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Jogging Clothes

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Jogging Clothes
A shopper's guide to buying jogging clothes - Pick up tips on looking for well made jogging clothes that are durable and easy to maintain.

Gone are the days when you had to depend only on an old tracksuit for your jogging session. Today jogging clothes come in an amazing range of fabrics, colors and styles. Look for garments that are comfortable and geared to meet your jogging needs. Choice of fabric for jogging suits would depend on the weather conditions too. Ensure that you are adequately attired to meet the climatic needs.

Jogging Clothes

Jogging clothes can be worn as separates or coordinates. Mix and match your jogging tops with pants or even team them up with shorts for a sultry summer afternoon. In fact jogging clothes often double up as clothes to lounge around in . You can layer up exciting combinations of jogging clothes and come up with coordinated ensembles. While plain colors are a classic style with jogging clothes, you can opt for colorful prints, appliques, screen printing or even detailing.

Some of the popular styles for jogging clothes are full-zip front, partial zip pullover, hooded cardigan or convertible collars. You can opt for short or long sleeves depending on your comfort levels. Generally jogging pants have elastic waists and leg openings. An additional drawstring can help in adjusting the waistline. Jogging shorts come in similar options.

Do not ignore weather conditions when selecting your jogging clothes. For cold weather, ensure that the jogging clothes have the appropriate design features and fabric. You can go in for double layered hood or convertible collars that double up as turtlenecks. Thicker fibers or compact knit structures ensure better warmth. Look for features such as hand warmers and zip pockets. If you indulge in nighttime jogging, go in for jogging clothes in white trims or florescent colors to reflect headlights. Double knit fabrics are popular for jogging clothes since they are firm and resist wrinkling.

Look for knit fabrics that have firm structure and high yarn count. You can choose from jogging suits in acrylic or nylon or blends of cotton and acrylic or polyester. Cotton garments tend to get soggy with sweat but are most absorbent. This is ideally suited for warm locations. Opt for acrylic if you are looking for good insulating properties and easy care. Jogging clothes in nylon tend to have heavy static buildup. You can consider going in for blended fabrics, ones that offer comfortable feel against the skin and absorb moisture.

Jogging Suit

The jogging suit made an appearance in the 1980s when fitness awareness took off in a big way. The track suit was modified and the jogging suit was born! A lightweight zippered top matched along with loose bottom trousers that are gathered at the cuff - this was the design for the popular jogging suit. Jogging suits came in bright colors, purple and pink, peach and sea green, black and white.

Jogging suits must be selected for their fabric, construction and care requirements. Knitted fleece is a popular fabric for jogging clothes and other athletic wear. You can also choose from stretch valour, knit pique and stretch terry. It is essential to take proper care of your jogging suit. Follow instructions for washing and laundering.

Tumble machine drying can ruin the size and shape of some jogging suits. This would depend largely on the fabric that is used. Look for quality stitching when it comes to jogging suits. Stitches should be of even length, straight, and fastened securely. Stitching should permit ample stretch without breaking. A well-stitched jogging suit will translate to a durable and comfortable jogging apparel.

Choose jogging suits in the size that is right for you - small, medium, large or XL. You can also pick up jogging clothes by actual size numbers too. Check for arm length, pant length and comfortable roominess. Do not compromise on style while you are jogging and running. There is no dearth of fashionable jogging suits that can have you set the roads ablaze.

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