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Summer Wedding Dress

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Summer Wedding Dress
Look up interesting and practical options for summer wedding dresses. From halter necks and bare shoulders to spaghetti straps and light materials, there are plenty of options for summer brides.

Summer brides need to take into consideration the venue and temperatures before finalizing the wedding dress. Yards and yards of lace and mile long trains are not suitable for sweltering temperatures. Casual chic is the new hot favorite and wedding gowns rely more on cut and fabric to evoke a regal beauty.

Summer wedding dress styles

  • Strapless, spaghetti strap - choices abound with short sleeve options. But you need to ensure that the overall weight of the dress does not weigh you down. Plan the type of fabric, skirt and decorations and accessories so that they are appropriate for summer.

  • A ball gown is another option as a wedding dress. The summer weather warrants astute fabric selection, as silks and satins feel very heavy and cling to the skin. Instead a skirt made of synthetic fabrics that are lightweight and made to simulate satin could be an ideal choice.

  • It is best to avoid heavy satins and crepes for summer wear and it is best to choose from natural fabrics that breathe. Polished cotton and cotton eyelet, organdy and voile are the most popular fabrics.

  • Sheath, slip and sundress styles are all quite popular for summer weddings.

Summer wedding dress accessories

Beading and ornate detailing make for an elaborate summer wedding dress; but only if the venue is going to be comfortably airy. A skirt made of light material like organza that flows, with bodice of beading combines ornate style with comfort. Summer wedding dresses come with matching accessories such as wrap and fitted jacket, but these depend on the kind of location that wedding is being celebrated.

A full length veil can look out of place with even a floor length wedding gown if it is casual and lightweight. Picture hats and straw hats can look lovely for garden and beach weddings, especially used with a half-veil. Other head gear options for summer weddings include:

  • A single dramatic white flower could be tucked into the hair that can add a stunning accent and sophisticated sheath style to the dress.

  • A sweetheart neckline can go well with a wreath of baby's breath woven with tiny flowers with perfect finish.

  • If the wedding gown is of cocktail length, then it would be good to choose a finger tip length veil.

Summer wedding dress tips

  • It is essential to remember that while selecting summer wedding dresses, comfort is the key. Never select a wedding dress that can lead to potential discomfort. For instance, if the wedding gown should have additional skirting or hoop, these will add extra weight. These days there are several gowns constructed without additional skirting.

  • Venue of the wedding and photography details are necessary to consider while selecting a wedding dress in summer. The potential of a hot day can make the bride's discomfort level quite visible to the guests. It can also appear in the photographs.

  • During summer wedding she could well bare some skin and show off her stunning tan. In fact many popular summer wedding gowns are designed with bare shoulders. There are beautiful wedding gowns that are strapless and backless. Gowns with skinny spaghetti straps, criss-cross back treatments and halter tops are other choices.

  • Those brides, who choose backless or strapless styles, must choose a bra that offers convenience of convertible straps. There are bra styles with transparent straps so the inevitable slipped strap will not peek where it should not.

  • Yards and yards of lace and mile long trains are all out for summer. Casual chic is the new hot favorite and wedding gowns rely more on cut and fabric to evoke a regal beauty.

  • Summer weddings add a touch of color to the traditional white gown. Hawaiian wedding dresses with spectacular flowers and embroidered eyelet dresses with satin ribbon sashes can immensely brighten up the summer wedding hue.

  • The growing trend for summer wedding dress style is toward short and sweet gowns. From chic sheathes to sweet ruffles, popular summer styles include shorter hemlines and scalloped or tulip styles that show off her legs.

  • For garden weddings, flirty sundress styles should steal the show.

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