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Country Home Décor

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Country Home Décor
Find out how to transform your house with country home décor, colorful quilts, rustic accessories, earthy shades and all.

You can bring the warmth and coziness of a country cottage right into your city apartment. The use of natural materials and earthy shades will go a long way in making your home appear more like a rustic cottage or ski lodge. Find out how home décor is a multi-pronged approach that encompasses the use of lighting, accessories, furnishings and furniture. Learn how you can incorporate the country home décor into your decorating style. How can you get the rustic home look?

Home décor

Start with wall décor for your dream room. Artwork, with proper choice of matting and framing can achieve the desired decorative look and can reflect your personality and lifestyle. Add some framed prints on walls. You can use themes to decorate your home. The following are some themes that may help you decorate your dream room. Decorating with a theme is a one way to create a cohesive look to a room.

Find an inspiration piece to decorate your dream room. Accessories reflect your personality and personal touch. Moreover, they make your home unique and comfortable - inviting you and your family and friends. If you browse through interior magazines or shops, you can find endless possibilities for home décor themes. Accessories can lend your room a totally different personality.

Collections: Display your collections in one place. A collection of green glass bottles catching the evening sun on a window ledge or in a conservatory looks far more stylish than a couple in the bathroom, one on the mantelpiece and another on the bedroom table.

Wall arrangements and Art pictures: Pictures change the illusion of a room's shape when chosen well and placed appropriately.

  • Horizontal landscape pictures help widen a room;

  • Portrait floral pictures give the illusion of height;

  • One large picture reflected through a mirror gives the sensation of additional broader space

Lights: Lighting plays a vital role in home décor. It can dramatically change the entire atmosphere of a room. By using different types of lighting, you can create different moods at different areas of the room. Dimmer switches fitted to all your fixed lights can make a huge difference. Use accent lights such as spot lights to emphasize wall paintings ornaments or other interesting areas in a room. Add shades to your lamps and use highlighters on the floor behind plants to add glamour to the room. Use small wall light fittings and table lamps to create a gentle romantic look.

Furniture: Replacing or changing your furniture arrangement can have a great impact. Add glamour to your furniture by placing different types of cushions or covers. Extra large sheets and duvet covers are ideal for this job.

Textures: Textures add to the overall effect of your room. Decorate your room with a chunky cream cotton throw, sea grass matting or a bright Indian dhurrie. Go in for area rugs as they add warmth and texture to a room. They also help soften wooden or hard floors and add contrasting colors and patterns into the room.

Country home décor

This form of home décor theme brings in the touch of the countryside, characterized by warm earthy colors, colorful quilts, pinewood furniture and accessories that reflect the cheery countryside. Wonderful wood wall quilts make for excellent wall pieces. With exquisite detail and warm color palette, they remind you of the days of yore. You can pick up rawhide lampshades depicting country themes such as pine cones, moose, deer and elk or hunting and fishing themes.

Get your room to resemble a warm log cabin with wrought iron metal work, be it bear shaped coat hooks or deer shaped towel bars or even leaf shaped curtain swag holders. You can place your indoor plants in containers made of bark, handcrafted and unique. Put up country style wall tapestries and use furnishings in plaid or tweed or stripes.

Country décor homes go best with bare wood floors. You can have vintage area rugs to give it a cottage look. The use of natural materials such as stone flooring or woolen or cotton rugs can be complemented with rough textured walls and high beamed ceilings. Have a warm and cheery stone fireplace. Consider hanging copper pots and iron accessories in your kitchen. A box of herbs at the windowsill would complete the picture.

Rustic home décor

Through rustic home décor many people are rediscovering the beauty of earlier ages. The wonderful part about decorating with age-old accessories is that they don't have to be perfect. A dry sink for example is better used for display than for cleaning. A galvanized bucket is better suited today for holding bath accessories or children's art supplies; and a tin-punch pie safe is more useful for storing almost anything than the pies for which it was built.

Similarly an old trunk turned on its end can be opened to display a variety of old quilts and blankets stacked colorfully, with a table lamp above. A rustic tone can be set with twig or rough-hewn wood furniture and furnishings in forest shades of greens, rust and golden.

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