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Vintage Evening Dress

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Vintage Evening Dress
Vintage style dresses are a hot favorite with celebrities, socialites and fashion icons. The satins, the laces, the frills, the flare, the feminine neckline - vintage dresses are themselves an epitome of beauty.

There are many reasons why vintage style dresses are popular. The foremost being their uniqueness, not wearing one which everyone else wears, that they are made of good quality as robust materials have been used so as to last longer, are made of fine materials that no longer exist, unique design style and above all, the nostalgic feeling associated with them.Vintage style dresses are a hot favorite with celebrities, socialites and fashion icons. An original vintage designer dress comes with a hefty price tag. But knock-offs are affordable.

As compared to a new wedding gown, a vintage wedding dress is cheap. Here is information about Vintage wedding dress,vintage bridesmaid dress,vintage prom dress and vintage cocktail dress.

Vintage dress style

A vintage dress is one that was in vogue from 1920s to 1980s. Anything before the 1920s is referred to as antique. There is another categorization wherein anything older than 20 years is considered as vintage dress. In simple terms, a dress that imitates the style, pattern, design and fabric of the bygone days is referred to as vintage dress.

There is indeed a noticeable spurt in interest for vintage style dresses; thanks to celebrities like Julia Roberts, Chloe Sevigny, and Kate Moss. On many different occasions, they have worn vintage clothing. For the Oscars 2009, Penelope Cruz decided to dress up in a vintage Balmain gown, a dress that was picked up eight years back and reserved for a special occasion. Besides the impact of the glitz and glamour world, wearing vintage style dresses says a lot about who you are. It reflects your personal style too.

The satins, the laces, the frills, the flare, the feminine neckline - vintage dresses are themselves an epitome of beauty. Vintage dresses are perfect for all occasions, formal and casual. When you decide to buy vintage style dresses, certain essential points are to be considered.

To feel tempted and then indulge in impulsive buying is pretty natural. For example, advertisements like 'cheap vintage dresses for sale' can result in a spontaneous purchase devoid of any prior planning. It could result in sheer disappointment.

Selecting vintage evening dress

Prepare a list: Read every fashion magazine and all the books you can to familiarize yourself with different vintage looks and the designers that created them. Shortlist decade-wise or period-wise names of popular dresses. Search the Internet. Read blogs, visit vintage stores, antique stores, and thrift stores or even watch old movies. This helps in gaining a fair idea of the styles, cuts and vintage colors and educates on what to look for.

Check with elders at home, your mother, grandma, grandaunt may still have theirs in the closet. Unless you are familiar with the vintage dress styles that were in vogue, you would not be able to discriminate between real and. false vintage dresses.

Examine: Take a look at various vintage style dresses and shortlist dresses relevant to an occasion. The feasibility to touch, smell and get a general feeling of the 'piece of time' is the main advantage when buying from markets.It is possible to check for stains and also examine if any repairs are required. All these may not be possible while buying online. With artificial lighting the photographed vintage style dresses may not appear natural. Here is a naming system that you need to be familiar with.

Mint: Though practically rare, the term means that the item is as perfect and pristine as when it was originally made with nil sign of wear.

Near mint: The item does show slightest signs of wear.

Excellent: It means due to occasional use, the item does show typical signs of wear.

Very good: Though there are minor flaws, the item is in a wearable condition.

Good: It means though the item is wearable, it may not be possible to restore excellent condition even if repairs are made.

Verify size: Clothing size guides have changed drastically over the past few decades. The measurements can also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It's hard to find vintage dresses that are in good condition in a style that you like. Also, the body size has changed over the years. The average height and weight as compared to previous decades is more. Definitely, the fitting may result in a mismatch. Also, every decade had its defined styles.

For example, 1950s dresses concentrated in showing off an hourglass shape with a defined waist. Padded bras and girdles or waist cinchers were used to get the desired result. Accounting for such factors, it is always best to buy vintage style dresses that are a size bigger. Vintage dresses can hardly stretch. Buying a size bigger provides for stretching too.

Ascertain value: Do some research in order to ascertain the value. Reading books and magazines helps in gaining valuable information. Also visit auction houses both online and in the markets.

Research the seller: Enquire about the seller and the genuineness of transactions. It is only to feel secure about your transaction. Talk to friends or others who have purchased vintage style dresses. Ask about their experience. Learn about the terms related to vintage style dresses purchases. Some may offer money-back guarantee. Check if the item can be returned and refund be received if the description was inaccurate or mismatching with product description.

Consider an alternative: Vintage style dresses handed over by mother, grandmother,grand aunt can be altered in such a way that they fit you well and the traditional elements that make them vintage dresses are retained. An alternative to buying vintage style dresses is buying reproduction dresses.There are specialty stores which deal with vintage dresses as early as 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Budget before shopping: Even before actually shopping for a vintage style dress,fix the budget. It makes shopping easier, reduces or eliminates excessive spending. You are clear about the price range.You save time not looking at those which are above the budget. Above all, it's easier to withstand the pressure and temptation of shopping.

