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Halloween Costume

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Halloween Costume
Revel in the Halloween spirit with the right Halloween costume. Check out adult Halloween costumes and Halloween costume ideas for kids and couples.

After you have finished with decorating your house, it is time for you to get in to your Halloween costume. Vampires, zombies, witches, Dracula, the Mummy, and Frankenstein are popular Halloween costume ideas for adults and children alike. With Halloween parties at office or the club, adult Halloween costumes are also hugely popular. Pick up ideas for Halloween couple costumes. Sexy, spooky and even downright silly costumes can be worn on Halloween. Be it scary Halloween costumes or cheap Halloween costumes, read on to find interesting tips and tricks!

Adult Halloween costume

You can dress up as anything and be accepted at a Halloween party. You can even create a personal version of your favorite character, something out of the regular. A huge variety of costumes is available for men, women, teenagers, kids, toddlers and even dogs and cats! It's that time of the year when people can let loose some of their restrained dressing and get spooky, wild, sexy or even downright wicked.

Some of the most common costumes for women include the sexy witch, bride of Frankenstein, Gothic queen, pirate wench, fallen angel and of course the famous Elvira costume. Playboy bunny, sexy gun slinger and little red riding hoods are a few other costumes which you can try out. You can try a sexy nurse costume for Halloween - a surefire way to get the heads to turn your way!

Elvira, the mistress of the Dark costume includes a form fitting black gown with a plunging neckline and a belt with a dagger. There is a long slit on one side of the dress for that sexy look. You can teen this up with a sheer black hose and a pair of black high heeled shoes. Wear bee hive styled wig, paint your nails black, your lips blood red and get set to rock the town with your devil may care attitude.

The Evil Jester, The Phantom of Venice, Tombstone Cowboy, Lord of Darkness, Sorcerer, Dracula, Hellboy, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Beetlejuice, Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington, Pimp Daddy, scary skeleton and the Mummy are some of the hot Halloween costumes for men.

Scary kid Halloween costume

Kids and toddlers look very fetching when dressed up in Care bear costumes, French mermaid costumes, Baby Eeyore costume and other Disney characters. But care should be taken that kids and young children's costumes should be fire proof and eye holes should be large enough to offer clear vision. Swords, knives and other accessories should be made of soft material to prevent any accidents.

Most boys prefer to dress up as comic book heroes like spider man, superman, power rangers, Mr. Incredible batman as well as firefighters, commandos or cowboys. Animal costumes like dragon, dinosaur, bear and spider are also great Halloween costume options. Girls look very pretty dressed up as angel, princess, Barbie princess, Cinderella, fairy, doll girl, cat girls and bat girls.

Pirates, cowboys, witches and wizards are popular child Halloween costume options. These have been traditionally characters that children can relate to. Pick these cheap Halloween costumes or even consider renting them out.

Halloween couple costume

If you want to make a startling couple at a Halloween party, go in for timeless classics like Flinstones or Beauty and Beast. Other options for couple Halloween costumes are Batman and Catwoman, Cinderella and Prince Charming and Tarzan and Jane. Caveman and cavewoman costumes for Halloween can be made with animal print fabrics. Cut the skirt in a jagged hem. The guy can carry a club and both can go in scrapped sandals or even barefoot. Another option for couple Halloween costumes is to go for the Arab Sheik and Harem girl look. Be it Bonnie and Clyde or Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty, you can be sure to have loads of fun!

Wear these Halloween costumes to a masquerade ball, theme night or a neighborhood Halloween party....and spook the others away!

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