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Halloween Decoration

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Halloween Decoration
It's Halloween time once again; time to create the spookiest house on the block to scare away the visitors and treaters. Read on to find out how you can decorate your home with the Halloween spirit.

It's Halloween season once again and time to turn your home in to a haunted house and dress up yourselves in various ghastly and ghoulish costumes. Halloween decorations featuring supernatural beings, witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves, bats, spiders and black cats are eternal favorites. Haunting front yards with tomb stones, fog lights and fake body parts provide for a chilling experience. Have fun getting your Halloween decor and spooking friends and tricksters!

Halloween decoration ideas

The Jack-O-Lantern is probably the most famous symbol of Halloween. Grotesque faces are carved out of huge pumpkins and lanterns placed inside them for a spooky effect. These pumpkins are placed on the porch and windows to greet or rather, scare away visitors and trick or treaters. Placing Jack-O-Lanterns on old tree trunks also create the required atmosphere.

Monster foot prints can be created to lead visitors up to the house. Various types of lighting machines are available in the market today that can be strategically placed to create an eerie effect. Lighting units which simulate the effects of thunder and lightning can make for awesome Halloween decorations.

  • Use scooped out mini pumpkins as votive candle holders.

  • You can extend the Halloween décor theme to your towels and furnishings by embroidering cute little pumpkins, ghosts and black cats.

  • Put together fabric bags for the kids to bring home candy. Make use of fluorescent threads to embroider little witches or creepy spiders on them.

  • You can put up candelabra that are in keeping with the theme - spooky and creepy.

    Dried apple heads can make for a sinister look. Paint nasty faces on them for added atmosphere.

  • A scarecrow on your porch would be ideal to frighten the trick or treaters.

  • Make Halloween flags and banners and hang them up around the house.

  • Don't forget your vehicle in the Halloween decoration binge. Hang a wreath on the front grill or place a small pumpkin on the number plate.

Glow in the dark bats and spiders can be hung on the trees as well as within the homes. Body outlines can be drawn on the front walk and scary messages can also be written in scrawly handwriting. Visitors and treaters can read these messages and have fun. Cassettes playing haunting music and spooky noises can be played. Doorbells can be programmed to greet visitors with a spooky voice. You can dress up as skeletons and witches and open the door to the trick or treaters, scaring the living daylights out of them. Long strands of moist, white threads can be hung on the porch to resemble spider webs. Guests will get the creepy, crawly feel when the threads rustle against them. A scarecrow can be kept in the front yard to greet visitors.

Halloween décor tips

  • You can buy some helium balloons and tie small glow sticks to their threads and let the balloons float within your house. They will appear like spooky lights in the sky.

  • Fill a black plastic cauldron with hot water and add some dry ice to it. This makes for a foggy and spooky centerpiece décor.

  • You can also fill a shallow vase with dried flowers, leaves and branches and tie a black bow to it. This also makes for an appropriate centerpiece.

  • Decorate your porch steps with Jack-O-Lanterns for easy navigation. Instead of candles, high intensity glow sticks can also be used in them.

  • Hang a life size skeleton from your porch or from any tree. Skeletons with glowing eyes can be bought for added effect.

  • Halloween wreaths with scary designs can be hung on your front door.

  • Halloween flags and banners can be put up around the house.

  • Bones can be piled in to a heap in the front walk way with a scary skull sitting atop it.

  • Artificial ravens and crows make for a really scary Halloween decoration. You can perch these birds of ill omen on tree branches, tombstones, atop window sills or just about anywhere.

Create a graveyard with tombstones in your front or back yard and convert your sweet home into a haunted house. After all it is Halloween season, the season of tricks and treats!

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