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Rattan Furniture

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Rattan Furniture
Add a touch of Asian décor into your room with rattan furniture and bamboo furniture. These pieces made with Eco-friendly materials are elegant and simple.

Light, airy furniture made of natural materials like rattan or cane and bamboo can help you face summer with élan and comfort. You can choose between selecting the stylish ready-to-use exotic wicker rattan furniture or can even customize cane furniture to suit your needs.

Ensure durability of rattan furniture despite its affordable prices. Embark on creating a living atmosphere of leisure and tranquility with materials bestowed by Mother Nature to truly reflect your living style. Tour this page to learn more about the uniqueness and benefits that these natural materials bring along.

Rattan furniture

Rattan is one of the oldest natural raw materials available for making durable furniture today. Commonly grown in the jungles of Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, rattan is preferred mostly for its ethnic visual appeal matched by maintenance free versatility. Rattan is a climbing palm that can grow to very great lengths, with over 600 different species all suitable for making casual furniture. Often mistaken with bamboo, rattan can be easily distinguished in terms of its solid vine.

The color and diameter of rattan is taken into consideration by rattan gatherers before choosing for furniture making. Rattan differs from bamboo in that it is solid while bamboo is hollow.

Cutting of trees to make rattan furniture doesn't cause depletion in any way as rattan unlike wood, replenishes much sooner after being cut. Rattan furniture appears smooth and seamless. The furniture pieces are crafted through elegant fusion of many a rattan poles. Most rattan and wicker furniture is made by hand.

Wicker Rattan furniture

Rattan wicker furniture is a wrongly used term since rattan and wicker are different materials. Wicker furniture has woven patterns, much like baskets. Wicker furniture often has some elements made of rattan. Rattan and wicker furniture has been popular since the times of the British Raj in South East Asia and West Indies.

The possibilities with rattan furniture are myriad. You can mold it to elegant styles and shapes. It is perfect for patios and sunrooms giving them a casual and restful ambience. Rattan furniture can be polished with a variety of finishes, from lacquer and bone finish to tortoiseshell finish. Rattan and bamboo furniture forms an essential element of Asian décor. Bamboo rugs, mats, and flooring provide add a touch of the eastern cultures into your home.

Cane furniture

Cane is a long stem obtained from rattan plant. It is the outer peel, which is made into strips. These strips are woven into seats or decorative accents and sometimes used to wrap the joints of rattan furniture. Cane furniture is a viable seating solution for the conservatory, porch, entrance hall or sunroom. The warm and robust cane furniture patterns are sure to appeal to many.

Bamboo furniture

Mostly grown in South East Asia, bamboo enjoys wide popularity as it is considered a genuine renewable resource of Mother Nature. A giant, woody grass that takes a year to reach its total height that is close to 30-40 feet, bamboo is most preferred for its lightweight and durability. Approximately 1,100 to 1,500 species of bamboo that are deciduous and evergreen are grown over wide areas of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. Bamboo is hollow inside but it has strong joints, which makes it durable and long lasting.

  • Furniture made of natural raw material

  • Materials synonymous with strength, flexibility and versatility

  • Preferred for aesthetic appeal, elegance and simplicity

  • Will not splinter or break, unaffected by weather

  • Lightweight that facilitates easy movement

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage

  • Furniture that involves hand-made workmanship

  • Available in attractive custom designed patterns

  • Option to order tailor-made intricate designs

  • Total value for money

  • Mixes well with common furniture accessories

  • Demands very little care and maintain

  • Environmental friendly biodegradable materials

Other household products such as flooring materials, boxes, baskets, bowls, trays, coasters and kitchenware are also made with cane and bamboo. Not limited to household use, you can find office products such as letterboxes, file boxes, stationary holders, mats, tissue holders and wastebaskets. The furniture range includes beds, sofas, chairs, tables, settees and more.

Care for Rattan and bamboo furniture

  • Dust with a soft brush or a feather duster.

  • Wipe with a damp cloth periodically (a combination of water and mild household cleaner)

  • Clean up spills immediately so that they don't leave stains or water marks

  • Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight

  • Rain, direct sunlight and dew damage rattan and cane furniture. Cover them if you have placed them in the porch.

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