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Church Suits

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Church Suits
A traditional church usually has a formal dress code and in some occasions the dress code could change according to the occasion such as baptism, christening, wedding or a funeral. Read up more on designer church suits and church suits for black women.

Church suits, as the name suggests, are ideally suited to cater to the needs of a church dress code. A traditional church usually has a formal dress code and in some occasions the dress code could change according to the occasion such as baptism, christening, wedding or a funeral.

Proper church suit attire will address the following important guidelines namely the length of the hemline, the fit of the garment, the depth of the neckline, the shade of color and the sheerness of the fabric.

Church suits - colors and styles

A Sunday church suit is made with quality materials including Renova, Microfiber and Peach skin fabrics. Many church suits come embellished with either rhinestones or have unique embroidery.

Church suits come in light pastel shades such as light blue, yellow, white, peach, turquoise, lilac, violet, yellow, red, magenta, gold and pink, although more often one finds church suits in the basic black color. Plus size women are advised to wear dark colors to appear slimmer. Elegant women prefer either a vintage or the Chanel tweed suits - but both are hard to find.

There are clothing stores that primarily cater to women seeking church suits in conservative styles. The hemline is at a modest length and necklines are reasonably high up on the chest. The suits are well tailored and fitted and not excessively revealing. There are stores catering to the younger crowd where one can find suits more fitted and slips and camisoles are used to get around wispy fabrics and lower necklines. These are highly sophisticated and appropriate for Sunday church. Famous stores also sell double weave to wool blend pinstripes.

Church suits are sold more famously in boutiques that sell designer church suits to suit modern day society. Dressy suits in brocades and taffetas in rich and vibrant colors and styles are also in vogue. These have classic lines and each with its own flair. Some suits are sequined and hand beaded and. Such embellished church suits go well with versatile hats and handbag sets that coordinate well.

Church suits come in regular and plus sizes. Some women prefer little sleeveless dresses that can be paired off with a cardigan or a shawl. Luxurious designer suits also get featured in women's magazines such as Fashion Today, Ebony, Vogue and Essence.

Church suits for black women

African American women take great pride in their heritage and church plays a large role in this. Among the Christians, the Catholics have the religious tradition of going to Church on all Sundays without fail. And the tradition in African American community is to always wear a special church suit to go to Church. Along with the suits, women also have a custom of wrapping a scarf on their head to show respect to the Almighty.

On special occasions like Easter and Christmas, the mass is special and it is called High Mass. Ladies all over the world plan their outfit to wear on such special occasions. These suits are made from different types of materials that are made available from different parts of the world exclusively for the African American Community. This is in keeping in mind their complexion, attitude and general preferences.

African American women church suits can be anything from a skirt and a blouse and an added jacket or a dress that comprises a skirt and a jacket. Some women prefer to wear a hat. The hat also serves the dual purpose of a sun block in the hot summers.

These days, Church suits designed for the younger generation of black women come with many options that are more modern and sleek. There is a variation - a formal trouser instead of a skirt along with a top that is formal can be worn with a necklace preferably pearls. The option could be a long top with pants that are tight fitting. It could also be teamed with long flowing skirt and blouses that go with it. Another option is a long flowing full length one piece dress.

Designer Church suits

There are several designer church suits that are perfectly designed with the glamorous 'her' in mind. Full cut women church suits in plus sizes are available in online stores as well. Leading designers include Donna Vinci, Milano, Tiffany, Tango, Ben March, Chancelle, Moshita, Capri, Lisa Rene, Terrani, Terramina and DVC Exclusive.

Milano is a top designer of women's church suit and these include the elegant missy and plus sized church suits as well. These suits are excellent for church, evening, mother-of-the-bride and other special occasions. All ladies suits are designed as skirt suits. Milano uses new base fabric - microfiber crepe which makes the suits soft to the touch and subtle too.

Tiffany is another top designer of women suits. These suits can be quickly complimented with a pair of J Renée Shoes. Donna Vinci is a well known designer of church suits offering both skirt suits and women's pant suits and many come with matching hats.

Ben March is a top designer of women's church suit and these come with matching hats and handbags and can be quickly and easily complimented with a pair of shoes. The suits come in various styles and colors and matching gloves are also provided.

Tango women's suits are elegant and embellished accommodating the need for attire for many special occasions.
Terramina women's church suits include both skirts and women pant suits with matching accessories.

White church suits

A white church suit is classy and unique for a new Sunday wardrobe. White church suits are offered by well known designers including Sioni, Donna Vinci, Tango, Chancelle, Milano, Moshita, Capri, Lisa Rene, Terrani and DVC Exclusive.

For instance, a Donna Vinci white suit is purely charming with its collar and sleeves of cut work embroidery on organza. The jacket closes at the waist with a rhinestone buckle over a sleeveless camisole. The charming embroidery on organza in white satin also come finished with a perky bow.

White church suits are meant not only for church. There are other occasions that call for fancy suits and she can show off her full figured style. Church suits can be worn for weddings, an English tea or any semi-formal event.

The hat ensemble

Hat is an important ensemble that can add more panache to a suit. Curvy women can wear wide brimmed hat; the shape of her hat can often balance her figure as it celebrates full figure.
These days church suits are not just limited to 'suits' only. There is a greater acceptance for 'coming as she is' which is great. This affords her the opportunity to dress best for Church on Sundays.

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