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Women's Tunic Dress

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Women's Tunic Dress
In early times, tunics were worn by men. But today women's tunic dresses are a trendy fashion statement, be it as mini tunic dresses or tunic dress tops.

Unbelievable but true - tunics were initially worn by men and not women. Tunics were worn by the men of the Roman civilization. A great wardrobe addition for any fashionable lady, tunic is a simple pullover garment. Branded as easy-to-wear, versatile, figure-flattering attire, tunic has remained in fashion for a very long time and remains a preference among women.

Tunic dresses

A tunic is a loose-fitting garment with long or short sleeves. The length of the garment extends until the knees or up to the middle of the thighs. Tunics have an opening for the head and are easy to wear. They are comfortable as well as stylish. Tunic is derived from the Latin word tunica meaning earlier Greek garment.

Tunic is one of the most comfortable attires a woman can adorn. Tunics are available in varying lengths and styles like beautiful frills, smock tunics, etc. The length of the tunic can extend until the hips or between the hips and ankles. Tall or short, tunics suit tall and short women alike.

Tunics can be worn over slim boot cuts, clam diggers, leggings, straight legs or skinnies. The right style of tunic helps cover up flabby thighs and tummies. Tunics are available in a broad range of styles, prints, cuts and lengths and can complement almost every figure.

Women's tunic dress

Tunics are termed as summer and spring wear but can be used in winters too. Soft knit tunics can be worn in cool weather. Knitted tunics are also known as sweater dresses. Long ladies tunics can be worn during winters along with gum boots. They help in keeping the body warm.

A-line knitted tunics are favorites and an instant hit with women. They can be worn over a pair of jeans, thick pair of leggings, etc. They also go well with trenches and coats; knee length or longer. Knit tunics are a perfect replacement for the traditional pullovers.

A plain black tunic and an embroidered white tunic dress is a must have in any woman's wardrobe. Apart from these, large floral prints, tribal prints, and nature prints are the ones that remain popular preferences with women. A little embroidery enhances the look and beauty of the tunic.

Women's tunics' fabric

  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Georgette
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Wool

Women's tunic styles

  • Tunic types are usually based on the length of the tunic and the length of the sleeve.

  • Tunics have various neckline styles like scoop, vee, square, etc.

  • The lower part of the tunic can either be straight or flared.

  • There are short length, mid length and long length tunics that can be worn over jeans and skirts.

  • A belt can be used when the tunic is worn over a tight knee length Capri or full length leggings.

  • Few tunics have drapes on one or many sides.

  • Prints include bold prints; animal inspires prints, floral prints, polka dots, etc.

  • Embroidery, plain, bordered, sequins, etc are also available.

Selecting tunic dresses

Generally tunics go unnoticed while on hanger as they look simple and flimsy. But pick up a flattering style and team it with the right accessories and you have a winner in your tunic dress.

Perfect length: Short people should settle in for short tunics. The tunic length should reach somewhere between mid-thigh and a few inches above the knee. Shorter or longer length than this will not offer the lean long look that shorter girls prefer.

Perfect contour: Pear-shaped and apple-shaped women should choose structured A-line contours. Hourglasses and inverted triangle women should choose straighter styles.

Pattern and color: The color and the design pattern on the tunic should be selected keeping in mind the wearer's structure, height, coloring, lifestyle etc.

  • Tunic dresses can be layered, or worn otherwise.
  • Accessories such as belts and scarves can be worn with tunics.
  • Tunics can be worn over jeans, shorts, skirts or by themselves.
  • Tunics can be used as casual wear or formal wear

Dos and don'ts of tunics

  • Lightweight tunics made from silk fabric feel soft and look good on most body types.

  • Do not wear tunics with baggy pants; wear them with slim fitted downs.

  • Thin women should fasten tunics at the waist so as to define their body shape.

  • Conceal large hips with a dark color and long cut tunic top.

  • Sagging arms can be covered with tunics that have loose or balloon sleeves extending up to the elbow.

  • Large frame women should avoid light colors and large patterns.

Tunic dress top

Tunic dress tops are trendy and popular fashion apparel. Particularly during summer, these tops are the perfect clothing for women as they are stretchy, airy and comfortable. Tunic tops are pullovers that can be extended just beyond the waistline, though there are a few tops that are longer than this standard length. Tunic tops are made from fabrics like cotton, denim, silk, etc.

  • Tunic tops should extend just beyond the waistline.

  • Women with a curvy figure should avoid empire-waist style tops.

  • Tunics are available in a variety of material like satin, silk, cotton, etc. Material can be chosen according to the wearer's convenience.

  • Long tunic tops can be worn with slim fitting jeans or pants. These tops should not be worn with skirts.

  • Bright earnings and bracelets can be worn along with tunic tops.

Mini tunic dress

Ultra short length mini tunic dresses can look great for a party night. Mini tunic dresses are also perfect summer wear. A knee high boot or a scrapped flat sandal can be worn along with mini tunics.

  • Pick body hugging tunics

  • Necklines and sleeves should suit the wearer

  • Skinny women should choose short tunic dresses, ending above the hips.

  • Big built women who have a round hip, thigh, waist or bottom area should avoid wearing a short tunic dress

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