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Check out how you can turn a simple footstool into a utilitarian piece. Find out the advantages of storage footstools.

The Egyptians were the first to use footstools. Their chairs were very high and people sitting on the chair required support for their feet. Footstools also work as a table or additional seating space. In fact footstools serve as chairs, stools, tables, stepladders and storage space too. Footstools are strong enough to stand up on and yet light enough to be easily lifted.

Footstools are small and close to the ground level. They have a wide, flat top and have no sides or back support. Footstools are made from wood, iron, or other metals. Footstools fit well into any home style, be it traditional or modern. Footstools are typically priced between US$ and US$ 1,000. Read more on storage footstools and leather footstools.

Footstool types

Footstool usually has a cushioned top and is upholstered using either fabric or leather. Footstool allows the person to rest his/her feet in a comfortable manner and positions the leg straight, thus it is also termed as footrest. Footstool also serves as a short stepladder. Any person can stand on this stool and reach things placed above a reachable height.

Benefits of footstools

  • Footstools make people comfortable.

  • Footstools relieve strain and pain that is induced while sitting in an unchanged position for a long time.

  • Footstools help relieve swelling and pain for people who have injured their legs.

  • Footstools are used as extra storage space.

  • Footstools can be used for additional seating in the house.

  • Footstools can be used as stepladders.

Home décor with footstool

Living room: Footstools can replace the traditional huge coffee tables. You can use the footstool as a coffee table, additional seating or as footrest for a high chair. Choose a footstool that will go with the living room décor.

Kitchen: Footstools can be used instead of the boring and monotonous, painted step stools. Paint the stool with a bright color and place it in the corner of your kitchen with some fresh flowers on top, this makes up for a pleasant ambience.

Bedroom: Footstools can be kept near the base of your bed in the bedrooms, Use bright colored fabric for these footstools. They serve as a footrest or as a place to keep your accessories.

Bathroom: Footstools in the bathroom can be used to hold magazines or bathroom accessories. They can be made using bright colored fabric; this gives your bathroom a great look.

Porches can also benefit from footstool decor. The crafty decorator can reupholster a wooden footstool with an outdoor-weight fabric or canvas cover fabric.

Bathroom: A small footstool here can double as an accent table for magazines and bathroom accessories. Covered with a favorite fabric, extra storage space can be created underneath.

Footstool cover

Footstools can be covered with loose cover, fabric or with padded cushions. Fabric covers for footstool can be plain or sport flowers and prints. Footstools can also be covered with leather.

Leather footstool

Footstools covered with leather make for a good style statement. They usually blend with most décor themes. Commonly chosen colors for leather footstools are black, brown, chocolate, burgundy, and light brown. Leather footstools are durable, comfortable and long-lasting.

Storage footstool

Few footstools are built hollow and fitted with a lid, this helps to store things inside the footstool. These footstools can be used to store CDs, DVDs, games, poker chips and more. They can be effectively used in your game room, den or in any room of your home needing accessible storage.

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