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Table Decoration

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Table Decoration
A well decorated table sets the right mood and ambience for any kind of celebration. Check out specific Christmas table decorations and wedding table decoration.

A well decorated table sets the right mood and ambience for any kind of celebration. While soft rose petals sprinkled amidst colored candles afford a romantic setting, a hand-blown glass salt and pepper shaker lends a down to earth practical look and personalized coasters are perfect take home presents. Any event can simply be dressed up with imaginative table decorations created with flair and inspiration. Check out specific Christmas table decorations and wedding table decoration.

Table decoration planning

Draw up a plan before decorating the table for the celebration. It is necessary to consider how many people would be seated and adequate arrangements for seating, utensils and setting need to be made. In case of large parties it would help to have a seating chart in advance. This way one can make sure every one is well accommodated.

Use of table cloth

Use of table cloth is the first obvious step in any table decoration. Table cloth is the background color that helps to tie everything together. A table cloth with warm, rich and comfortable colors like gold, yellow, red, brown and orange lends a cozy feeling. Plain white or beige table cloth can be used with accessories to create the desired thematic effect.

  • For kid's table, consider paper table cloth on which they can draw and color. This way they will also be quiet occupied and also happy!

  • A children's party can have a brightly colored plastic cloth that can cope with sticky fingers and spilt juice.

  • A blank table cloth combined with white crockery and silver table wear should help create that dramatic look.

  • Set a romantic mood with white or cream linen.

  • Red and dark green color natural warmth to the table and can be used during festive seasons.

  • For sophistication opt for gold and silver cutlery. Complementary crockery should be at hand to finish the table's overall look.

Table Centerpiece

Table centerpieces should be given special attention. Centerpiece works as the focal point of the table. A glass bowl filled with mini pumpkins, gourds and squashes in a variety of colors with berries and pine cones can work wonders for your table. Alternatively dried fall leaves can be glued to glass votives holders and candle glow through the leaves. Floating candles can fill a bowl in fall shapes ... the possibilities are endless. While flowers are traditional centerpieces, following alternatives are available for theme parties than fresh blooms.

  • Terracotta pots with plants

  • Metallic confetti scattered across the table

  • Indoor sparklers

  • Candles preferably big church candles

Table Decoration Tips
  • The centerpiece should be small in size if the table space is limited. Remember that enough room has to be made for serving platters, dishes and condiments.

  • A large decorative bowl can be placed at the center filled with gilded fruits and pinecones. If nuts are to be used in table decorations, it is better to keep them in the shell.

  • Arranging a pine garland around the base of the bowl should be a good idea. Any foliage or vegetables used in table decorations should be abundantly cleaned before setting on the table especially near food items.

  • Flowers when used in centerpiece arrangements should be placed at low level to allow guests to talk to each other without obstruction.

  • A trendy idea would be to fill shot glasses with beads, white tulips and other delicate flowers. Water could be added and placed in the middle of the table.

  • It would be ideal to display the best of available china ware or special dishes with holiday or festive motifs on them. The color of the table ware should be coordinated with that of the table cloth and center piece. Crockery should be cleaned and unscratched for use on the table.

  • It is also essential to set the crockery in the right way along with the right napkins and napkin rings.

  • One can create own napkin rings by hand painting the desired motifs on plain wooden napkin rings. For creative effect napkins can be trimmed with color coordinated ribbons, flowers or feathers.

  • Place mats, napkins and candles in seasonal colors can help set the mood.

  • Homemade seasonal accessories definitely add a personal touch that friends and family will love.

Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding table decorations can be ornate or simple depending upon the budget. In theme weddings reception, centerpieces go along with the theme. For instance in case of a beach wedding, the centerpiece could use sand, shells and candles. For a western centerpiece, cowboy hats and bandanas should simply look great.

  • A miniature wedding cake at the middle of each wedding table is an attractive wedding table decoration idea.

  • Candles could be left afloat on large glass bowl with filling of fruit slices at the bottom and something colorful such as flower petals or gold fish on the top. It would be better to avoid the use of scented candles as center pieces. Their scents may interfere with the aromas in the holiday kitchen.

  • Coffee beans, colorful rocks can be filled at the bottom and large sized candles places inside the vases so that they could last for a longer duration.

  • Simple roses in a crystal vase with clear stones at the bottom make for an elegant table decoration. Sometimes certain types of flower buds are also tried at decorations.

  • A large silk floral bloom immersed in an elegant clear glass bowl is yet another wedding table decoration option.

  • Butterflies fluttering and floating atop a pretty bowl of water could produce a mesmerizing wedding table centerpiece.

  • A golden color scheme with an angel theme could lend a gorgeous and imaginative table decoration for the wedding.

  • For a summer wedding one can choose flower pots blooming with roses and filler flowers as centerpieces. These arrangements are versatile and could be suitable at an elegant ballroom reception as well any outdoor garden wedding or an afternoon luncheon reception.

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