Vintage wedding dresses

Brides-to-be adore vintage wedding dress as they reflect the romance of yesteryear; they are feminine, unique and stylish. A simple or an extravagant wedding, every bride-to-be sets aside precious hours to search for that special dress. She has two points in mind. One, the dress should be unique. Secondly, the dress ought to complement her looks. Deciding to go for an exquisite vintage wedding dress takes care of both the points. There is a bonus benefit too. The price of vintage wedding dresses is often a fraction of the cost of a new gown.

Made up your mind to walk down the aisle in a unique, exquisite vintage wedding dress? Get ready to hunt. The options are wide. Shopping means you can choose from a wide range of diverse collection of gorgeous gowns right from the Victorian era through to the early 70s and 80s.

Ask mother, grandma or grandaunt. They would be happy to part with a treasured piece of clothing. Get some tips with updating the design and size alteration. Take it to a professional dressmaker who has the expertise to breathe a fresh lease of life to a historic dress without losing an inch of charm. Make it look as if it was designed just for you.

Here is a quick vintage wedding dress buying guide to get that special dress ready for a very special day.

  • Familiarize yourself with what to look out for.

  • Vintage wedding dress company, theatre clubs, Internet shopping, online auction shops, thrift shops that sell cheap vintage dresses, antique stores or getting from known family/reference are the various sources of getting a vintage wedding dress. Most popular shops have vintage wedding dresses sourced from all over the world.

  • Check the fabric and the overall condition of the dress. Check for stains and smell the dress. Fabric deteriorates over time. Choose wisely.

  • Check the fit. Try some creative embellishments to cover up new patch-work and new stitching.

  • Rely on experts to undertake alterations and repairs.

  • Let the budget provide for alterations and repairs.

  • Don't wash a vintage wedding dress. The delicate dresses are safe in the hands of expert cleaners only.

Vintage bridesmaid dresses

A vintage bridesmaid dress is a perfect compliment for a vintage theme based wedding or a vintage wedding dress. While choosing a bridesmaid dress, it is important to match the color and style. There are many different styles of vintage bridesmaid dresses. The style is expected to reflect that of the bride's. Here is a useful guide to getting dressed in a vintage bridesmaid dress.

  • A bridesmaid dress should match with that of the bride in fabric and style or can be of a different fabric but of the same style.

  • It is easier to get a suitable vintage bridesmaid dress from where the bride acquired her vintage wedding dress.

  • Just like vintage wedding dresses, vintage bridesmaid dresses are available right from Victorian era through to the early 70s and 80s.

  • Take into account the body structure of the bridesmaid as not every figure would be appropriate to wear a halter dress.

  • Try to buy ready-to-wear vintage bridesmaid dress rather than ordering to make one as it is expensive.

  • For a perfect fit,numerous fitting sessions will help.

  • A bridesmaid's dress has to match precisely with the other bridesmaids dresses. Find a vintage shop which design and make vintage styles.

  • Ensure accessories match with clothing.Familiarize with the styles that were in vogue pertaining to the era. Matching hairstyle,make-up and accessories can literally make all travel back in time.

  • Unable to get a matching vintage bridesmaid dress, seek the services of a dressmaker who can make bridesmaid dresses in vintage style or even from a vintage bridesmaid pattern.

Vintage prom dress

It is one of most anticipated evenings in your life. You want to be noticed and prefer to wear a unique dress and look very different. Your choice ought to be the most unique evening dress, the vintage prom dress. There is a great demand for vintage prom dresses of the 50s and 60s. Vintage prom dresses come in bright colors, usually in pink, green and yellow. Pleasing to the eye, the floral prints are sure to make heads turn. Chiffon gowns of yesteryear are very popular as they are appealing. To complete the look perfectly, go for matching vintage accessories like white gloves, hats,scarves, hair ornaments or vintage jewelry.

  • Choose the style that best compliments body shape and skin color.

  • Explore a variety of resources. Check with mom, aunts and other relatives. Search the Internet. Visit auction houses, thrift shops for cheap vintage style dresses.

  • Know your size. Choose from varied styles and patterns.

  • Find the right piece and consider modernizing it and making it a blend of new with old.

  • Instead of making alterations that add up to expenses consider new options that can make it perfectly fitting.

  • If you are unable to find a good one, consider taking the pattern to a seamstress or even consider buying from reproduction houses.

Vintage cocktail dresses

Vintage cocktail dresses are available in great variety of designs, styles and colors including the traditional black color pertaining to different eras. Pleated, strapless,spaghetti cut straps, attractive necklines; the fabrics used are crepe, chiffon, polyester, velvet, brocade, and silk, rayon with floral prints, lace work or just plain. Most of the dresses are perfect for work or even for a night out.

  • Vintage cocktail dresses are available in a variety of styles.

  • Check out the various styles that synchronize with the look you want to convey.

  • Check various resources that sell vintage cocktail dresses - online auction houses, thrift shops that sell cheap vintage dresses and the markets.

  • Be open to all colors. Black is classic but try other colors too.

  • Check for stains.

  • Check the overall condition of the dress.

  • Look for classic elegance with attention to detail in construction.

  • Try it out. Pick a comfortable one.

  • Add accessories, the vintage style or blend with new ones.

  • Consider the alternative. Visit reproduction houses, select a vintage cocktail dress pattern and get a new one made.

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