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Sequin Dresses

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Sequin Dresses
Be at the cutting edge of trends. Usher in sequin dresses. Look elegant, sexy, adventurous and beautiful in stretch sequin dress, sequin halter dress, sequin chiffon dress.

If you are looking out for a dress that can be worn for any event, choose a sequin dress. Designers love sequins; celebrities too are sparkling in sequins this season. Here is an article about picking up a great sequin dress.

Find how to wear a sequin dress during the day or nighttime, and the accent points, the hair-do, the accessories and the make-up that is appropriate when wearing a stretch sequin dress, sequin halter dress or a sequin chiffon dress. Look elegant, sexy, adventurous and beautiful. Feel great in a dress that is incredibly stylish and trendy - the sparkling sequin dress, be it for the dance floor or the red carpet.

Sequin chiffon dress

Tacky sequins, brassy sequins and there are flimsy sequins too. Sequin dresses come in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and textures. The greatest feature of this dress is that most of these variations suit all body types and skin colors. Sequin dresses can be worn at any event. You have a wide range of colors to choose from and different styles too. It can be a conservative full-length gown or a short cocktail dress most often with open backs.

Sequins are set for a re-birth, unlike the 80's when sequins used to be about dressing up, parties, and clubs. However, the reincarnation is about dressing down. They aren't anymore reserved for the nightlife alone. Sequin dresses are increasingly popular as daytime wear.

Blue is the color of choice for 2010. Wearing sequin dresses tastefully, and in moderation, is of course the key word. And, remember to keep everything else simple. Really simple. Because less is always more when it comes to sequins. Let the sequins be the star of the ensemble.

  • Go as much for subtly toned sequins. Reserve bright ones for Christmas.

  • Stick to lighter colors or the shorter designs in the summer months. Go for deep blues and navy in the cooler winter months.

  • You can wear sequin dresses in many different ways, sexy heels, black opaque tights, with a clinched belt and ribbon belts.

  • Try sequins with jeans or a crushed gold sequin jacket over fitted black pants.

  • Pair it with worn denim and a cardigan (long is in). Balance with a round toe platform and a structured handbag or a clutch purse.

  • Even jeans and an oversized cardigan qualify for hot looks.

  • To get it classy, pair with a skirt or pants for a dinner party.

  • Get a pair of opaque tights, pull your booties with a sequin dress, an anytime and anywhere wear.

  • If you have great legs try this. Pick a sequin legging, pair with a long, solid color cotton tunic, basic shoes, and minimal accessories.

  • Warm up with a sequin blazer. Layer sequin blazer/cardigan over a cotton cami and match it with skinny jeans. No need for any additions.

  • The sequins trend for summer parties is pretty simple. It involves a basic white tan and heels with straps.

  • Fall or winter, keen to imitate celebrities? Put together sequined shorts and skirts under black leggings and with fitted blazers and leather jackets on top.

  • If you are longing to look hot, try a simple nude sequin shrug over jeans and a slim-fit T-shirt or vest.

  • Select sequin dress for a summer garden party. A gold sequin dress or a navy looks great with gold. Match with subtle metallic shades of bronze or antique gold items.

  • Blue sequin dress is sophisticated and unique prom dress unlike white or black. Match with blue color series of jewelry like blue bib necklace and blue sequin earring, blue high heels and a beautiful blue clutch.

  • Another tip for those who love prom looks. Choose a strapless glitter sequin dress and portray a modern take on an old theme.

  • Got a silver sequin pencil skirt, pair it with silk ruffle top and a sequined jacket.

  • Master the art of incorporating sequins at work. Choose a neutral color like grays browns and tans along with a sequin neutral pump or a neutral flowing top and a black pencil skirt. Try an accessory like a belt.

  • If a little black dress is your choice for the 'Office Christmas Party Dress' then go for sequin versions.

  • Yet another way is to wear a sequin top with a pair of ripped jeans or some khaki shorts.

  • If you have a standout gold number and wish to tone it down, then pick up a men swear-inspired tux jacket. Wear it over the shimmery dress, a studded clutch and zippered sandals.

  • To attend a theme party of the twenties, a silver glittery sequin dress would be perfect.

  • Chiffon sequin dresses are ideal for evening and formal wear, since they drape well.

  • If on the look out for a trendy graduation dress, party dress, homecoming dress, pick a strapless or with strap chiffon sequin dress. Complete the look with a sequined bag.

  • Another choice would be a light colored sleeveless chiffon dress with spaghetti straps with scattered sequin embellishment.

  • For the party season, a must-have sequin chiffon dress is one which features a sequin neck and waistband in eye-catching vibrant colors.

  • Halter dresses sprinkled with tiny sequins are appropriate for homecoming or prom.

  • Striped sequins are the perfect way to add a bit of flash to your outfit.

  • If you are looking for an absolutely comfortable sequin dress that promises a chic and sexy look, pick a stretch sequin dress.

  • Looking for a dress for an evening wedding? Choose a full shimmery skirt with a sequin stretch top and color-coordinated satin wrap.

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