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Women's Undergarments

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Women's Undergarments
Adieu to embarrassing situations and discomfort. Feel comfortable and confident with appropriate woman underwear. Mesmerizing women's undergarments, woman hosiery in varied styles and designs, sizes and shapes, including the plus size.

Fit, function, comfort and appearance matter most every time a woman selects her most intimate piece of clothing - her undergarments. Perfect underwear, tops or bottoms can accentuate a good-looking outfit or work against it. Women's undergarments or underwear play an unfathomable role in making her body appear svelte secretly hush- hushing blemishes, if any.

Mesmerizing range of women's undergarments, woman hosiery in varied styles and designs, sizes and shapes, including the plus size are available. The undergarment industry have thrown open a variety of choices. Special underwear for the gym, for work place, party wear, sexy underwear to boost love life and those designed to meet woman's health related issues. The key to successful undergarment shopping depends on striking a smart balance between need and the wallet. Online or mall shopping, here is what you ought to know before shopping for undergarments.

Womens undergarments

Women's undergarments collectively are referred to as lingerie. Women's underwear serves various purposes - warmth, comfort and hygiene. Worn next to the skin, soft fabric undergarments lend a soothing feeling. Also from inside it keeps perspiration and various possible body stain from soiling the clothes. It also supports body parts and provides added protection. During cold weather, underwear provides extra warmth to the body.

Comfort and design of the outfit determine selection of appropriate undergarment style. Certain women's underwear are designed to serve particular purposes such as to provide body support, to accentuate best body features, enhance outfit look by providing cushioning and work as a body outline or play it down by covering lumpy midriffs, imperfect waists, flabby tummies or the wobbly thighs. Wearing appropriate fitting undergarments does contribute to boost confidence levels.

Women's undergarments types

It is pertinent to know certain terms related to women's underwear. Here is a description of those terms and common types of women's undergarments. The specific functions and purposes it serves are also provided.

Bra: Though to wear or not to wear bra is entirely a woman's choice, many women prefer wearing in order to conform to modern society's dress code. Bra isn't any more simple underwear that extends strong support for women's breasts, keeping at bay problems like sagging breasts and backaches. Today, bras have turned out to be fashion statement on any given occasion. Gone are times when a single bra in a woman's wardrobe fitted her choice of garments. There are close to 20 different styles of bra to fit specific needs of a woman. The functional aspect and outer garment precisely determine selection.

Training bra: The first bra worn by girls at a stage when her breasts are still developing. The right time to wear is entirely dependent on breast size; it could be seven or eight years or even during pre-teen years. During a girl's initial days of breast development, she may not feel the need. Yet, with a training bra she can feel absolutely confident during exercises and feel the comfort it provides as an extra layer between outer garments and the breasts. The under-wire most common in other bra types is missing, as only minimal support is needed.

Padded Bra: Teenage girls adore it and small-breasted women widely use it. Padding provided between the cups adds volume and makes breasts appear fuller.

T-shirt Bra: The bra is built right into the T-shirt with special seamless cups and invisible under-wires for support and soft pads. Most sought by smaller breasted women, T-shirt bras are figure hugging and bring out the best curvy figure.

Sports Bra: Most appropriate while engaging in physical exercises, sports bra are studier than regular bras. It holds the breasts in place while in motion and provides ample support to breasts.

Underwire Bra: Women who look for extra support and those with large breasts prefer buying bras with underwire. The design is such that a wire made of plastic or metal is built into the underside of the cup so as to provide a lift and therefore prevent sagging. Also the wire is intended to separate, shape and provide extra support for the breasts.

Full cup bra: Little more coverage and support than usual bras, full cup bras are most suitable for women with heavier breasts. It comes with under-wired cups and covers maximum breast area.

Demi cup bra: As it provides less breast coverage 1 inch above the nipple point, demi cup bra is most appropriate for clothes with plunging necklines.

Strapless bra: With or without under-wires, strapless bras are worn under strapless tops, lined evening gowns with see-through tops or any garment that demand baring shoulders.

Convertible bra: With adjustable and interchangeable straps, convertible straps provide the wearer the option of using it with one strap, both straps and no straps. Also, comes with or without underwire. It is worn under strapless tops and dresses, cross-back styles, halters or the traditional t-shirts minus the built in bras.

Minimizer bra: Most appropriate for plus size women, the purpose is to make breast size appear reduced, say one-cup size less. With or without under wires, seamless, cushioned shoulders straps, embroidered cups are additional features of minimizer bra.

Maximizer push-up bra: It is intended to provide instant lift and enhance breast appearance. The unique structure and extra padding makes flaunting a deeper cleavage easier.

Shelf bra: Mostly favored during sexy situations, the nipples and upper part of breast get exposed but underneath part of breasts are provided ample support and coverage.

