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Dressy Tops for Women

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Dressy Tops for Women
For a not-so-formal occasion, pair up a dressy top with your favorite jeans or skirt. Be it sweater tops, lace tops or one shoulder tops, choose them in keeping with your body shape and accessorize them well!

Not all occasions warrant formal attire such as a gown or a cocktail dress. There are times when you could don a favorite pair of jeans with a dressy top. Along with other casual and formal tops, dressy tops are a must have in your wardrobe.

Wearing dressy tops

A dressy top is just like the casual tops with respect to length and design, except that the fabric used in a dressy top is classier and more expensive. Fabrics are important in a dressy top. They are typically light and flowing. Common fabrics used for dressy tops are rayon, silk, chiffon, taffeta, velvet and satin. With sequins and other embellishment, simple tops can be made dressy. You can play around with unique patterns, lace and bling if you so desire!

Dressy tops are ideal for not too formal occasions that are not corporate or business meets. They are more apt for evening events. They could, however, be worn for afternoon events with sober patterns and decent necklines.

Dressy tops are perfect for a hot date in the evening or night out with a partner. Low cut dressy tops in attractive colors can be the best bet. Dressy tops can be worn for shopping sprees with friends. For social occasions, when the dress code says casual attire, dressy tops can be worn for weddings, baby showers, churches and evening parties.

The season plays a major role while choosing a dressy top - a sleeveless sequined top may work well on a summer evening but it will not look so stunning if you are shivering in the Fall. On cold evenings, pair up a dressy top with a sweater, shawl or wrap.

Choosing dressy top

A dressy top can be teamed with a pair of designer jeans. The jeans can be simple with no embroidery sequins to match the heavily embellished top.

Pleating cinched and tied waists and sheer layered looks are common patterns in dressy tops. They should be exquisitely cut with well defined neck lines. Optionally, a dressy top can be teamed with dress pants and skirts, long or short according to the style of the dressy top. The length of the top can be chosen according to body shape.

For instance, if your body is pear shaped, dressy tops with wide necklines, such as square or bateau styles work well. Avoid embellishments at hips as this would unnecessarily draw attention to a heavier bottom. Volume on the upper portion of the body works well for pear shapes. Embellishments, ruffles, bustier styles and added details help create balance on the upper part of the body.

For the apple shaped woman, choose fancy blouses that skim the body and end at the hips. V neck blouses suit well, but avoid cuts that are overly low since if you are large busted. Apple shapes should avoid blouses with embellishment at the waist to avoid drawing attention to the larger part of the frame.

Plus sized dressy tops

Classic dressy tops in numerous designs, fabrics and patterns are available in designer stores for plus sized women too. Shopping malls also stock dressy tops that are fashionable and elegant with latest fashion trends at a simpler price tag. Dressy tops can make you appear elegant and chic. But the tops need to be chosen wisely to make sure that you do not look overpowering for the occasion.

An additional belt or a cute shrug can enhance plus sized top. A plus sized black top can help you disguise any problem areas that you may be conscious of. Black tops are very versatile and can be worn with accessories for either dressy or casual settings.

Designer dressy tops

There are plenty of designer stores that stock dressy tops for special occasions. These cost extra at high profile shops. You can go in for a cool designer dressy top by Philippe Penn or RoccoBarocco or an elegant Armani or an impressive Versace or CUSTO Barcelona. You can choose from a silken party tunic in glamorous pink with elegant strap detailing, crunching at the bust and a keyhole back in soft stretchy and silky fabric. Alternatively go in for a cute flowing baby blue halter top with floral detailing, with a tie around the back and a smock front under the bust.

Dressy top accessories

An ordinary top is transformed into a dressy one by details like sequins, rhinestones, pearled or jeweled buttons, embellished necklines, ruffles, beading, embroidery or ties and ribbons. Chiffon neck embellishments, ties at the neck and ruffles at the bottom and a bow on a strapless top add to the overall effect. These dressy tops with jewels could be worn over jeans or leggings in multiple ways. For instance, it can double up as tube top and also as a skirt. Satin fabric with pearli-finish buttons can make a simple top dressier.

A colorful camisole can be worn under a women's evening jacket, and a simple black cocktail dress can be cinched in the waist with an inexpensive belt - these interesting accessories, though inexpensive, can make the designer costume much more interesting. And formal footwear in dark and classic colors makes you appear sophisticated when worn with dressy tops.

Dressy top styles

Plaid tops are casual and stylish at once. They come in different styles - button down or tunic. A one shoulder top is popular because it is trendy and incredibly stylish. The top can be paired with pants to look feminine and sexy for a date. Strapless tops are very dressy and can be teamed with many accessories.

Dressy tops for juniors

Cute halters and tube tops for juniors, play wear and pigskins are available aplenty. A simple bodice dressy top can flow minimally into a detailed skirt or a black dress or a richly pleated skirt. You could probably use brooches to provide the sparkling accents. Taffeta fabric and a sweetheart neckline can make junior feel like a princess.

Halter tops

Materials used with halter tops are often stretchy and they allow freedom of movement. Knits are the most common choice made from natural fiber like cotton. Woven cotton halter tops are designed for more formal occasions and synthetic fibers can also be used to create the desired look. Crochet and lace halter tops are worn by the more daring.

Lace tops

Sheer lace is feminine and chic at once. Lace is a fabric that works well for all seasons, be it cold or warm. This versatile fabric can be used for styled tops. You can have a springy lace top paired with a modern leather motorcycle jacket to toughen the look. From chic lace leggings to lace tops to skirts and dresses, lace is the latest fashion trend.

Probably the best way to wear a sheer lace top is with a delicate camisole. You can choose a darker to lighter camisole in the same shade as the top to create a more dramatic and contrasting effect.

Sweater and peasant tops

Sweater tops are preferred by prominent style icons as well as the fashion conscious. Peasant tops with breezy and romantic accessories are one of the best ways to keep cool. These large and floating tops flatter body shapes regardless of the size of the waist. These tops can be worn for casual outings as well as semi formal events if designed from glamorous fabrics.

It would be good to wear an additional clothing item that is tighter with peasant tops. A skinny pair of jeans or short pants can be the best option to dress up the look. A cute clutch or handbag as well as sunglasses and jewelry can be paired with these printed and designed tops. A mono colored, pastel toned bags and shoes will embellish and complement the attire very well.

Dressy tops with leggings

Leggings go well with versatile and chic tops. A good sweater can team up well with leggings as well. Jersey dress top is another suitable alternative. Nowadays, animal, digital and printed styles are available for dressy and casual tops.

Dressy tops for weddings

Dressy tops suit special occasions like wedding events. Wedding tops are detailed in such a manner that they cannot be worn over a pair of jeans. Opt for wedding tops with moderate scoop of the neckline that is discreet and elegant. The season when the wedding takes place will determine the style of the dressy top for the wedding event. On a summer evening a sleeveless sequin embellished dressy top might work very well. For a fall wedding celebration an elegant shawl or jacket may become essential to cover bare arms.

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