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Halter Dresses

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Halter Dresses
Check why the timeless classic halter dress is suitable for all body types including the plus size. Prom, cocktail party, wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, evening dress, party dress - there is a halter dress for every occasion.

Rewind to the 1950s. A scene in the Hollywood movie, The Seven Year Itch shows Marilyn Monroe standing with her co-star; while the air from a subway grating blows her white colored dress up - the halter dress Marilyn Monroe loved them. Even today it is popular - the timeless classic halter dress. Decades later, the halter dress hasn't lost its class and elegance.

It is a favorite with young girls as well as women across age groups. Halter cocktail dresses, halter evening dresses, and halter party dresses are not just for celebrities and Hollywood Divas. There is a halter dress to suit every body type. A lot depends on choosing the right style.

Halter cocktail dress

The word 'Halter' refers to the design of the upper part of the dress signifying the flattering cut, which typically bares the shoulders and may occasionally dip low enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. Halter dress is typically a woman's top that fastens behind the back and neck leaving the back and arms uncovered. It can be a halter-top dress or a one-piece halter dress. Halter dresses can be made of satin, taffeta, chiffon, organza, tulle or even khadhi.

Fashion gurus, experts and designers may favor halter dresses for those with large chests. But when women with body shapes such as apple, pear, hourglass and tube wear halter dresses, we do pause and appreciate. Halter dresses do look good on a wide range of body types. An important point for consideration is that halter dresses highlight the face, neck, shoulders and the bosom. That is why measuring the bust size for a halter dress is essential for proper fit. And, diligent selection can bring about satisfactory results.

  • Halter dresses look great on petite women who are eager to create a taller illusion.

  • For those with ample bosom, halter dress with substantial straps contributes to emphasize and work wonders. The style flatters the bust and provides a chic and elegant look.

  • Those with small busts benefit by wearing halter dress with a low neckline, which expose some cleavage.

  • Those with heavy hips and heavy legs can confidently wear halter dresses as they take unwanted attention from the areas.

  • Choose an 'A-line' halter dress to achieve a more curvacious look.

  • High neck halter dresses look good on those with long necks.

  • Short length halter dress gives a chic look, while a maxi-halter dress will give a classy look for summer evenings.

  • Halter dresses are better worn long as they make the person look taller and slender.

Be it the prom night, a cocktail party, a bridesmaid dress, brides dress, party dress or an evening dress, the sexy and stylish looks of a halter dress guarantees a head turning look. Not merely an occasion specific dress, halter dresses are women's favorite summer dress. It allows for a lot of air movement with the back and arms uncovered, looks stylish and offers a great variety of complimentary features.

It is a cool feel and cool look during the hot summer months wearing the knot-front halter, tie-behind-the neck halter dresses in different strap sizes right from spaghetti-width to wide and soft straps. The summer special long or short halter dresses can look more formal with the right accessories and simple jewelry.

Halter dress - a perfect dress for many occasions

Versatility is the key factor of a halter dress. A wide range of hues, colors and fabrics apart, halter dresses can be worn in different styles short mini styles, the long maxi outfits and made occasion appropriate dress. For instance, halter dresses come in varied patterns like white lace halter, A-line, padded halter, Eyelet Weave Halter dress, summer halter neckline; thin spaghetti straps halter dresses, high waistline, deep neckline halter, faux wrap style, cowl neckline halter, string halter dress, back zip-and hook, behind-the neck tie closure etc. With regard to the length of the halter dress, it can be decided according to the occasion.

Halter prom dress: Prom is an important time for any teenage girl. Shopping for that perfect prom dress is an exciting time that teenage girls look forward to. Even before shopping check out styles, which will work best for your body type. Do remember that your arms and back will be on full display. It helps to use a shimmery lotion. Before buying, try it on and see if you are comfortable. Check if it reflects your personality.

