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Steel Entry Door

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Steel Entry Door
Steel entry doors ensure maximum security. Find out how you can choose a safe and attractive exterior door for your home.

Exterior doors protect your house from burglars and keep out bad weather. What must you look for in an exterior door - security, aesthetics, durability, energy-efficiency and economy? Steel entry doors serve as good deterrents to intruders and also double up as good insulators. Steel doors are much stronger than wood or fiberglass. Today you can pick up stainless steel exterior doors that have a faux wood finish with panels and glazed finish.

Steel entry door

Gone are the days when steel entry doors meant a clinical and industrial appearance. Contemporary steel entry doors are strong and durable and come in attractive finish options. You can choose to work with wood grained texture or glass or glossy paint. Such exterior doors come in stock heights and are usually factory-coated with wood-fiber coating and polyester finish. For a more elegant look, you can opt for a steel entry door with real-wood veneer.

The advantage of steel doors is that they won't crack, warp, twist or rot. You can be assured of years of easy maintenance and trouble free service. Steel entry doors are a durable investment since they provide your entrance with beauty and security.

Insulated steel entry doors provide a thermal barrier and help in minimizing heat loss in winters and keeping the house cool in summer. Installing steel doors requires professional workmanship. Combine the strength of steel with the elegance of glass and you have an impressive entry door to complement your home decor. You can opt for double cylinder dead bolt locking systems with a range of door handles.

Exterior door

Typical exterior doors include front entry doors, back doors, French doors, Dutch doors, sliding glass doors and patio doors. Exterior doors must be able to withstand wear and tear from the elements. The exterior door to your house can be made of steel or wood. Traditional wood doors convey warmth and are still popular on account of their sturdiness.

Wooden exterior doors can be stained or painted. But they are liable to warping and shrinking on account of weather changes. Metal doors with metal frames are ideal for total home security since metal frames are less susceptible to tampering as compared to wooden frames. Use dead bolt locks instead of merely relying on key knob locks. Ensure that your patio doors leading out are secure.

They can be a weak link in your overall home security plan. Plan your exterior door such that it doesn't open outward. This makes it insecure as it can be taken down by removing hinge pins. When buying glass doors, opt for high-performance glazing and integrated weather-stripping if you live in a cold-winter climate.

Steel exterior door

Stock doors can be picked up to suit your requirements. Steel doors with polyurethane foam core are ideal for weather stripping. Exterior doors are mostly of the hinged type. Sliding doors are better suited for patios and decks. Flushed doors are smooth surfaced whereas paneled doors have an elaborate look that are more expensive.

If you are considering replacing your existing exterior door, consider insulated metal or fiberglass doors. They are longer lasting and are virtually maintenance free. Though fiberglass exterior doors are expensive, they will last as long as your house. Insulated doors for your home exterior cost in the range of $200 to $400. You can go in for exterior doors using solid foam cores between the bonded steel faces so that there is enhanced stability and insulation.

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