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Nylon Stockings

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Nylon Stockings
Take a brief look at why nylon stockings are so popular with women. They have become an important accessory in a woman’s closet.

Nylon stockings have come a long way from the time there were first introduced in the 1940s by Du Pont Corporation. They became an instant rage and were highly sought after by women. With the invention of the circular knitting machine, seamless nylon stockings became a reality. Till then nylon stockings were woven on a flat knitting machine and sewn at the seams. Seamless nylon stockings are smoother and more aesthetic. The advantages that nylon stockings offered over silk stockings were reduced cost and ease of use. Nylon stockings dry much faster and are easier to care for.

Over the years nylon stockings came in an array of colors, prints, knits and yarns. From bold animal prints to delicate florals and sedate stripes, nylon stockings add to your overall style statement. Fishnet, lace, ruffles – choose your own personal style. Nylon stockings can be selected in various styles – knee high or thigh high.

Nylon stocking buying guide

The thickness of the nylon yarn as measured in denier is the consideration for your purchase. Typically tights with 30 denier or lesser are sheer, 30 - 70 denier are opaque and those above 70 denier are very opaque. Textured or micromesh stockings can be combined with the right outfit for a great look. You can use a garter belt to keep your nylon stockings in place. With the introduction of pantyhose, tummy to toes stockings became a popular lingerie item. It offers comfortable and smooth body shaping. Nylon stockings with lycra ensure perfect fit and shape. The sheer allure of nylon stockings is irresistible.

Caring for nylon stockings

Nylon stockings need to be handled with care. If you are getting runs and snag, check your nails first. Ensure smooth and well-maintained nails. Apply powder on your feet before you slip on your nylon stockings. Also check for jewelry with sharp edges that might be damaging them. Soak your nylons in alum before you wear them the first time. This way they will last longer sans runs. Place them in plastic bags or ziplock covers and store them safely.

Spray on stockings

You can use a stocking that comes out of a can. Surprised? Well, spray on stockings do just that! You can spray on a pair of stockings on your legs and cover blemishes, spider veins and scars. If nylon stockings are uncomfortable on a hot summer day, spray on stockings may be the best alternative. This spray dries in a few seconds and lasts the whole day. You can pick up water-resistant spray on stockings for a comfortable day’s wear. Wash off the stockings at the end of the day with soap and water and scrubbing well.

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