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Leather Sofa

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Leather Sofa
Leather sofas add elegance, richness and comfort. Look up this informative guide to sectional leather sofas and leather sleeper sofas and how to care for them.

Planning, designing and decorating your home can be an enriching experience. It translates your values, your styles and passion in life. Your home sofas should provide comfort, aesthetic appearance and value for money. Leather sofas last a lifetime. Leather is much admired for its sensuous appeal, richness and comfort Leather is preferred over fabric by many. While leather wears in, fabrics wear out. As they age, leather sofas tend to become softer and better, proving to be a luxurious and sensual. Use this article as a reference and guide to make informed choices while selecting and buying a leather sofa for your home, be it leather sectional sofa or leather sleeper sofa.

Leather sofa advantages

Leather sofas come in all ranges - all leather, partial leather or simulated leather. With usage, leather has the ability to stretch and retain its shape. This makes it hardwearing, soft and comfortable. The outer layer of leather extract is called ‘top-grain' and the bottom with multiple layers is referred to as ‘split hides'. Sofas made of top-grain leather are acknowledged as genuine, elegant, comfortable and sensual. Top grain leather is considered full, genuine, leather because the interwoven cells make it strong (long-lasting) yet soft and supple.

Hence, it costs more than twice what split hides cost. Split hides are heavily pigmented making them coarse, stiffer and prone to developing cracks easily. The average wear time of split hides is five years. Genuine leather has pores that breathe. It can take on your body temperature within 12 seconds. It's texture improves over time and adapts to outside temperature. In winter, it makes you feel cozy and warm. In summer, you will find it refreshingly cool.

Sectional leather sofa

In keeping with changing trends, leather sofa manufacturers offer a wide choice of styles and types of leather sofas, making them appealing to different tastes and budget. You can transform your living room with the right sofa that matches your personal taste – the right size, matching color and of course the shape. You can opt for traditional leather sofas, transitional leather sofas and contemporary leather sofas. Most leather sofas come with straight line and rectilinear frame. Contemporary leather sofas come with visible dark wood frames.

These are further sub-classified into two-seater sofas or three-seater sofas, sectional sofas, sofa bed or sleeper sofas, corner sofas and recliner sofas. A two-seater or three-seater leather sofa is commonly used in homes to meet seating requirements. Sectional sofas with different parts that can be put together can accommodate many people and are suitable for large gatherings at home. Recliner sofas are perfect for relaxation - swivel, rock or swing in tune with your moods. Sleeper sofas can double up as beds to accommodate the additional guest.

Leather sleeper sofa

If you are looking for leather sleeper sofas, your options are plentiful. From warm spicy tones to vibrant shades, you can opt for sleeper sofas that can double up as lounging spots. Going in for a transitional sleeper sofa offers seating and sleeping options. Look for easy opening mechanisms that come with comfortable headrests. While classic beige or contemporary white are popular, they may make for maintenance nightmares, especially if you have kids and pets around. Sleek sleeper sofas in leather come in various styles. They can be assembled into position at home.

Leather sofa buying tips

Style, comfort, quality and value for money – you can enjoy all these with prudent buying and diligent maintenance of your leather sofas. Leather sofas are highly serviceable and can stand up to the rigors of everyday life.

Match your budget: A generous budget is recommended for sofas that are expected to serve close to a decade. For short-term use, a modest budget can fetch you a sofa of your choice. Be informed that the grade of leather decides the durability and its price.

Measure: The surface area of the space where you want to place your new couch should be measured. Do consider the width and height of the couch, which need to be in line with the width and height of doorway, hallway and turns. Do not let your couch dominate the room. Opt for sectional leather sofas to place around the central seating area.

Existing décor: Assess your existing décor. While slim, square, clean lines of a leather sofa go well with modern décor, traditional décor calls for curved, classic silhouettes.

Occupants: A home with children and pets requires easy cleaning and maintenance sofas.

Select the color: Check if the leather is from the same hide or whether it is dyed. If the leather is not from the same hide, the dyed leather can gradually change color. The color of the sofa should complement your living room.

Choose high-density foam with coil construction in the suspension for your leather recliner sofa to avoid sagging after a couple of years use. Choose hard seat and upright back for back problems. Test the comfort level of the leather sofa in the show room. Sit on the sofa for a couple of minutes and assess its comfort factor. Online shopping may not convey the comfort factor. Choose arm style and skirting to harmonize with your room décor.

Leather sofa care

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight or heat as it can affect the color

  • Keep a separate cloth to blot any spills and allow it air-dry.

  • The cloth should always be clean, dry and soft.

  • Use only recommended leather furniture cleaning products.

  • Quality cleaning products keep the leather soft, supple and improves resistance to stains.

  • Augment care by using sofa coverings

  • Keep leather sofas away from direct sunlight

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