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Ruffle Dress

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Ruffle Dress
Keep your accessories to a minimum while wearing a ruffles dress. Let the ruffles steal the show!

Your dress plays a significant role in adding charm and style to your personality. If you are looking for an effortless style and add luster to your appearance stock your wardrobe with the classic ruffle dress. Peppy yet feminine, that's the way ruffles work.

Ruffle dress

Ruffles are made by pulling up a strip of long fabric into pleats or frills lending the dress a free flowing movement. They sit pretty on hem lines, straps, bodices or any part of the dress you wish. Ruffle dresses are best suited for hot summer evenings as they are light and breezy. If you cannot let go of them during winters, pair them with some warm clothing.

Ruffle dress can be worn on both casual and formal occasions; it all depends on how you style the whole look. If you are wearing a ruffled top, pair it with a neatly tailored pencil skirt or over coat to achieve a formal look. Ruffle dresses are available in different designs and styles like ruffled wrap dress, tiered ruffle dress and single layered ruffle dress.

Chiffon ruffle dress

Ruffle dresses come in varied fabrics with different finishes such as cotton, knitted, organza, chiffon and silk. But if you want to look dressy, there is nothing quite like a chiffon ruffle dress or silk ruffle dress. Chiffon dress has been a favorite pick for its lightweight feel and comfort.

Chiffon ruffle dress can be made with pure silk chiffon or polyester version of chiffon. Silk ruffle dress drapes well. Of course silk ruffle dresses are heavy on your pocket and need extra care and maintenance. Ruffle dress made of polyester version of chiffon are cool, chic and perfect for a trendy getaway. They are quite affordable and easier to care for.

How to wear a ruffle dress?

  • Ruffles play with your size and shape. They add volume and fullness to the part where they are added. Hence it is extremely important to understand your body type before picking up a ruffle dress. Ruffle top is a good choice if you are small busted as it adds fullness. But avoid the ruffle top if you are heavy busted. If you still prefer to wear ruffle blouse, place the ruffles vertically on a straight line dividing your top into two halves. This style provides narrow and leaner look.

  • Same goes with ruffled bottom too. If you are heavily built at the bottom, ruffle skirt will only make you appear more bulky. But those with narrow hips and long legs can choose a skirt with many frills. Heavily ruffled bottom goes well with simple top.

  • Ruffles surely add a dash of drama, but when overdone, you may end up looking over the top. Ruffled top or bottom, streamline the other half by wearing straight cut and well fitted clothes. When you choose a dress that has ruffles all over, stick to knee length rather than the full length.

  • While wearing a ruffle dress, keep your accessories to minimum. Let the ruffles steal the show.

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