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Sheer Camisole

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Sheer Camisole
What started out as woman's innerwear is now popular as a feminine outerwear teamed with jeans or skirt. Look at the options available while shopping for sheer camisoles or camisoles with built-in bra.

Camisole is must-have in a woman's wardrobe. By adding an extra coverage under a sheer blouse, camisoles make you feel sexy and feminine. Camisole as outwear is becoming popular as this provides women with freedom of movement while retaining the look of an exquisite blouse.

The options for camisole are endless as long as you feel comfortable in them. Like many other lingerie items, camisoles are available in rich varieties such as satin, silk and sheer styles. Camisoles became very popular and were seen as a fashionable wear during the eighties especially after Madonna popularized it with her bold style. By 1990s designers made this lingerie more fashionable with models walking down the ramp with creatively stitched slip dresses. Following this, the US mail order companies filled their catalogues with camisoles as outerwear with lacy, silky and sheer versions.

Referred to as camis or chemise, camisoles are sheer slack fitting mostly sleeveless that cover the upper part of your body from the bust down to the waist. Generally, camisoles are used to provide extra weight or to give added covers for tops. However, camisoles are today preferred as a fashionable top or sleepwear or worn under suit jacket.

Straps and Neck

Straps vary for each camisole. While most have spaghetti straps there are also few varieties with wider straps especially designed to cover the straps of the brassieres. Most camisoles come with thin modifiable straps with built-in bras to maintain ample bust support. However, these camisole straps are either adjustable or detachable.

As of the neck, creativity is the limit. With today's trendy wear, camisoles come in a variety of neck patterns from the V-neck to the scoop, from exposed belly to being covered. Also, you can find camisoles coming in a variety of fabric including but not limited to cotton, silk, nylon, satin, Lyra and polyester.

Camisole types and styles

  • Camisoles with no support, which are often preferred for layering purposes.

  • Camisole with a bra-cup that gives bra-like support and can be worn alone or under other pieces.

  • Finally, a body shaper camisole that gives support for the entire top part of the body.

While shopping for camisoles, choose that which matches your need. Ultimately, camisole shopping depends on how you want to wear them. Few camisole styles include

Sheer Camisole: This belongs to the body shaper variety. A sheer camisole can be worn either as inside a blouse or as outwear. It comes in a wide range of color design. In addition, the straps vary from thin to wide to strapless.

Backless Camisole: As the name suggests,these camisoles have the back largely open thus lending a sexier look.

Padded Camisole: This is best suited for shaping purposes.

Wearing camisole

You can be creative in wearing your camisole. However, camis are best when worn in layers.

Do you belong to the category of women, who love to wear camisole tops but shy away from the fear that bras straps might be exposed? Well, camisoles with bra-cups can help you. Alternately, you can try wearing a smooth-cupped or a strapless bra to wade away your fear.

Try these camisole tips to feel comfortable while at work or at home.

While at work: Stick to a simple camisole. Avoid laced or embroidered camisoles. Lacy camisoles work best when work for other occasions.

During Weekends: Camisoles are great for weekends. Pair your embroidered or laced camisole with your favorite jeans and watch the heads turn. Alternately, try wearing a camisole under a blazer or top with a hint of lace peeping out.

Sleepwear: Cotton camisoles are great to sleep in. Pair one with pyjamas or just slip them with panties for a comfortable sleep. However, ensure that your camisoles are not too tight else you will wake up with irritation and red skin.

Camisole buying tips

  • For official or professional purpose, try a silky or synthetic camisole under your blazer. This will add a feminine touch.

  • For more coverage, layer two camisoles together. However, in such case, ensure that both have similar straps, necklines and armholes.

  • Do wear a strapless, smooth-cupped bra for added coverage or look for a cami with a built-in shelf bra for more support.

  • Do not wear a silky or synthetic cami with pyjama type bottoms or skirts.

  • Do not choose skimpy camisole if you are busty. Try laced trims on a free tank top with thick straps.

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