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Wood Bookcase

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Wood Bookcase
Bookcases though primarily designed to hold books can also be used to display other things of interest like photographs, curios, and collectibles. Look up different options such as wood bookcase, bookcase headboard, corner bookcase and folding bookcase.

Bookcases allow you to indulge your reading habit and yet give your living space a tidy look. A good bookcase is not just a set of shelves but is home for your treasures. Bookcase keeps your books secure, protected, and also displays them in their best fashion. A bookcase or a bookshelf is a piece of furniture that is used to store books; these shelves are usually horizontal shelves. Different readers love to organize their books in varied manners.

Bookcases though primarily designed to hold books can also be used to display other things of interest like photographs, curios, and collectibles. Bookcases often go beyond their functional value and add to the aesthetic value of your home. From built-in bookcases to folding bookcases and ladder bookcases, a book lover spoilt for choice. Look up how to plan your bookcase to suit your décor, be it corner bookcase or wood bookcase or glass bookcase.

Bookcase arrangement methods

Flat against the wall: This is the traditional wall shelf that has been used for years to store books safely.

Parallel to each other: In stacks or ranges parallel to each other, the space in between stacks will allow only one person to walk through. This system is suitable for public libraries where space is a constraint.

Bays or alcoves: In this arrangement, cases protrude into the room at right angles to the wall-cases. This system utilizes available space to the fullest extent.

Bookcase styles

Corner bookcase: This is suitable for homes that are running short of space. The unused corners of your home can be effectively put to use with a corner bookcase. Corner bookcases can also be used to store curios, plants or curio. They usually draw more attention.

Barrister bookcase: This is the most traditional design of bookcases and will perfectly suit your den or office. A framed glass door is used in a barrister bookcase. These bookcases were named as barrister bookcases as this style of bookcase was initially used by attorneys and government officials. This bookcase can be used for storing leather bound books, encyclopedia, reference books etc.

Bookcase with doors: This bookcase is suitable to store books that are not used regularly. Doors in the bookcase will keep dust, light and humidity at bay. These bookcases have to be cleaned occasionally and can be used to store curios or books with hardcover.

Cabinet bookcase: This type of bookcase is a combination of the open storage space of a conventional bookcase with the concealed storage space of a cabinet. This bookcase can be used to display seasonal items while the non-seasonal ones can be concealed in the cabinet. The biggest advantage of this bookcase is that frequently used items can be kept in the reachable area and hardly used items can be kept out of sight in the cabinet.

Cube bookcase: These bookcases are very handy. They offer the perfect storage solution for your books; they are available in various sizes - the starting size being four cubes onwards. They can be placed next to each other or can be stacked to suit your style. These bookcases can be either mounted on the wall or can be kept on the floor. Cube bookcase has a drawer and door kit options too.

Choosing a bookcase

  • For whom is the bookcase intended?

  • What are the types of books that you would want to exhibit on the bookcase?

  • How many shelves in the bookcase are going to accommodate books and how many are going to display other items?

  • Is there a need to move the bookcase?

Wood bookcase

Wood bookcases offer a rich stylish look owing to their elegant craftsmanship. Wood bookcases are made from classic wood like pine or from hardwood like birch. Bookcases are also made from solid hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, cherry, ash, maple, and oak. Bookcases made from solid hardwoods last for a longer time. Solid wood bookcases also offer a stylish solution to store books. Many homeowners would want to display their books at their best and would want their bookcases to look equally good.

Earlier wood bookcases were mainly found in libraries and in English estate homes. They were usually built-in in these houses. Hardwood veneer is often used to build wood bookcases now-a-days. The vintage romantic elegance of a wood bookcase cannot be replicated by modern metallic ones. You can pick up a wood bookcase or get one made with preferred accents and styles. Wood bookcases lend a warm look to your home décor.

Glass door bookcase

Glass doors for bookcases offer you the convenience of storing your books conveniently and to locate them with ease too. Books, display items, collectibles and any other item that you wish to store in a bookcase with glass door will be free from dust. This bookcase also lends an elegant look to your home. With these bookcases, you can take the liberty of dusting your books once in a while instead of doing them regularly as in other cases.

These bookcases save you the time of fishing through many books just to locate one. Reinforced glasses and tempered glasses are used these days to make bookcases. Earlier glass doors were considered very fragile and unsafe to use as they would break very easily. Bookcases with glass doors are available in various styles and shapes and you can choose one that complements the room decor.

Built-in bookcase

Built-in bookcases are custom-built as per the requirement of individual homes. These bookcases are as elegant as the traditional bookcases and can also be used as additional space like storage shelf units. These bookcases also act as a wall thus making room for a study or so.

Ladder bookcase

Reaching books that are stored at a great height is very difficult. Books stored in tall bookcases or tall set of bookcases are very difficult to reach; this is when a ladder bookcase will help. Ladder bookcase is also useful for people who are short. Ladders are available as portable ladders, integral ladders or rolling ladders.

Ladder bookcases have the largest shelf at the bottom and as the shelves go higher they get smaller in size. These bookcases are stylish and trendy and draw attention to their display very fast. Ladder bookcases can be used to exhibit small collection of books and other display items. These units are not attached and so can be put anywhere.

Child bookcase

Children are fond of books and have a huge collection for themselves. A child bookcase can be used to suit a particular need among a set of home bookcases. Children never would want their bookcases to be something like what their parents have. They like to have a uniquely styled bookcase for themselves. Kid bookcases can be painted fancily or decorated with fancy pictures of their choice. You can construct a kid bookcase either like a castle or a dungeon bookcase depending on the child’s taste.

Bookcase plan

Bookcase plans help you to make your own bookcases. With the wide range of bookcase styles available in the market, bookcase plans allow to choose the right type of bookcase that would suit your needs. Bookcases are not just shelves to store books; they can be used for displaying scores of other interesting things. Plan your bookcase well and get the best out of it.

  • Decide on how much you want to store.

  • Decide on the size of the bookcase.

  • Choose the right type of bookcase that will suit your needs.

  • Decide on where you are going to place your bookcase.

  • Decide on what you want to store in your bookcase, whether it is just books or you want to display other items of interest too.

  • Ensure you plan your bookcase well so that it is utilized to its fullest.

Oak bookcase

Solid oak bookcases are generally the most popular choice for buyers of classic bookcases. Oak is a conventional hardwood that has been used for building bookshelves for years together. It has a traditional look and resembles a library bookcase.

Bookcase headboard

Headboards of your bed can be utilized efficiently by making them into bookcase styled headboards. They include cubbies and shelves in different sizes for favorite toys, picture books, collectibles and lighting. Children especially will love these bookcase headboards as they can easily reach all their things of interest. Bookcase headboards remain a trendy storing and decorating choice and are available in various styles.

Bookcase headboards act as a simple shelf for storing books, alarm clocks and various other objects that mess a bedside table. Bookcase headboards are priced according to the intricacy of its design, size and the material used for making the headboard.

Folding bookcase

It is very different from the customary bookcase and the built-in bookcase. It is strong and square bookcases are very popular. Folding bookcases became very popular during the 20th and the 21st century. Folding bookcases have numerous shelves and do not have a formal look, thus they can be used in any portion of the house. Folding bookcases are very useful for people who keep shifting very often. They can be easily fixed and look very stylish too. Those who are on the move often can consider revolving bookcase that allows plenty of storage yet doesn't eat up too much space in a smaller apartment.

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