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Door Knocker

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Door Knocker
Door knockers lend a classic look to your main door. Be it a personalized door knocker or antique door knocker, choose one that arrests attention.

Door knockers have been in used since the Georgian times and were considered architectural pieces then. Door knockers are back in style. Door knockers give your door an elegant and fashionable look. Initially during the Elizabethan period, door knockers were made from heavy cast iron handles, but they are made from a variety of metallic alloys and are available in various colors and sizes. Go in for an antique door knocker or a personalized door knocker to suit your home decor.

Door knocker

Door knockers are made of two parts:

A plate fixed to the door.

A hinged piece, usually a hanging ring attached to the plate through a hinge, the loop and the plate are made from metal.

People wanting to alert the inmates of the house have to strike the hanging ring against the plate, the noise produced alerts the inmates of visitor’s presence at the door. The ring on the door knocker can be struck against the door or against a plate that is fixed on the door. This plate is called the strike plate and comes as part of the door knocker, if there is one. Door knockers are usually ornamental; there are simple ones available too.

Door knockers are often decorative though they serve the same purpose as a calling bell. Door knockers can be made to any shape and size - they can be shaped into animals, plain rings, or any shape the owner wishes to have.

Door knocker types and styles

There are different types of door knockers, most common among them being brass, iron, rust copper, chrome, bronze, pewter and steel. Popular styles of door knockers are lions head door knocker, pineapple door knocker, eagle door knocker, cowboy/rope door knocker and horse head door knocker.

Choosing a door knocker

  • Choose door knockers that are solid.
  • Brass door knockers are preferred over other types.
  • Door knockers must have a bright or brushed finish.
  • Door knockers should be installed right at the middle of the door from left to right and must be positioned at one-third distance from the top of the door.
  • Fasteners holding the door knockers must be rust proof and of good quality.

Brass door knocker

Door knockers made out of brass have a classic look and are available in both polished and antique finish. Earlier brass door knockers were used because they were supposed to bring good luck. These door knockers slowly grew to become a style statement. They reflected the user’s personal style.

Most door knockers are made from brass as it is sturdy and firm. Door knockers made from brass produce a loud noise when struck against the door. Brass door knockers are highly resistant and non-corrosive and thus cannot be ruined easily. Brass door knockers are long-lasting and are available in a wide range of colors; popular colors are bright-yellow, black and silver. Brass door knockers have different tones like gold tone, silver tone, and copper tone. They can be finished to a brushed, antique, or polished or high shine texture. They are prized according to the size and the craftsmanship involved.

Maintain brass door knockers

  • Clean regularly with water and wipe the water thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  • Use a mild detergent occasionally for cleaning; ensure you wipe it dry else it will spot and stain the door knocker.
  • Finger prints can be removed by using glass cleaner solutions.
  • Use brass polish once a month as this will retain the new look.

Antique door knocker

Antique door knockers lend the door a classy and elegant look. Antique door knockers have become a popular trend in recent years as they add style and grace to the setting. The Victorian or rustic looking antique door knockers make a style statement right at your very doorstep. Choose from rustic to conventional style. Antique door knockers are available ready-made or can personalized too. The shape, design and finish of the door knocker can be made to suit individual requirements.

Antique door knockers can be made from brass, steel, iron, mild steel, wrought iron, aluminum, bronze, etc. The various finishes include antique brass, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, rusty iron, pewter, polished nickel, and polished chrome. These door knockers are available in numerous shapes like fruits, animal face, geometric designs, vertical designs, flowers, or horizontal designs. Antique door knockers are extremely ornate, art work is done in an elaborate manner. A variety of styles in the antique door knockers include:

  • A lion’s head holding a ring – this is the most popular style of antique door knocker.

  • Traditional knocker

  • Rope knocker

  • Colonial knocker

  • Horse shoe knocker

  • Dragon head knocker

  • Ring door knocker

  • Column head knocker

Cast iron door knocker

Cast iron door knockers are a class of their own - stylish as well as durable. These door knockers are available in various sizes and shapes. Cast iron door knockers are also referred to as gray cast iron. They belong to the set of iron-based alloys that have more than 2% carbon content in them. These door knockers provide an elegant and traditional look to the entrance of any house.

Cast iron door knockers are powder coated so that they acquire a black sheen. Black and rust colors are the most popular among iron door knockers. These door knockers are given unique finish so as to withstand corrosion and also look good. Popular styles among cast iron door knockers are lion head, Victorian style, classical rope design, ornamental designs, and black iron ring.

Engraved door knocker

Engraved door knockers are very special as they are reflective of elaborate craftsmanship. Door knockers can be engraved in different styles based on their make. People can choose the area on the door knocker where details have to be engraved and they can also choose the right font in which details have to be engraved. While buying a door knocker ensure that engraving on them will not spoil the door knocker’s surface.

Personalized door knocker

You can personalize your door with a personalized door knocker. Door knockers are available in a variety of designs; this offers a huge choice of having personalized designs. Personalized door knockers are used to display the family name, individual’s name, family initials or business name.

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