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Moroccan Decor

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Moroccan Decor
Check out the elements that go into incorporating Moroccan décor in your home. Go in for rich metalwork, richly colored cushions, vibrant colors and exotic charm.

Moroccan décor is an elaborate medley of bright and vibrant colors - blends of reds, greens and blue complemented by the gold of the sandy deserts. Think Moroccan décor and what come to mind are the exotic flavors of Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier. Read on to find out how you can add the richness of Moroccan décor into your home.

Moroccan décor style

  • Coloring the walls the Moroccan way – Moroccans draw their idea of colors from the scenario they live in. Long sea coasts, deserts and the everlasting sunshine inspire vibrant colors such as orange, red, green and deep blue.

  • Texture of the floor can be enhanced by using natural fiber Berber area rugs or by layering dark wooden planks with a sand tone. Enhance your floors with stylish and vivid colors of a Moroccan rug. These woolen rugs are handmade, warm and inviting.

  • Drapes can be hung right from the ceiling to get the typical Moroccan feel.

  • Sofas and couches can be replaced with leather bags or poof chairs that are made from goatskin. Many handmade designs are also woven into these. Tables, ottomans, footstools and poof chairs are intrinsic to Moroccan décor.

  • Furniture is made from cedar, lemon and good quality timber and is usually exquisitely carved.

  • Upholstery can be made from vibrant green and gold colors, while elaborately-done camel bone frames and carved wood enclosing bright orange/red artwork can be hung on the walls.

  • Flowers can be displayed in big woven baskets along with sun bleached stones.

  • Carved wooden screens with cut –out patterns can be used to divide a large area in a room. You can choose from metal-laced or glass inlaid screens.

Elements of Moroccan décor

  • Moroccan tables made from colorful mosaic brighten up a room; they are versatile in shape and design.

  • Lamps made from camel bone, lanterns and hand carved wood are popular. Moroccan style lamps induce a soft look to the room with gentle light.

  • Many captivating shimmering metallic works of art add worth to a bleak wall.

  • A variety of metallic ribbon brocades can be used on the walls, floors and furnishings.

  • Silk pillows and cushions are another integral aspect while incorporating Moroccan decor.

  • Moroccan tile work is famous and can be incorporated in a special area of the house, be it the patio or even your living room.

  • Sachets of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other types of unusual spices lend an unusual power of scent that bears the resemblance of the Marrakech markets.

  • Place faux stone pillars in the openings and arch the entry ways and if possible replace few interior doors with wrought iron gates.

  • Hookahs made in metal or glass can be placed for decorative effect. You can also consider ethnic brass pieces, inlaid wood décor and intricate metalwork knick knacks. You can consider an exquisite samovar, incense burners and inlaid trays too.

  • Morocco has a rich heritage of metalwork in iron, copper, brass and bronze. Wrought iron grilles, lamps and balustrades can be incorporated into your home décor.

  • Handmade Moroccan mirrors draw the onlooker's attention, it is wonderfully hand painted and is generally made from finest metals.

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