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Winter Coat

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Winter Coat
Gone are the days of bulky coats that did nothing for your figure and style quotient. Trendy winter coats have replaced layers of clothing and oversized sweaters.

When it's slowly time for dropping temperatures, be sure to get equipped with a good winter coat. Gone are the days of bulky coats that did nothing for your figure and style quotient. Trendy overcoats have replaced layers of clothing and oversized sweaters. Winter coats are available in a variety of colors, styles, lengths and shapes. Keep yourself comfortable and stylish this winter!

Winter coat styles

Tweed and wool are the most common material used for women's winter coats. For mild winters, denim winter coats can be a good choice. Denim short coats with fur collars are fashionable and popular with women. Leather is the most common choice among men for winter coats. Consider cashmere or camel hair coats for warmth and style. A goose-down coat is sure to keep you snug and warm but might not appeal to the fashion conscious.

A winter coat with numerous pockets is popular with men as they can store things easily. Winter coats with detachable interiors are another convenient feature as they can be added or removed as per choice. Winter coats with huge and high collars offers good protection from cold. Winter coats with hoods are also available and they offer good protection from cold. These coats resemble duffle coats or parkas. Winter coats with soft linings are lightweight and easy to carry around. Winter coats with fleece linings are available in a variety of cuts and designs. Winter coats with adjustable cuffs are another option. Wrap around winter coats are also available.

Winter coat buying

Always remember that you need a slightly larger coat as you would be dressed in layers for the winter. Petite women must not go in for bulky winter coats but must instead buy one that fits the body and looks right on a small frame. Get one altered in case the style and color appeals to you.

Ideally such a short woman can go in for a winter coat that ends at her knee so that it makes her appear tall. Larger women must look for coats that lend a lean silhouette. Avoid double breasted coat styles if you are big busted.

  • Buy a coat much before the winter season sets in, this will keep you fully prepared to face the upcoming winter. Purchasing winter coats during off-season can fetch you a huge discount.

  • Pick a coat that matches your personal dressing style - color, style and fabric.

  • While buying a coat remember to choose a coat that will match your body shape and contour.

  • Pick the right size that will give you a perfect fit, sizes may vary within different manufacturers.

  • While buying a coat, wear it and remember to walk around with the coat as this will give you a better idea.

Maintaining winter coats

With the summer setting in, all winter clothes have to be packed off until the next winter. This means maintaining them well while using them and storing them. Follow these simple yet effective maintenance tips

  • After the winter season, give your coat to the dry cleaners. They can remove stains, if any.

  • Check for loose buttons; fix them before you store the coats. This will make the coat readily usable for the next season.

  • Store your winter coats in cloth garment bags.

  • Do not hang the coat from its neck while storing it in a coat rack.

  • Follow the wash instructions when wash your coat.

  • Excess oil in the hair or skin can give your coat an everlasting stain.

  • Use scarves to prevent the collars from getting dirty.

  • Do not over clean the winter coats.

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