Halter prom dress 2010 is the metallic halter prom dress, which flatters the body, accentuates your silhouette and extends an adulation filled evening. Choose convertible bras when wearing halter-top dresses. Instead of going for the usual pink and fuchsia colors, try out colors that heighten your complexion. Determine accessories, jewelry considering the plunging necklines. Ponytails or having little curls fall on the face, letting long and loose hair down usually looks stunning with a halter dress. You are now ready to experience the pure pleasure of walking into a room and capturing every eye.

Halter bridesmaid dress: Instead of letting your bridesmaid choose a dress, decide to buy her a halter bridesmaid dress. The main advantage being that it is perfect for all types of body shapes and sizes. Just take into account whether your bridesmaid is a slim and slender girl or a bit more on the plump side.

Bridesmaid halter dresses come in almost any style with halter straps and bare-backs. Stretch halter dress with fully adjustable halter straps, pleated halter dress in varied colors with sexy halter straps, sequin halter dress embellished with sequins, striped halter dress with abstract patterns on the dress, there are great variety available.

Halter wedding dress: The day is nearing for you to stroll down the aisle in a wedding dress while hundreds of friends and family members gaze. You must be eager to find the dress of your dreams. It should be comfortable, stunning, and classic and should make you look absolutely gorgeous. To help plan for shopping for the perfect halter wedding dress, scout through magazines and Web sites to determine what styles are best for your body type. Young brides desiring to have a fun and youthful look can choose a gorgeous halter top wedding dress that stands out.

A stunning white or ivory halter wedding dress is the best choice of brides who are romantic and who are particular about the dress focusing on feminine beauty. Halter tea length wedding dress, the halter mermaid wedding dress, halter beach wedding dress made of satin, silk, chiffon or lace, satin with chiffon overlay etc., with sash, embroidered promise an alluring look.

The most favored halter wedding dress colors are white, ivory, and silver, pink, champagne. Pick up jewelry that goes with the dress. The jewelry should compliment the dress with a glamorous touch.

Halter plus size dress: Plus size halter-top dresses come in an array of styles. Sophisticated or the daring types, there are some women who hesitate to add a halter dress to their trendy wardrobe. The reason is the fear of showing off some amount of fat around the top of the halter or showing off arms that are less perfectly toned. It doesn't have to be that way.

For, there are many plus sized women who look stunning in a halter dress. The style matters though. The styles ought to accentuate. The waistline and hemline are important points for consideration. An added advantage of this style of dress is it draws unwanted attention away from hips or legs. Go in for halter dresses in plus sizes of solid darker shades.

Halter evening dress: When it comes to fabric, halter evening dresses are generally made of more luxurious, softer materials like silk, satin and chiffon, which adds a delicate touch and comfort level to the dresses. Halter evening dress 2010 trend remains floor length dresses that can be worn for an evening outing or one that can be jazzed up for a really rocking night out.

Match it up with long earrings or danglers that are perfect match for almost all halter dresses. Flip-flops, heels, or sandals will look remarkably graceful with halter evening halter dresses. Halter evening dress is perfect dress for prom or pageant or any occasion.

Tips to wear halter dresses

  • Keep in mind that halter neck dresses focus on the upper half of your body, including, shoulder, bust and face.

  • Give importance to the perfect fit. Pick one that hugs your body in all the right places, with straps that fits snugly from your armpits to the shoulder and neck area.

  • Choose colors that flatter your skin tone.

  • Know different halter dress styles. Choose a style that best suits your body type.

  • Halter-top dresses look fantastic even with necklace. Skip the necklace and opt for earrings when wearing a halter dress.

  • A bracelet that matches your earrings would also look nice.

  • Choose appropriate bra and ensure it doesn't show.

  • For added warmth during cool temperatures, use a shawl, pashmina, a sweater or a jacket that compliments the dress.

  • Add appropriate accessories like a bright handbag and shoes look good with dark, solid halter dresses.

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