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Hammocks bring to mind visions of lazy afternoons and sleepy holidays. Our informative article on portable hammocks, camping hammocks and hammock chairs throws light on the various options available.

Lie on a hammock and curl up with a book or enjoy a lazy afternoon siesta in your backyard. Carry along a portable hammock on your camping trip. Choose from various style and design options. From cloth hammocks to hammock chairs, from rope hammocks to lightweight hammocks, the variety is mind-boggling!


A sling of fabric used for sleeping or relaxing is called a hammock. It is made from cloth or from a bunch of twine or from a thin natural or synthetic rope. This is stretched between two points like trees or in between two metal or wood structures. Hammocks are largely used to relax in waterfronts, backyards, cottages, etc. They are lightweight and can be carried about without any difficulty. Hammocks can also be used to sleep while traveling in a ship or plane. Hammocks are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Hammocks can be chosen based on the individual height and weight. In general hammocks measure 11' to 14' diagonally and 6' to 11' breadth wise.

Hammock styles

Spreader-bar: These hammocks are fitted with wooden or metal bars at the head and the foot of the hammock. The width is stretched perfectly between these bars; these hammocks can be easily used. These hammocks are not very comfortable to sleep on when compared to other hammocks.

Brazilian: They are made from cotton fabric and are more durable when compared to other hammocks. The comfort level of these hammocks depends on the manufacturer and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Mayan: They are made from cotton or nylon fabric, they are woven together to form a string. These hammocks are supposed to be very comfortable when compared to the rest.

Travel/camping hammocks: They are made from nylon fabric and are very light-weight. They have mosquito nets and storage pockets too. Special ropes and chords are provided so that they can be fastened safely to trees. As the name suggests they are very useful for travel and camping purpose. They can be used as make-shift beds too.

Choosing a hammock

  • Hammocks are made with rope, cotton, polyester or canvas. Canvas hammocks are durable and less susceptible to mold and mildew. Cotton hammocks are comfortable for indoor use. Go in for polyester hammocks if you looking for attractive colors and weather-resistant fabric.

  • Go in for lightweight and easily portable hammocks while camping. Hammocks serve as comfortable sleeping arrangements while on a camp, free from slugs and snails. Choose a hammock with mosquito netting too. Getting a rain canopy along can be of immense help during bad weather.

  • If you want to enjoy the pleasure of a hammock but are short on space, consider a hammock chair.

  • Portable hammocks are a good accompaniment on a camping trip, beach trip or just a leisure holiday. Curl up with a book in your backyard or enjoy an afternoon siesta. Portable hammocks can be chosen based on their weight, strength and size when folded.

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