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Women's Leather Apparel

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Women's Leather Apparel
Fascinated by the leather apparel in stores? Planning to invest in one? Read up our guide on leather apparel and tips on storing it right.

Leather is a sensual and long-lasting natural material. It has been a favorite with garment manufacturers and fashion aficionados alike. Leather apparel is known for its rugged and versatile nature and continues to scorch fashion ramps with alluring styles and designs. Leather garments need to be carefully stored and cleaned. Find out how to care for your leather.

Leather apparel

Traditionally, leather making can be traced back to twelfth century England, which saw the birth of the first tanners guild. After application of a protective treatment, the hide was sent to a tannery. The hide was then subjected to chemical process so as to make it soft and pliable. Changes such as color and texture and finish can be done at this stage. Finally, the leather apparel is created out of this. The way the leather apparel feels to the touch is known as its 'hand'. A garment or apparel with a softer hand is generally costlier. The raw material used to create the leather apparel plays a major role in determining its quality. Each hide has its own genetics and environmental conditions that affect its quality. Inexpensive leather garments are usually made of cowhide, which is thick and heavier in weight. Younger animal hide is smoother and delicate.

Facts about leather

  • Leather stretches and moulds to provide a good fit and yet retains sufficient shape to provide support.

  • Leather is a breathable and natural material that is wind-resistant.

  • Leather is durable and comfortable.

  • It can be worn the year round, be it in sunny California or wintry Chicago.

  • Leather does not wrinkle easily and makes for good day long wear.

Leather apparel buying

Choose a leather garment that suits your lifestyle. Pay attention to its lining and style. Look for details such as water-repellant treatment and trimmings. Listed below are some treatments given to leather:

Suede : This is created by buffing the underside of a hide in order to acquire velvet like texture.

Shearling: This is a natural lamb pelt that is usually in suede texture.

Patent: This leather finish is highly lustrous and has a baked-enamel appearance.

Embossed: This is characterized by reptile prints usually heat-pressed on to the surface.

Leather has always been a fashion favorite. Celebrities, film stars and pop music artistes opt for leather fashion - be it leather skirts and halter-tops, jackets, pants or even leather lingerie. Fall leather and suede offer different look to the garments. When coated with Teflon, these garments become water resistant.

You can choose leather garments from unusual colors such as pale pink and classic red to warm cognacs and russets. Whether it's for the stylist corporate banker or the motorcycle biker, leather adapts itself. Choose leather garments with care, as they will last you a long time.

Leather apparel care

Leather apparel must be carefully handled and stored so as to preserve it for a long time. Leather garments must be hung on hangers so that their shape is maintained. Enclosing them in plastic cases will cause them to become dry. Leather apparel must not be kept under direct sunlight.

Spraying perfume or hair spray on leather apparel can be damaging. Damp leather garments must be allowed to dry naturally. A conditioner can be used to restore flexibility. While cleaning leather articles, it is advisable to choose a cleaner that allows the natural lubricating oils to be retained. Besides, it should not leave behind any greasy residue.

Any residue can attract bacteria that can attack your leather article. Leather conditioners can be occasionally used to lubricate the fabric and replenish the suppleness. Use of moisture barriers can protect the leather from rain or other liquids. Leather apparel is an investment that needs to be taken adequate care of. Each piece of leather article is unique and natural, with its own textures and imperfections. Proper care can go a long way in preserving the natural beauty of your leather garment.

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