bedroom door. Be it furniture, lighting, accessories and wall art made of driftwood, it is a sure way to create coastal style living space that is warm and welcoming and yet unique.

And driftwood is versatile enough to be added to any texture and lend additional interest and warmth with seaside style. A seahorse made of driftwood is a whimsical yet dramatic beauty. Add driftwood to mirror, lamp and wall art as a perfect finishing touch to coastal home décor.

Weathering the process of wind and waves create authentic driftwood and an additional touch of bleaching with eco-safe peroxide and sanding finish can make a selective driftwood piece more attractive.

A piece of flat driftwood that resembles a board can be easily turned into a sign of your choice. For instance, a gracefully weathered mangrove branch could be combined with recycled glass to make a graceful candle stand. A natural driftwood vessel provides a natural backdrop for dried flowers. Sculptural lights could be created with pieces of driftwood, one-of-a-kind. A rustic bird house can be handcrafted from salvaged natural driftwood.

Even though it is weathered, worn and discarded by the sea, the versatility of driftwood is endless and number of items can be created with driftwood to decorate homes, by transforming driftwood into a variety of home accents, without spending much money. And all these could be DIY projects.

Driftwood home accent ideas

Wind chimes - with a bit of heavy duty string or fishing line, a few pieces of driftwood and a handful of shells and some metal medallions or bells can create a personalized wind chime on your patio.

While revamping a picture, mirror or chalkboard frame, stick-sized pieces of driftwood can be used. Even an inexpensive frame picked up at a garage sale or flea market can be stuck with driftwood pieces. You can also create a keepsake, a reminder of a trip to the beach.

If you are a skilled lamp worker then refurbish an old or thrifty lampshade by gluing like-sized pieces of wood to the outside of the shade. But ensure that the weight of the wood pieces is proportional to prevent it from topping over.

A coat or key rack for the entry way or laundry room area can be created with driftwood. If you chance upon a semi-straight piece of driftwood, attach a handful of screw hooks into one side of the wood. Depending on the size of the wood, either add some heavy duty reinforcement pieces to the wall and other side of the rack or attach a ribbon to the edges. The rack could be used to store coats, hats or keys.

You can choose to simply display the wood as is by, either hanging it on a wall, or arranging it on a coffee table, shelf or dining table. Putting it in a vase or lining a garden or walkway are other options. In case of a large multi-limbed piece of wood, trim off any excess pieces to create an even edge and add a glass top to it with proper reinforcements.

Tips to consider while using Driftwood

Assert caution when selecting the wood. Before removing the wood from the shore, special attention should be paid to check whether any living creature is nesting in the wood. Do not remove the creature from its natural habitat or bring it into your homes. The last thing that you want is to bring home a piece of wood laden with termites or insects.

Make sure that you are not disturbing any protected lands or shorelines by taking the wood. There are some areas on the beach or shoreline, from where picking up things is prohibited. It is better to consult a beach patrol or Park Range officer or the local government if you are unsure.

If you have picked up the driftwood yourself, see that it is properly dry before using it. A couple of weeks of strong sunlight will be best. While water weathers the wood beautifully, you have to ensure that it is free from bacteria, algae, mold and termites. Soaking the driftwood in a mild bleach solution should do the trick.

After thoroughly drying it, brush off any dirt and grains with a bristle brush. Driftwood needs to be properly disinfected before use. A wood sealer can be used to seal any areas that need protection from moisture or stains. Lay on a protective coat of natural beeswax or turpentine for an attractive finish.

During the Zoe feast, a creative festival in Chicago, driftwood shapes are glued onto a poster board or foam core. Potted driftwood planters are perfect under the archway. Salvaged black walnut driftwood can be used for the mantel after careful cleaning.

Driftwood art is fast catching up – whether it is a driftwood collage, driftwood sculpture and driftwood art – the possibilities are truly endless.

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