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Sheer Lingerie

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Sheer Lingerie
Lingerie shopping is not about just picking up what you find. Find out how to buy sheer lingerie and bridal lingerie.

Lingerie occupies an important role in a woman's apparel. The most intimate apparel, lingerie enhances female sexuality. No denying that the right lingerie accentuates a woman's figure, personality and outfit. Take a peep into the world of sheer lingerie. Lingerie is fashionable, luxuriously stylish and trendy. Whether it's plus size lingerie, bridal lingerie, sheer lingerie, exotic lingerie, it's all a matter of choice.

Are you looking at lingerie that adds glamour, lingerie that accentuates body shape or lingerie that appeals to your intimate partner? Well, the choice of lingerie is best decided by your mood, preference and purpose. Before you embark on lingerie shopping, consider your body shape, what compliments your body figure and the occasion.

Lingerie secrets

Lingerie is usually available in three basic sizes- small, medium and large. For those who seem voluptuous, plus-size lingerie is ideal. Corsets and bustiers enjoy wide preference amongst plus-size lingerie buyers. Bridal lingerie caters to special needs of the bride-to-be. Gorgeous bustiers and bridal lingerie are designed to enhance the beauty of wedding dress. White or off-white corsets and long gowns are the most preferred bridal lingerie.

Choosing proper-fitting bridal lingerie made of satin; silk with lace builds confidence and adds beauty inside out. Women choose sheer lingerie for its tempting and alluring effect. Sheer lingerie is made of power mesh, stretch mesh and transparent fabrics. Sheer bras may not offer much support. Lycra is lightweight and tear-resistant and is ideal for tight lingerie. The use and purpose of lingerie can differ from woman to another. Lingerie shopping is based on style, design and type of lingerie:

  • Lingerie to enhance one's special features

  • Lingerie, a means to cover specific body parts

  • Lingerie to look erotic, taunt and tease

Lingerie fabrics

Lingerie fabric determines how it feels next to your skin. Cotton lingerie is chosen for its comfort and breathability. Cotton lingerie is reasonably priced and easy to care for. Other fabrics used in the making of lingerie are Lycra/Spandex, microfiber, nylon, polyester, leather, jacquard, rayon, chiffon and silk. Cotton embroidery lingerie comes in elegant styles, with colored threads sewn into the fabric to create designs. Polyester lingerie stretches easily and resists wrinkling. Sheer lingerie fabrics feel good on the skin and forms to the body shape. For bridal lingerie, you can look at brocade or damask fabrics.

Lingerie guide

Baby doll nightgown: A two-piece short nightgown up to the thighs with matching panty.

Basque: Replaces a bra and covers from the bust to hips.

Bustier: A form of elongated Basque up to the waist, usually strapless.

Body stocking/catsuit: A one-piece that covers the whole body.

Bras: More than providing support, bra styles offer various options.

Teddy: Similar to a one-piece swimming costume with a built- in panty section.

Camisole: Usually worn under a jacket, a sleeveless top that covers from the bust to hips.

Chemise: A short nightgown upto the thighs.

Thongs: Panty made of transparent fabric, has more coverage in the front and the back is a g-string. You can get sensual curves sans panty line.

Negligee: A longer, lightweight nightgown or robe.

Pajamas: Two-piece set with a pant and top.

Bridal Lingerie

Choosing the right bridal lingerie can go a long way in making you look and feel your best on the most special day of your life. Choose lingerie to suit your wedding dress. Opt for basques that create a smooth line beneath your dress. Matching bra and brief in lacy styles is another option. No better way to seduce your partner than with sheer lingerie that will set his heart racing! Bridal lingerie can be chosen in silk or satin.

Enjoy the comfort, beauty and versatility that silk bridal lingerie offers. With silk lingerie, you can keep warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer. Pastel shades work well for blondes while redheads can carry of green and earthy tones of lingerie. Popular shades are white, black and nude. Bold shades, animal prints, lace or other exotic lingerie appeals to some.

Lingerie shopping

Shop for lingerie that will make you look attractive and flatter your figure. Buy the right lingerie for the outfit. The wrong undergarments can ruin a perfectly good dress.

  • Buy a seamless bra for t-shirts.

  • Under-wired bras can balance hip and shoulder width. You can go in for high-cut panties.

  • Bras in Lycra and other stretch materials adjust and flatten your bust line.

  • Sheer lingerie may not be the right thing for a small-breasted woman. You can opt for push-up bras or bras with padded cups to create an illusion of curves.

Care of Lingerie

The best way to care for lingerie is to follow the label instructions. A lot depends on the lingerie fabric. Use these general tips to maintain durable lingerie in its original shape and appeal.

  • Attach hooks and eyes before wash

  • Preferably hand wash lingerie

  • Wash with cool water, as it helps keep the lingerie color and prevent white fabrics from going grey

  • Allow to air dry away from sunlight

  • Use a mild fabric wash

  • Avoid bleach

  • Use mild stain remover

  • Never twist or squeeze

  • Wash separately dark and light colored lingerie

  • After wash, hang on a plastic hanger

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