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Patio DesignPatio Design
Take care to decorate your patio, as it is part of your living space. Read up on various patio covering options - vinyl or aluminum awnings, canopies, pergolas and lattices.

Take advantage of your outdoor space and extend your home into the outside living area. Plan out a patio that suits your requirements - a cozy nook or gazebo or a covered patio to entertain. Choose from a variety of patio designs. A home patio idea need not involve an expensive outlay. Create a patio with care - one that complements the house and the landscape. Patio furniture is available in a wide range of materials and styles. Incorporate various patio accessories and use your outdoors effectively.

Patio design

Choose a patio design that does not call for tedious maintenance. Consider textures, colors and materials before starting on your home patio plan.Opt for furniture and accessories that lend themselves easily to outdoors. You can use privacy screens and overhead covers for privacy and to offer shelter from the elements.

Patio accessories such as gurgling fountains, wind chimes, wicker or rattan chairs or wrought iron furniture lend a personality to your patio and serve as an excellent setting for a small gathering. Plants can be used to best effect too - hanging baskets or trellises can lend color and drama to an otherwise drab patio. You need to plan out the lighting in the home patio plan.

Effectively placed lighting will allow you to spend many an evening outdoors. Patio furnishings come in an exciting range of colors, designs and materials. Liven up your patio with bright furnishings. Use gaily-colored umbrellas to create a cozy nook. Choose from pulley or button or collar tilting mechanisms for your patio umbrellas.

Home patio

Lightweight and non-rusting aluminum is ideal for outdoor patio furniture. Cedar is also another alternative since it is easy to handle and shape and craft. Besides, it has excellent thermal coefficient properties thereby making it cool to sit in even on a sunny day. The distinct aroma given off by cedar keeps off insects and moths. You can add loungers, bar stools and gliders. Patio furniture covers allow you secure your furniture. Vinyl backed covers protect the furniture from rain and snow.

No longer are concrete patios dull and boring. Today concrete patios take on various finishes - lightly smoothed or surfaced with pebbles or even patterned and molded. The durability and affordability of concrete make it a popular choice for a home patio plan. Such patio designs are versatile and elegant yet affordable. Use pebbles, gravel and bricks to best advantage when laying out the patio. Use patio designing software to aid in your plans. try out various combinations and styles for the patio and the walkway and garden walls too.

Covered Patio

Before choosing a patio cover, bear in mind the architectural style of the house as well as the weather conditions and landscaping. Keep in mind the cost and privacy when selecting a covering option for your patio. Retractable covers for the patio can keep out the harsh sunlight and secure your outdoor furniture and pets from the elements. Motorized retractable awnings allow you to control light and shade on the patio at the touch of a button. You can choose vinyl or aluminum awnings to cover the patio.

A gazebo is another patio covering option. Yet another interesting idea for your patio is a pergola. A pergola can be suitably decorated with plants, creepers and foliage. It serves as an effective screen from neighbors and creates allows you to create a private retreat - where you can relax and read your favorite book or the kids can set up their playthings or the family can have a fun-filled meal together. Set up a barbecue counter or customized bar and you are all set to have an enjoyable time.

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