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It's time to pack up bulky winter clothes and update your wardrobe to greet summer in style. Here is a shopping guide to pick up cheap sundresses, a perfect sundress for a special occasion like the maternity sundress or a white sundress for an engagement or a wedding.

It's time to pack up bulky winter clothes and update your wardrobe to greet summer in style. It's officially sun dress season. Summer is the best time for women to wear sundresses. Long sundresses are a versatile summer piece and a must-have in every woman's summer wardrobe.

So versatile, that with the right accessories women can wear sundresses to work, to the beach or while on a summer shopping spree. There is indeed specially designed sundress that flatters figures, be it the plus size or the petite.

Here is a shopping guide to pick up cheap sundresses, a perfect sundress for a special occasion like the maternity sundress or a white sundress for an engagement or a wedding.

Comfortable, stylish sundresses

What makes a dress a sundress? As per fashion dictionary, a sundress is a dress, which exposes various areas of the body, particularly the arms, shoulders and back, is sleeveless with an abbreviated bodice. Sundresses are preferred choice of lighter clothing to be worn on hot summer days.

Women take into account two important features while shopping for sundresses - comfort and style. You like to feel comfortable wearing it, it should be easy to maintain and naturally appealing and meeting fashion trends. Sundresses are light, airy, comfortable and fashionable that women prefer wearing it on a variety of occasions.

It's difficult for a woman to settle for a single sundress in the wardrobe. The diversity of styles will tempt even the most judicious shopper to look for more sundresses.

Sundresses for women

It is almost impossible to find two sundresses that are alike. There are so many styles, shapes, colors, materials and sizes that it can be very difficult to pick just one sundress. Before making way in the closet for sundresses that have captivated your attention, get equipped with certain basic features.

Sundress fabrics: Each fabric has certain characteristics and properties. A good sundress is usually made out of lightweight fabric; a free flowing fabric. Sundresses for women are available in a range of fabrics to meet varied needs and preferences. Remember to choose skin friendly, cool and comfortable fabric.

Cotton is the most common sundress fabric. Cotton sundresses are affordable, comfortable and versatile. Besides cotton, sundresses for women are available in jersey knits, linen and synthetic fabrics.

What about jersey knits? All knit fabrics have an ability to stretch. Likewise, jersey knits contracts as well as expands. It is a lightweight fabric, won't wrinkle, has great durability, feels soft and luxurious and has a more textured appearance. Maternity sundresses made of jersey knits offer incredible stretch. Regular jersey knit sundresses tend to cling to the body, are appropriate travel wear dress.

Linen is a versatile and durable fabric. It has a subtle sheen and a smooth finish. Sundresses made of linen fabric afford protection from UV radiation. Linen fabric feels cool to touch, which makes it a preferred sundress fabric choice to beat the heat during hot summer days, especially on the beach.

Sundresses made of synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic are not preferred daytime wear. Synthetic fabrics don't allow skin to breathe. However, it can be worn when the humidity level is low, mostly late in the evening. Most evening wear sundresses are made of synthetics and are cheaper.

Choose a fabric that feels good against your skin. You cannot be comfortable in a sundress that feels scratchy or itchy. It should be light, airy and wispy. Also, most sundresses are unlined.

Sundress styles: There are so many different appealing sundress styles. It can be difficult to find just one attractive sundress. Sundresses with faux sequins and beading, sundresses with one shoulder, sundresses designed with stones and crystals, mini skirts or the very short sundresses, embroidered sundresses, camisole top with the long flowing bottom - a plethora of styles that fit budgets and personal preference. It is crucial that you choose a style that compliments your body shape.

In terms of length, it ranges from the ankle to the upper thigh, mid length to full-length i.e. maxi sundresses, knee and thigh length being the most popular choice to show off those attractive legs. As for waists, it includes pleated waists, empire waist cuts, straight waist cuts, high waist, right around the belly button, right under the bust line or no waist at all.

You can choose fuller skirts, dresses with straight skirts, with ¾ sleeves, sleeveless and see-through sleeves. Neck styles available include dating necklines, baring backs, halter styles, spaghetti-strap style, the strapless style, v-neck, boat neck, collar neck and sweetheart neckline sundresses. Sundresses are available in different shapes like pear-shaped or shapeless too.

Sundress colors:Looking at the huge collection of sundresses on display, you will notice sundresses for women in vibrant floral to abstract prints to solid colors as well as in color blocks with lovely flower motifs. Fashion gurus suggest that during daytime, the colors of women's sundresses ought to be bright or pastel colors. During the night, dark greens, blues, brown and black are perfect.

While choosing a sundress, try and strike a balance between flattering style and colors. It is a wise investment to choose sundresses with prints that never go out of style such as floral, ethnic patterns, tie and dye and colors like white, off-white or cream, yellow, medium to light blue or pink shades. It's economical and fashionable to pick sundresses that match with existing cardigans, jackets or shrug, shoes, sandals, hats, jewelry, belts etc.

White sundress

Having a white sundress is the main summer fashion trend. It's very popular because it is appropriate to wear everywhere and it's a color that gives a cool and breezy feel. For those who aren't comfortable to pick a pure white, there are many shades of white sundresses and even colorful sundresses with innovative touches of white shades.

With white sundresses, you have the option to dress up or dress down depending on whether it's daytime or evening, the occasion etc. An important aspect to be given due consideration is selection of lingerie, shoes that match with white sundresses and accessories that complement the dress.