Peephole bra: It features holes around the nipples, sideways or otherwise. The functional aspect is absent as it may or may not have cups.

Maternity bra: Designed to cope with changing breast size during pregnancy period, maternity bras provide support and safeguard sagging of breast.

Nursing bra: Proper support to the breasts and convenient for feeding baby, nursing bra can cope with expansion of breasts during nursing period.

Mastectomy bra: Women who have had one or both breasts removed for breast cancer treatments use mastectomy bra. It simulates existence of breasts. It is available in all sizes including women who need plus size bras.

Panties: The result of wearing inappropriate panties can be devastating. Wearing right panty style can accentuate the area as much as create or accentuate bumps and bulges. For a smooth and comfortable foundation, choose the correct size and right panty type.

Boy shorts and hipsters: Compared to other panty types, boy shorts and hipsters are new underwear option. Preferred alike by women across different age groups, hipster boy shorts are tight and extremely short shorts. Women have the option to choose full coverage of the rear part or the partial coverage. Most suitable for low cut pants, hipster boy shorts work well to smoothen lumps and bumps on the hip and upper thigh area.

Briefs: A low-squared off leg line, a waistband and full front and back coverage is the way a woman's brief can be best described. With slight variations, the styles differ.

Boxers/girls shorts: Having women's boxer shorts can serve twin purposes, a lounge wear and/or body shaper. The shape and style varies.

Thongs: It does the job but with minimal fabric. A small triangle of fabric at the front, a waistband connected to the rear is the design of thongs. Women, who detest full coverage panties, especially while wearing tight white outer garment feel absolutely comfortable in thongs. G-strings, V-strings, T-backs, Rios and tangas are various styles of thongs.

Camisole: For most women, camisole serves to be a great layering piece. Referred to as cami, camisole is a loose-fitting sleeveless woman's underwear that covers the top part of the body. It has thin spaghetti straps. String-strap t-shirts, shells, shifts and demi-slips fall under this category of women's undergarments.

Depending on a woman's comfort level, she can wear it over a brassiere or without it. Camisoles with built-in under-wire bra, serve a two-in-one purpose. They are made of cotton, satin, silk or stretch fabrics such as Lycra, nylon or spandex. Various designs include those that extend to the waist or those that ex pose the midriff and the ones that extend to cover the pelvic region. A great collection of plus size camisoles for women who use plus size undergarments come in various styles, prints, and colors and can accommodate a bra under them.

It is trendy to wear camisole as an outerwear with a pair of jeans. Yet, women have the option to use camisoles as layering piece when wearing a wrap dress or wrap top. Sheer camisole under an ordinary blouse or a sweatshirt promises a seductive sexy appeal.

Shapers: Shapers as undergarments are actually shape wears. Slim women use it to accentuate natural slim looks and for plus size women, it is a comfortable and easy way to look few inches thinner. With shapers, it is easier to conceal and cover the bulges on the waist, flabby arms and legs and that firm less bottoms. Yes, it can shape any part of the body. Women can happily wear any favorite garment, concealing problem areas with body shapers.

It can make her look few inches thinner and contributes to maintaining good body posture too. Women, who love to flaunt a smooth silhouette while wearing lighter colors or thinner fabrics, depend on body shapers. Body shapers are available in all sizes including the plus size. The length varies from Capri to full body.

A combination of materials is used in the making of body shapers. It could be polyester and spandex or polyester and nylon or even silicone. These are materials that can compress problem areas, provide grip and at the same time are body friendly. Laced body shapers are definitely sexier than functional ones. Waist clinchers, padded push-up, thong shapers, tummy trimmer body suit, bustier shapers are different types of body shapers.

Woman hosiery

Woman hosiery has evolved to be considered as a basic foundation garment. Socks, stockings and pantyhose/tights, the popular woman hosiery types share a common factor. All the three are worn directly on the feet and legs. Why use hosiery as underwear? To make fashion statements, to complement an outfit, or to just to warm legs in wintertime? Reasons apart, woman hosiery items are fast becoming wardrobe essential.

  • Woman hosiery facilitates camouflaging imperfections- a tanned look, dry skin, slight stubble, varicose veins, spider veins and dry heels.

  • Panty hose and stockings contribute to legs looking slimmer and beautiful.

  • Versatile cover for those bare legs especially during a formal event.

  • Worn under skirts and pants, hosiery adds an element of firmness to the hip area and the thighs.

  • Heavier materials hosiery made of spandex extend firm support to body and even enhance blood circulation by applying even pressure.

  • Desire to outline leg shape, try dark colored pantyhose.

  • Thigh-high stockings when worn with garters are a sexier alternative for traditional pantyhose.

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