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Wrap Dress

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Wrap Dress
Check why wrap dress is always a popular fashion statement. Find out how to pick a wrap silk dress, knit wrap dress that is most suitable to your body type.

It appears that fashion trends have a shelf life of a maximum of six weeks. Exception to the rule exists. One such exception is fashion designer Von Furstenberg's iconic wrap dress. Invented in 1976, the wrap dress continues to enjoy patronage amongst fashion-conscious women across the world. It's a staple dress for all those who want something slimming, something easy and something curiously chic.

With so many styles and designs in the market, you must be keen to know more about selecting wrap dress, knit wrap dress or a wrap silk dress?

Wrap dress that fits everybody

Flexibility and versatility, these are two features that have contributed for its perennial popularity. The wrap around dress can be found in nearly every fabric, style and color.

  • It's a multi-purpose, most versatile dress that never goes out of fashion.

  • A simple wrap can be made into dozens of outfits.

  • Wrap dress can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

  • It doesn't look too casual or too formal.

  • It is attractive on women of all body types, tall or short, columnar or shapely, large or petite, slender or fuller, it looks good.

  • Wraps come in many sizes, from child size to plus size women.

  • You can wear a wrap dress to work and then dress it up for the evening by putting on a pair of dressier shoes and some fancy accessories.

  • Women opine that wrap dresses work well as maternity wear. It is comfortable, stretchy, without sacrificing style.

  • Plus size women prefer it to cover up the excess fat and look trendy.

  • The dress requires minimal care and maintenance.

  • The dress is great for traveling.

  • Reversible wraps can be worn with many different tops and accessories.

  • Wrap dress are ideal for those who are keen to given an illusion of an hourglass figure.

Magical ways of wearing wrap dress

Wrap dresses come with three confidence boosters, namely waist trimmer, bust enhancer and hip reducer features. When wrapped around, women say they feel very feminine, figure starts looking more womanly, sexy and tastefully dressed.

What contributes to this feeling is the design of a wrap dress. The folding style of the wrap dress hugs a woman's body in all the right places, lifts the busts, skimming the hips, accentuating cleavage, and cinching the waist.

Here are tips to pick a wrap dress for your body type. Discover magical ways of wearing a wrap dress, be it a knit wrap dress or a silk wrap dress.

  • Know your body type and pick the right pattern. For instance, larger body frames should look for more coverage on the top and a fuller skirt and smaller-framed women should pick adjustable ties and less fabric on top.

  • Check if you have the right undergarments. Ideally a one-piece body suit is appropriate for hiding bulges and padded cups are handy to create curves.

  • Check the length of the dress. Ideally the hem shouldn't hit the thickest part of your legs. Otherwise, your legs will appear stubby and petite women will look shorter and plus-size women will look heavier

  • Although you are eager to stock your wardrobe with different wraps in trendy styles, begin with the black wrap dress. It goes with anything.

  • Solid colored wrap dresses sans any contrasting colors between the waist and bottom are most suited for women with short-waist.

  • Stock right accessories. Sexy heels, stilettos, dangling earrings, clutch are must-haves.

  • For the workplace, choose a sapphire blue or wrap dress in other official colors, wear nude-classic or black pumps, elegant pair of pearls and carry a classy bag.

  • A little cami underneath can be a nice fix for those that plunge a little low for the workplace.

  • For a simple look, try with leggings or your favorite jeans

  • Floral patterns, checks, diagonal and horizontal shapes are not for all. Choosing the right pattern can accentuate and a wrong pattern can ruin your image.

  • Beat the summer with a fresh white, sleeveless white wrap dress.

Wrap silk dress

If you are looking for a luxurious wrap dress, a silk wrap dress is sure to satisfy your search. Wrap silk dress is made from vintage saris in a wide array of colors and designs, mostly from India. The wrap skirt or wrap dress has two layers and is reversible, which means you have two different colors and patterns in one buy. Wrap silk dress is also referred to as beach skirt as many consider it as a comfortable beach wear. Left to one's imagination, there are limitless ways of wearing wrap silk dress.

  • Choose a style that compliments your figure.

  • Try the dress on before you buy.

  • Look for variations like patchwork wrap silk dress or layered wrap silk dress.

  • Opting to wear tights or leggings with wrap silk dress isn't a bad idea.

  • Try a full body shaper to hide figure flaws, cleavage and panty lines.

  • Check the print and color of both sides to ensure maximum use of versatility.

  • Look for wrap silk dress with embellishments or borders in gold embroidery or little mirrors.

  • Complete the look with right shoes and accessories. Sandals or ballet flats are ideal shoe wear and go for a mild jewelry like a gold chain with a matching pendant

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