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Corsets have made a comeback not merely as waist shapers but also as a fashion statement. Learn how to select and care for corsets.

Corsets are not only about tightly pinched waists and uncomfortable clothing. Modern corsets are built for comfort and fashion, a blend of design and aesthetics as well as comfort. What started out as a personal garment worn by women in early times has now become a fashion statement. Team up corset tops with skirts or wear corset dresses. Select bridal corsets to complement your gown.


Corsets, an essential element of most women's clothing date back to Greek and Minoan times. Talk corsets and what comes to mind are tight Victorian corsets or Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone with the wind' with the 18 inch waist. Corsets were mainly worn to train the waist into an hourglass shape. The waist was reduced to exaggerate the body's curves and provide a feminine silhouette.

This personal garment worn by women was made of cotton or linen and had stiff wooden or ivory busks for support. Corsets, also known as 'stays', were opened in the center of the back and worn over the bust. This garment was worn by women from their younger years in the quest for figure training. Corsets were ill fitting unless they had been made to measure and were regarded as painful clothing in the quest for beauty.

Since then the corset has undergone a metamorphosis and has emerged as a fashion statement. Gone are the times when corsets were uncomfortably tight and painful. Corsets have come to become an intimate and erotic lingerie item. It has also been reinvented to be worn as corset top over skirts and pants Corsets are designed to tuck in the waist and tighten the tummy.

You can pick up functional smooth corsets for a slimming effect or opt for erotic leather and lace creations that are designed to set the senses on fire. The corsets of today are lighter and made of elastic material to hold up stockings as well. A simple corset sans trimmings can be worn under your dress for a trimmer figure.

You can pick a corset off the shelf or have one custom-made. This undergarment is often hooked and laced to attach garters. You can lift up the breasts and tuck in the tummy with the right corset. Correct measurement is the key to a well-fitting corset. Relax and breathe comfortably when measuring for a corset. Measure your ribs, waist and hips.

An off-the-shelf corset cannot give you tight-lacing. It is more likely to chafe and pinch in your flesh. Do not go in for a corset that is too small as it will give you a larger cleavage than you bargained for. Ensure that your stomach does not bulge out from the bottom. The corset must be comfortable and you must be able to lace it tighter if you so desire.

Allow for a week for a new corset to take the strain evenly and adjust to your body shape. A Lyra tube top worn under the corset can provide comfort from any irritation and discomfort. Good care must be taken of the corsets. Wearing them next to the skin can cause irritation on account of trapped moisture.

Alternate between two corsets so that the other one is given time to wear well again. Linen corsets are functional and breathe well and were a popular option for corsets in early times. Silk, satin and leather corsets are more expensive. Clean leather corsets by a leather specialist. Do not roll corsets when you take them off but instead let them hand over a chair.

Corset Dress

Corsets have made a huge comeback as a fashionable garment. Corset dresses and corset tops are not corsets in the real sense of the term. They are worn out as a fashion statement. Corsets can be worn over a dress as a bodice or teamed with a formal skirt for a curvy look. Corset dresses will whittle down the waist and lift your breasts.

You can pick up a dress that has a built-in corset - this works well with slender and full figures. Corset tops are available in denim, brocade, embroidered lace, chambray, leather and vinyl. Loose and flowing gowns are held together by a Raphaelite-like corsets embellished with fur or jewels. Sheer and silky corsets are very alluring and are worn as tops or lingerie.

Plus Size Corset

Plus size corsets can help larger women camouflage a thickening waistline and sagging bustline. A well designed plus size corset can support a full figure. Choose a tight lacing fit or a fashionable fit - one that you are most comfortable in. A well-fitting corset in the right shade can work wonders on a plus sized figure. Plus size corsets are available in different sizes from 34 inches up. It is recommended to choose a corset 2 -6 inches under the actual waist measurement.

Bridal Corset

Brides can pick up corsets that offset their wedding dress to best effect. A corset can help you achieve the dream waist that sets off a traditional wedding dress. Bridal corsets come trimmed with beautiful lace patterns and shades of white, ivory, baby pink and pastel blue. Choose the bridal corset depending on the cut of the gown, low cut or wide necked.

A bride with a more generous bust can play it down with a right under-bust corset. A bride can also go in for exotic lingerie corsets that come in a wide range of styles, from simply sexy to extremely erotic. You can pick up exotic bridal corsets with Asian brocade work or lacy patterning and trimmings. Lingerie corsets come in vivid shades of red, turquoise, cranberry, black and pink.

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