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Women's Tights

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Women's Tights
Tights can be worn for dance or running, ballet or aerobics. Take a look at different varieties of womens tights that are available.

Through the ages, tights have never lost their charm. Even superman wore his trademark tights to show off his powered muscles. For women, the options are many - opaque, hip to tip toe, skin-colored tights, black tights, opaque tights, fishnet tights and more. The wide array of colors, patterns, varying lengths and range of materials allow for more choices in womens tights. There are exciting varieties of ballet tights and running tights.

You can opt to wear tights while exercising, while travelling, for dance or just to lounge around. Tights provide the extra soothing feel to your legs on those cool mornings of fall. Even otherwise, tights do keep you simply cool and comfortable.

Denier tights

A common term that denotes the sheerness of the tight. While shopping for tights, look for lower denier tights for it will lend a sheer allure to your legs. Tights less than 10 are the perfect choice for warmer weather as well as formal occasions. Tights with counts 10-20 are much in demand. These are durable, and gives a slight inch of covering to the legs.

Fishnet tights

Fishnet dance tights are specially targeted to meet comfort requirement of professional dancers. Padded with a nylon sole, fishnet tights in black, brown or flesh-tones can be used for everyday wear. Not just for the dancers, fishnet dance tights are a viable option for skaters too. Combine fishnet tights with a skirt no shorter than knee length. If you prefer fishnet tights for everyday, formal wear, look for a mesh not greater than 1/16th inch wide when worn. The ones with large mesh can be reserved for funky club wear.

Girl tights

With tights, your legs feel softer and bright colored tights go a long way in making your legs feel and look good.Classic opaque tights with select patterns can make your legs look longer. You can select from sleek striped tights, thigh-high tights, convertible tights, tights that massage and cradle your legs while dancing or exercising.

Feel completely fit in Lyra spandex tights with 90% cotton and 10% Lyra. The unique four way stretch fabric is light and casual. Your skin breathes comfortably without hindrance and cools your body, also regulating body temperature.

Womens tights

Check for tights that have cotton-lined crotch and avoid fabrics that chafe against your inner thighs. Some brands of tights come with antibacterial agents in the fiber to prevent odor. Look for a fit that is comfortable without laying excessive pressure on the legs. Compression design tights are built to offer varying layers of support to those suffering from circulatory problems. Maternity tights are ideal for moms-to-be who have to be on their feet all day long.

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