  • For a white sundress to look good, it's important that it fits well.

  • Long white sundresses look fabulous on tall women.

  • With white sundresses wear lingerie the color same as your body color.

  • Choose bright accessories.

  • Large jewelry, big sunglasses do well with white sundresses.

  • High shoes with white sundresses don't look too good. Wear flat sandals, metallic or silver. A gladiator sandal enhances the look.

  • Opt for brown, taupe or natural colored wedges with white sundress if you care to draw attention especially while partying.

  • A toe wedge shoe in taupe or lavender color contributes to lengthening your silhouette.

  • Brown belts with a white sundress, wide or narrow contribute to defining your figure.

  • For work pick work-friendly white sundresses.

  • Wear a jacket or cardigan with white sleeveless sundress for work.

Plus size sundresses

There are so many varieties of sundresses for women of all sizes. There is no dearth of sundresses for the plus size women to wear it for work, casual wear, evening wear or for weddings. They are created with due importance to plus size women's body shape. There are cheap sundresses for women even up to size 20.

Designer wear sundresses go up to size 32. Women on the larger side undecided about finding a plus size sundress will be excited to see sundresses that are flattering and comfortable. Due attention to selecting designs can work wonders, mask problematic areas and enhance good features.

A-Line sundress: has the most flattering fit, typically narrower up top and flares out towards the bottom. It covers problem areas like wide hips and enhances bust line. Single solid colors complement looks and loud and busy prints are a strict no for the plus size women who want to appear slimmer.

Empire cut sundresses: Flabby belly or a thick waistline, mask these problematic areas with empire cut sundresses. Empire cut raises the waistline, accentuates bust line. It is a popular slimming dress style.

Wrap sundress: is a staple sundress for plus size women. It's advantageous for plus size women to pick a wrap sundress as it lifts bust line and looks fabulous on a larger body.

Maxi dress: is another dress that can hide wide body shape. A lot depends on the cut of the maxi dress. Strapless maxi dresses promise a flattering shape.

Plus size women could sweeten looks by choosing right sunglasses, footwear, handbags, belts and jewelry. Today, there are special stores that sell stylish accessories appropriate with plus size sundresses. Fashion experts suggest dressing styles specifically for plus size sundresses that are most flattering to fuller shape women.

  • Know your body type and what looks important on you.

  • Buy sundresses that are a good fit for your body type. Don't buy too short, too big or too tight.

  • Choose thin fabrics with small prints, simple cuts and avoid embellishments.

  • Don't hesitate to use a body slimmer.

  • Stay away from horizontal stripes and choose vertical stripes.

  • Wear a fitted jacket on a sleeveless sundress to create an hourglass shape.

  • Go bold with accessories. Don't carry or wear any type of jewelry that is tiny. Tiny things make plus size women look bigger.

  • Sundresses with wide straps minimize upper body size.

  • Accentuate positives and not negatives.

Petite sundresses

There is a summer sundress for every budget and body. It includes the petite woman. A petite woman is likely to feel discouraged looking at the range of sundresses often wondering if it will really suit her petite figure. A number of brands cater for petite women. The challenge is to find the perfect petite sundress to accentuate assets and create an illusion of tallness. Petite woman can achieve and create a taller silhouette if they follow a golden rule, i.e. less width and more height.

  • Look for an A-line sundress with scooped neckline, spaghetti straps, or off the shoulder necklines.

  • Avoid floor length dresses and choose at the knee or slightly above or below the knee sundresses.

  • Choose smaller prints and sundresses made with light fabrics.

  • Vertical line sundresses rather than horizontal lines help in creating an illusion of tall figure.

  • Go for wedge heels and long, chunky jewelry.

  • Choose slim and sleek jewelry. Chunky jewelry will overwhelm a petite frame.

  • Choose single colors and avoid mixing colors. Single-body look contributes to creating a taller figure.

  • Belts don't compliment as it cuts body into two.

  • Avoid wide patterns. Choose small prints and big floral sundresses.

Maternity sundresses

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times of a woman's life. But it can be difficult to find summer clothes that make her feel good wearing as pregnancy progresses. If there is one special outfit for pregnant women for the summer months that mean exceptional comfort, elegance and style, it's the maternity sundress. Maternity sundresses can be purchased from maternity stores, maternity clothes boutiques, maternity clothing outlets, department stores and discount stores and even the regular clothing stores that display maternity clothes.

There is hardly any variation in terms of styles, features, and color choices as compared to regular sundresses for women. Pregnant women can enjoy wearing the same sort of sundress styles they wore before pregnancy, including the white sundress. A couple of additional features like bra-friendly adjustable straps and neckline for no-stress dressing add to a more relaxed and comfortable feeling and will make summer even more enjoyable. There are so many maternity sundresses for regular body size, the plus size and petite that is perfect for work, play or baby showers.

  • Start shopping during the second trimester. The size will be appropriate for the full term of pregnancy.

  • Choose light, soft fabrics to feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Go for empire-style maternity sundress as it instantly flatters a pregnant figure.

  • Look for maternity sundresses with details in the neck. Avoid polo neck.

  • Strapless maternity sundress are stylishly cute and chic suitable for wearing anytime, anywhere.

  • Wear a cardigan sweater on a maternity sundress on those cool summer nights.

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