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Nautical Home Décor

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Nautical Home Décor
Nautical home décor is all about getting the look and feel of the seas and ships into your living space. Pick up ideas for incorporating the nautical look for your home décor.

Glossy pictures of beautifully done up rooms, elegant pieces of furniture, attractive linen, and furnishings - the list is endless when it comes to home décor ideas. Some of us would like to express unique decorating styles in our own home. After all we would like our homes to reflect our personalities, our hobbies and our interests. Home décor ideas are the starting point where you can build your decorating around a central theme. Nautical home décor theme allows you to bring the expanse of the ocean, the beauty of the beach and the romance of the ships into your house.

Nautical Home décor

Are you a lover of the ocean and the sea? Do you enjoy sailing and the feel of the wind across your face? Then consider incorporating the nautical home décor theme. Create a coastal retreat by connecting your living space to the environment - one that is inviting and comfortable. Nautical theme deals with interiors that are oriented to the sea. Bring the effect of being on the shore by incorporating beach combings throughout the home décor. There are no recipes or rules for the coastal color palette.

Select color groups that blend with the creation of casual coastal elegance. Traditional sand and sea colors such as variations of blues, greens and neutrals are particularly attractive when spotlighted using soft, sun-bleached combinations of color. Bold fluctuations of hues that are characteristic of the ocean also produce dynamic color groupings. Navy and white color duos, highlighted with red accents demonstrate timeless nautical flavor.

  • Brighten your dining room with curved green chairs and old folding chairs that look as though they belong on the beach. You can complement your crockery too with dinnerware based on the pewter collection or seashell collection. Other popular nautical themes are ships, lobsters and yachts.

  • The kitchen cabinetry can be done in light cherry wood to reinforce the nautical theme. Place galley rails in the kitchen. Place sailor's wreaths or ship wheels on doors.

  • Antique paintings of yachts and ocean liners add a nautical touch to your room. Decorate the walls of your room with a painting of an ocean liner, seashells and a beach lantern turned into a lamp to add more effect. Candle holders to suit the nautical home décor theme can be chosen in shapes such as light house or ship wheels. Wall murals and sculptures depicting sand castles, sand pails, model ships and other marine bric-a-brac and artwork depicting sea life. A pair of oars on the walls can add to the overall effect!

  • Louvered doors and whitewashed cube tables lend the look of an old boatyard. You can lend a marine look to the windows by sewing the curtains with roping and grommets to resemble semaphore flags. Painting the walls with white and stenciling a roping design in vertical wide stripes is part of the nautical décor theme.

Browse through nautical décor stores to pick up anchors, buoys and crab traps to decorate your home. Wooden floors can be matched to the cabinetry and enhanced with colorful runners. Use fish netting, nautical clocks, rope ladders and brass lanterns to good effect. Use mirrors with nautical frames like ship wheels, life rings and starfish. Home décor stores are the ideal spots to pick up a porpoise figurine or dolphin sculpture. Lighthouse lamp made of stained glass or handcrafted rowboat rack are examples of specialty nautical items Wind indicators, nautical clocks, pulleys, anchor bells and nautical figurines .... All you need is your imagination.

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