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Women Sleepwear
Sleepwear is a vital aspect of a woman's wardrobe. With a variety of sleepwear varying from nightdress, sleep shirts or pajamas or nightgowns, a woman must choose the kind of sleepwear that keeps her comfortable.

Sleepwear is a vital aspect of a women's wardrobe. With a variety of sleepwear varying from nightdress, sleep shirts or pajamas or nightgowns, a woman must choose the kind of sleepwear that keeps her comfortable.

Today, there is a variety of sleepwear each catering to the specific needs and preferences of women. Few include the sexy chiffon gowns (both laced and covered), flannel granny nightgowns, laced nightgowns, classic pajamas and sleep shirts. Made of cotton, chiffon, synthetic and polyester, sleepwear is generally selected based on the climate, individual preferences of style and fabric.

Women Sleepwear Sets

Nightgowns : Nightgowns are the most preferred loosely hanging sleepwear since it could be worn by women of any age.

Babydoll or Negligee: Young women often prefer negligee (babydoll) or short nightgowns trimmed with ruffles, lace, appliqués, ribbons, bows or fur. Few negligees also come with spaghetti straps, which could also fixed on your nightgowns if preferred. Negligees were the day dresses of the women who lived in France during the eighteenth century. Today it has become bedroom wear. These sexy mini nightdresses are made of translucent fabrics like silk, chiffon, nylon or sheer. Perfect for romantic nights, negligees generally carry hollow neck designs and have a six-inch hemline above the knees.

Nightgown / Peignoir: Nightgowns include knee length and full-length night frocks, loosely designed to suit women of all ages. This also includes flannel granny gowns and the floor length (peignoir) or hip-length nightgowns. Made of nylon, satin, silk, cotton and chiffon, these nightgowns come with embroidery work and lace appliqués on both hemlines and cups. Peignoirs are generally worn without underwear though few are sold with panties stitched underneath.

Pajamas : It is a classical sleepwear set including the long johns; pull over, button-up shirts, cami tops, boxer short and teddy sets designed for the gorgeous ones. Pajama sleepwear sets also include full-length pant and tops that are can be worn even out of the bedroom. Made of synthetic, polyester and chiffon, cotton pajamas are probably the most comfortable ones- they may you feel cool and let your body to breath. However, flannels made with cotton or cotton blend are the best for warm nights. Consider a silk pajama for your dream night that accentuates your body curves.

Sleep Shirts : Sleep shirts or nightshirts are over-sized tee shirts that make you feel comfortable in bed. There are a variety of sleep shirts in the market made of cotton, wool, chiffon and synthetic. Choose the one considering the climate and your comfort levels.

Chemise and Lingerie : Chemise is a simple garment that is worn to protect the clothes from body oils or sweat. Lingerie was once considered women's sleepwear. However, they are now transformed to undergarments.

Plus size sleepwear

Pregnant women require peaceful sleep. Hence, it is mandatory to choose sleepwear that would make them feel absolutely comfortable. Plus-size sleepwear includes pajamas with long pants or shorts along with a button-up or pullover shirt, sexy negligees, granny gowns and the nightwear with adjustable spaghetti straps and nightshirts or sleep shirts. They generally have a drawstring waist for comfort.

Sleepwear fabric

Ensure that the sleepwear you buy is comfortable for you while in bed as well as to move around your home before sleeping. Sleepwear is made of a variety of fabrics like cotton, fleece, flannel, silk, velour and satin. Cotton is the all-time favorite since it is light and easy to wash and maintain. Moreover, cotton enables your body to breathe. Try fleece or flannels for your young ones since they prefer its warmth and softness. Proper maintenance is required for flannels or fleece to hold on to their shape. Try silk or satin to add extravaganza or luxury to your night.

Fit and Style: This is an important factor to be considered before choosing sleepwear. Try the sleepwear before you buy. Look for your comfort, because a night sleep is very important for good health and your sleepwear should not bunch up in the wrong places or leave marks on your skin. While buying plus size pajamas, remember to choose them in piece since the hip and the top size will vary during pregnancy. Also, look for the buttons in the shorts or pants of plus-size women sleepwear since they might press your skin.

Climate: Finally, choose the one that will favor the climate. Cotton is best worn year round; however, flannels, wool or synthetic can be worn during winters to gain warmth. Remember, sleepwear is a reflection of the women's versatility.

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