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Silk Scarf

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Silk Scarf
A silk scarf or cashmere scarf makes for an ideal gift for a special woman. This versatile fashion accessory can be donned round the neck, along the hips or as a bandana.

A scarf is a versatile fashion accessory - tie a cashmere scarf round your neck to keep out the chill, add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with a silk scarf or use a bright crochet scarf for a touch of color. Wear it round your neck or fasten it round your girdle. Scarves have been in vogue for decades. A Hermes scarf is a must-have on the wish list of those seeking designer brands.


Scarves can don many an avatar. While you can add the timeless look of sophistication to your attire with a silk scarf, a Burberry wool scarf can keep you warm on a cold and dreary day. Choose from a multitude of brightly colored scarves. They are available in bold animal prints, tie and dye patterns, delicate florals, paisleys, embroidered and more! Scarves come in different sizes and shapes.

You can pick a scarf that is square, rectangular or even triangular. Scarves come in a range of fabrics, from silk and cashmere to georgette, pashmina or velvet. Look for soft wool scarves to cozy up on a cold winter evening.

You can go in for long scarves with fringed ends. With this versatile piece of apparel, all you need is your imagination. Tie a gaily-colored silk scarf to hide bad hair. This works well for summer and lends a different look.

Sport a scarf as a bandana. Use a scarf as a sarong or even as a veil. In fact you can create a totally new look with a bright scarf. Coordinate it with different colored outfits. In fact a simple silk scarf can brighten a tee shirt or sweater. You can tie the scarf in many ways too.

For a formal look, you can go for a Rose Knot or classic twist. Get flirtatious with a scarf round your waist. Pin it up with a stylish brooch. Some designer scarves come ready to wear; pre-pleated and pre-knotted. For the designer conscious women, here is a new scarf from Hermes - the scented one. You can pick up a Hermes scarf made with a fabric that is designed to leave a scent on the skin. Hermes scarves have graced Hollywood divas, celebrities and designer label-struck women.

Silk scarf

Pick up a silk scarf with elegant dyed prints. It is a fashion accessory that will lend a rich and elegant touch to your ensemble. You can pick up prints such as delicate floral tendrils or geometric designs or blooms of flowers. Look for unique silk scarf prints such as those resembling the intricate marble work of the Taj Mahal.

Crepe de chine silk scarves come in exquisite prints and make for an ideal gift. Silk scarves have an elegance and beauty that is unmatched. Handcrafted silk scarves come with hand rolled and sewn edges. Are you looking for an exotic silk scarf? Why not try one that is studded with precious stones such as amethyst, coral and lapis lazuli.

Cashmere scarf

Jazz up an outfit with a fashionable cashmere scarf. Keep warm with fine cashmere scarves from Fendi or Burberry. Fine knit scarves made of fine merino wool find no match. What else for warmth and style other than a wonderful cashmere and wool combination scarf during the cold winter months? Cashmere scarves come in myriad shades and styles.

You can select them in chocolate brown, navy blue, chestnut or ivory. Some also come with leather trimmings at the neck. You can also get a monogrammed cashmere scarf. Look for embroidered cashmere scarves with your initials in script or modern font.

Pashmina scarf

Pashmina scarves are made from the fiber of the Capra Hircus goat found on the Himalayan slopes. Skilled Nepali craftsmen weave wonders and come up with exquisite Pashmina scarves. A Pashmina scarf has always been popular with Indian royalty and the aristocracy of the Western world. You may often find pashmina scarves with a blend of silk for added softness and shimmer. The ply of the scarf is indicative of its fineness and luxuriousness.

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