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Beach House Decorating

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Beach House Decorating
Explore decorating options for your house by the sea. You could keep it simple, be whimsical or bet on the most classic of styles. If you just vacation by the beach or live there full time, a beach house is a special place and you need to decorate it to make it look the part.

There's just nothing like the smell of surf and the cool sea breeze. Waking up every morning to the chant of crashing waves is nature's own way of telling you to just let it all go. And if you happen to live by the sea or own a vacation home that's right by your own slice of sandy heaven; consider yourself among the luckiest.

A beach house is not one that can be put on a simple maintenance plan, but it's usually worth every penny and every bead of sweat. And with some smart planning and decorating, your efforts can be minimized to ensure that you do more enjoying than cleaning. Decorating your beach house right could make all the difference in the world.

Beach House decorating theme

Beach houses like any other property need to be decorated with a theme or perhaps an era in mind. Beach front properties ideally need to play to the scenery and taking into consideration the great views at hand - styling your beach house can be a simple affair. While there are some who prefer to take to interior design by the era or the nationality of a theme (like French villas or English countryside), putting together a beach house may require a more universal approach.

One of the most popular styles to decorate your beach side home would be the classic feel. Here all the elements are inspired by the sea, the sand and the surf. Tones of blue, pebbles in bowls, and furniture that is native to the area are integral to this theme. This theme intends to be classic and comforting. It usually gives a feel of home to anyone who walks in and will be ruled by comfort and a 'no fuss' atmosphere.

Alternatively, the sea always spells romance and whimsical. And if you opt for a more romantic theme your options are aplenty. Soft English rose furnishings, candles, tissue curtains and wrought iron are some of the materials and elements that might be incorporated.

You could also be inspired by the clean lines of the Greek seaside. Pristine white and stark blues combined with artistic tiles on tabletops make for a Greek theme. The furniture is usually aged wood and some potted herbs would definitely seal the deal on this theme.

Perhaps the most adventurous way to go would be to give your beach home a hippie Goan style. This Indian beach town is known for its eclectic nature, tie dye hues, astronomical motifs and rich color tones inspired by the Indian palette. Reds, yellows and greens would dominate and interesting granite figurines would add some spicy flavor.

Match the color

Once you have decided on the theme to bring into your beach home, the exterior and interior walls must reflect the same. White or eggshell are classic, a pale pink or blue could add the right amount of romance, while butter yellow could make for the richness of color. No matter the theme, a beach home is usually admired for its calming features and oceanic colors and colors that are too bold or bright are best avoided or attributed to the accessories instead. A faded orange or some sea green could be used to add more color if that's what you desire.

Furniture and furnishings for a beach house

This is perhaps the trickiest and most important part of the decorating process. Choosing furniture and furnishings that are durable is vital to a beach house owing to the level of erosion common to the area. Floors are best when made of wood or an easy to maintain tile. While choosing furniture wood is a good choice or there is the ever popular wicker.

Easy to care fabrics are highly recommended especially if your beach house is only a vacation home. It is also important to invest in furniture for the deck or the porch. While plastic furniture is durable and lightweight choice, it might not contribute so well to the aesthetic appeal of your beach house. The classic Adirondack chairs made of wood always add that seaside feeling and are very comfortable. Sometimes wrought iron too adds a bit of whimsy to outdoor furniture at your beach house.

Owning a beach house makes you a lucky person but making that beach front venue a home and a place of comfort, would indeed make you blessed. So choose well and decorate wisely and most importantly cater to your needs, as it is after all your home

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