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Winter Boots

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Winter Boots
Winter boots offer enough protection and warmth to your legs and body during winter. A variety of winter boot brands are available in the market.

Freezing temperature, ice-cold breeze, and rough weather is typical of every winter; these conditions can freeze the human body. Teeth chatter, legs shiver and the entire body freezes with the plummeting temperatures. Despite the season, normal work routine has to continue and cannot be halted owing to climatic conditions.

Winter also means a lot of fun, winter activities like snow shoeing, ice skating, downhill skiing, etc all this can be fun if you can withstand the cold and inclement weather. You can protect yourself from the harshness of the winter by using the right type of winter clothing and accessories. Winter gears can give you protection and relief from the inclement weather.

During winter, legs get affected the most and get numb with the chillness. Certain nerve endings in the feet can make your entire body shiver with cold. Legs need enough protection to keep your body warm in freezing temperatures. Winter boots offer enough protection and warmth to your legs and body during winter. A variety of winter boot brands are available in the market. Famous among them are Baffin winter boots, Columbia winter boots and Sorel winter boots.

Winter boots features

Comfort and warmth are the basic features of winter boots. Winter boots are designed taking these features into account:

  • Special winter boots are made for use in snow and for use in mild winters. Winter boots used in snow have special soles that offer additional grip; thus preventing slipping and tripping on the snow.

  • Special models of winter boots are designed for parties, festive seasons and formal occasions.

  • Regular wear winter boots are manufactured with extra care keeping in mind the external environmental conditions.

  • People living in regions where winter is harsh can use winter boots with linings as they offer extra warmth.

  • Winter boots offer protection to the feet thus preventing scaling of the feet and also help in maintaining the overall body temperature.

Winter boots material

Wool:Woolen linings in boots offer extra warmth and comfort to the wearer. Woolen linings also keep a check on moisture buildup. Woolen linings are popular in boots made for women.

Rubber:Rubber is lightweight and is used to make most winter boot outsoles. Rubber also offers good traction on extremely wet surfaces. Rubber sole supports free movement and makes sliding simple in snowy areas.

Polyurethane:Polyurethane is combined with rubber and is used for insoles of women's winter boots - ortholite insoles. Polyurethane keeps a check on bad odor and also stops bacterial growth in winter boots. In few winter boots, the footbed is made from polyurethane.

Sheepskin:Sheepskin is used to make the collar in winter boots. Sheepskin offers extra warmth and comfort to the wearer.

Fleece:Fleece linings keep the feet dry and also provide cushioning effect to the feet. The wearer also feels very comfortable.

Types of winter boots

Casual winter boots:Suede is used to make the top portion of these boots thus making the boots waterproof. Shank made from nylon offers support while the mid sole is made from ethyl vinyl acetate to offer additional cushioning and comfort for the feet. Outsoles are made from rubber, they provide enough traction. Few models might include zippers on the sides.

Fur winter boots:In these boots, suede is used for the upper portion and linings are made from sheepskin. These boots keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Tight laces in few models offer warmth and protection from snow. This model of winter boots is popular among women.

Winter work boots:Thinsulate insulation is used in making these boots thus keeping the feet warm. Full-grain leather is used to make the upper portion of the shoe; Gore-Tex material used to make the shoe makes it water repellant. Foot beds are specially designed to give cushioning and stability to the winter boots. Few winter boots have lugs attached to the outer sole providing traction and comfort for the wearer.

Insulated winter boots:This type of boots can be used in cold and temperate climates. Outsole is made from rubber providing the required traction in both wet and dry surface. Insole provided in few models of these boots protects the wearer's feet from cold, the insole is called 'thermashield frost plug' insole. Insulated winter boots designed for women can keep feet warm at sub zero temperature too.

Wide calf winter boots:Very useful in freezing and rough climatic conditions, calf winter boots protect the feet from cold. These boots have round shaped toes and offer great comfort for the wearer.

Winter lace up boots:As the name suggests, these boots have lace running from the vamp to the top of the boot. Winter lace up boots for women might have zippers on the sides. Few boots have fleece linings and the soles are specially made to keep a check on slipping.

Winter riding boots: Duralon is used to make the outsole of these shoes as it increases the life of these boots. Thermolite lining is used for the insole, this keeps the feet warm even during extreme cold. Hydro-tech material is used for the upper portion of the boots making the boots waterproof. Elastic stretch panels give a good fit, steel shanks and stirrup control system offer extra grip to the wearer. Heels in these boots are designed to suit riders. Impact protection system is available in few models; this helps in absorbing shocks that result from high pressure.

Winter pac boots: Perfect boots for winter activities like ice fishing, shoe mobiling, etc, they are very useful and comfortable to the wearer. Top portion of the boots is made from full-grain leather, this keeps moisture at bay. Few models have 'heat pack pocket' lending the feet the required warmth and protection even in icy cold temperatures. D-ring lacing holds the lace intact and also offers good warmth and comfort.

Over the knee winter boots: A shaft extends up to the thigh in this type of winter boots. Lugs are used in the soles in few models of boots, these lugs offer excellent grip. Shearling linings are used in the shafts, this keeps the feet warm.

Winter boots buying tips

  • Lace up boots or pull-on winter boots are the best choice for winter boots as they can offer good protection from cold and make the wearer feel comfortable.

  • Mid calf boots suit people who love to look fashionable as well as carry on with their daily chores.

  • Choose midsole with ethylene vinyl acetate as it provides additional cushioning effect.

  • Purchase winter boots based on the place you wish to use them.

  • If you need both traction and stability in your winter boots, pick up winter boots with 'omni-grip outsole'. The rubber compound in these outsoles provides both stability and traction.

  • Snow winter boots should have a water resistant upper part. The outsoles should provide good traction. The boots should cover a good portion of the leg and should fit the wearer perfectly. Snow winter boots with top closures will prevent snow from entering into the boots.

  • Winter boots should have primary flex groves at the back of the ball of the foot. The secondary flex groves should be in the toe area; this will match the foot's original movement.

  • To avoid bad smell in winter boots, buy winter boots with 'city-xy agion' footbed. Various fibers combined with ionized silver will keep a check on the bad smell.

  • Intellitemp technology based winter boots will control your feet temperature and keep your feet warm in all temperature set-ups. Hollow spheres in these boots permit entry of cold and warm air thus regulating the temperature of the feet.

Winter boots maintenance

Winter boots can offer you the best protection if they are protected and maintained well. Follow these simple but effective maintenance tips for your winter boots

  • Always waterproof the winter boots before you wear them.

  • Dry the boots after you use them, dry them every time you use them.

  • Clean your boots well. Clean the boots based on the material they are made from.

  • Polish your boots. Only boots that are manufactured with finished leather should be polished.

  • If your winter boots is made from leather, check out for the various leather treatments offered by shoe stores. These treatments help in retaining the flexibility and waterproof nature of the winter boots.

  • Check the soles and the heels on a regular basis and replace them if they are damaged.

  • Store the boots properly; cedar boot trees are the best way to store boots as they retain the shape of the boots when they are not in use.

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