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Kid Room Décor

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Kid Room Décor
Pick up interesting ideas for kid room décor. Learn how to plan for your child room decoration.

A kid's room is his own little space - his sanctuary where he plays his games, does his school work, spends time with friends, daydreams and indulges in his hobbies. It is essential to plan out your child room décor keeping in mind his interests and hobbies but not forgetting the element of safety. Storage plays a vital element in kid room décor. What are the essential features of baby room décor? How can you go about planning out the nursery decorating? Find tips and tricks to decorate your kid's room without breaking the bank.

Kid room décor

Each child is different and it is important to remember that no one theme fits all as far as kid room décor goes. You must find out your child's interests and personality before planning out the room decoration. The child's age, gender, social habits and schedule have to be incorporated with the design element of the child room décor. Getting the child to participate in the decorating process can make for hours of fun and bonding.

A child keeps growing and with it he outgrows his toys, clothes, furniture. Keep your child room decoration simple and functional. This can then be easily modified to suit the kid's changing likes and hobbies. At its very basic, a child's room needs a bed, activity table and storage. Build the child room décor around the kid's favorite colors and interests.

  • Modular cabinets and closets can provide much needed storage space in a kid's room. Wall shelves can also be arranged in height to offer easy storage - one that the child can easily access. This works well for the child's toys, collectibles, CDs, books and other paraphernalia. Easy-to-clean furniture with laminated tops is convenient for the kid's room. Ensure that the paint on the furniture is not cracked or peeling. Lead paint poses a serious health risk. All joints and parts of furniture should fit tightly and the wood must be smooth and splinter-free.

  • Vinyl floors are very convenient for child room decoration. Non-skid and easy to maintain, this type of flooring is easy to clean and will not harbor harmful allergens. Cork or rubber tiles come in a wide range of designs and patterns and are easy to maintain. They will cushion a fall during early years of the toddler and rough playing with friends. Painting and craft activities can be easily carried

  • Windows must be shaded with simple blinds that are easily washable and durable. Ensure that there are no dangling cords as they can be a safety hazard.

  • A good central lighting is essential for a kid's room. You can also incorporate a wall mounted or table top reading lamp. Night lamps can be useful for children who are uncomfortable in the dark. You can have novelty lighting based on the theme of the kid's room décor.

  • Add color to drab walls by putting up some of the child's craft or painting work. You can cut colorful pictures and cartoon characters to add to the overall theme. A large pin board works well for this purpose. It also allows frequent changes.

Baby room décor - nursery room décor

The little bundle of joy is soon coming into your lives and you are all excited about getting the baby room décor done in time. Planning the nursery room décor requires understanding of safety aspects that are paramount for a baby room. Baby furniture and cribs must meet safety standards. Ensure that there are no broken pieces or cracked boards in case you are using a hand-me-down crib. If your crib has railings that you can lower, it makes it easier to pick up the baby.

Some cribs come with built-in storage. Opting for neutral pastel color schemes works well if you do not know the sex of your unborn child. Plan a baby room décor that the child can grow into. Other than a comfortable crib and bedding for the baby, it is necessary to plan for you to sleep close by in case the baby is ill or needs your attention.

Do not place the baby's crib close to a heating or cooling vent. Little babies do not take up much space but their stuff surely does! Dresses, shoes, diapers, changing towels, toiletries...the list is long. Get a cabinet that can hold all this and double up as a receptacle for books and toys later on. A little baby chair is a wonderful idea in the nursery. It can serve as a reading spot or an activity area.

Harsh lighting upsets little babies. Go in for soft and muted lights. Have a small sitting area where the baby can sit and play when he or she is a little older. Tables and chairs and toy chest must be sturdy to prevent toppling over. Paint the walls a pleasant color but ensure that they are wash proof. Grubby fingers and inquisitive minds can wreak havoc on wall paint.

Girl room décor

The popular theme for girl room décor is princess bedroom - soft and airy drapes, muted pinks on the bed linen, fluffy pillows and coverlets! But you need not stick to the clichéd ideas of a girl's bedroom. You could bring down the stars and the moonlight by getting together furniture, decorating ideas and painting star patterns and dollops of moonlight. Add in some of her favorite fairy tale characters and your kid will have hours of fun in her fun land. Butterflies, flowers, doll houses and play towns - girl room décor is made of these!

Boy room décor

Racing cars and sports. What better theme for boys room décor! You can get a car bed or a bed with a headboard that carries a sports theme. Framed calendar photos make for ideal wall decoration. Put up a pin up board for your son to tack up pictures of his favorite sporting heroes, poster of popular race cars and other interesting trivia about his favorite teams. Outer space is yet another exciting theme for boys room décor - you can paint reflective or fluorescent planets or stars on the ceiling. Nature and animal lovers can opt for the jungle safari look.

Go wild with the color schemes and experiment with the colors of nature - blue, green and brown and ivory. Cushions shaped like animals covered in bold leopard prints or brightly colored designs can be the perfect foil for this jungle safari theme for boys room decorating. Lay on a rug with colorful animal prints. Popular themes for boy room décor include firehouse fun room, baseball, outer space, airplanes, trains, wizards and dragons and dinosaurs.

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