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How to wear a Saree

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How to wear a Saree
Simple tips on how to wear a saree. A step-by-step pictorial guide to draping the sari gracefully.

Yards and yards of exquisite fabric, attractive prints and different textures - Indian sarees continue to hold their own against ever-changing fashions and generations of Indian women. Draping the sari is an art that can take some getting used to. Learn to wear a sari in a manner that is flattering and elegant. Wear it to a party, wear it to work, wear it for any occasion and watch the heads turn as you sashay into a room with a rich Indian saree.

Various regions of India have their own unique style of wearing the sari. The Gujarati style of wearing a saree requires the pallu to be draped artistically in the front rather than over the shoulder. Sarees with eye-catching magnificent pallus are best worn in this style. The Bengali style of wearing a sari has no pleats and the pallu has a bunch of keys that falls over the shoulder.

The Coorgi style of draping a saree involves tying the pleats in the rear and a small portion of the pallu is placed over the shoulder. The Maharashtrian nauvari style of draping a saree involves wearing the nine yards of fabric in a style that is traditional to the region. In Tamil Nadu, certain sections of society wear the nine-yard saree in a wrap around style sans pleats

Wear a sari

1. Tuck the plain end of the saree into the petticoat and continue tucking till you take a complete turn from right to left. Adjust the lower end of the saree to the height required. Ideally wear your footwear so that you drape the sari to the right length.

2. Create pleats with the sari. About 6 - 9 pleats would do with most saris. Here it is essential to see that the pleats are even and fall straight.

3. Tuck the pleats into the waist petticoat, taking care to see that the pleats are turned towards the left.

4. The remaining portion of the saree must be turned once around the body and then draped over the left shoulder.

5. Arrange the pleats on this part of the saree and then pin them up on the left shoulder to prevent the pallu from falling off.

Before draping the saree, ensure that you wear a well-fitting blouse and petticoat. Do not wear a flared petticoat. Getting a fall stitched on the saree bottom ensures a better drape. While some women prefer to wear the top portion of the saree loosely over the shoulder and allow the rest to fall gracefully, others pin up the front pallu in pleats for a neat look. Use a pin to secure the pallu on the blouse to prevent the sari from falling in front.

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